Rebuilding Christian Community in Pakistan by Poverty Alleviation Model (PAM) Part-111. By Faisal George


Now, let us discuss Collections as shown below in Figure No.4, this part-III is a continuation of the Part-II PAM system, but before discussing I want to give you an idea in a very simple manner that how the Government Projects and the Aid Plans from the Money or Loans of the World Banks or our Local Banks works. Have you ever heard of The World Bank, Asian Development bank or Islamic Development Bank, these banks also help the nations and people but in a Give and Take System, I mean the bank will lend you a huge loan for a limited time and then it will ask for returning it back with a huge surcharge for example you took 100 Rs for 1 month and after 1 month you have to return 120 Rs, which means a loss of 20 Rs and our community cannot take such risks at present.
Presently, our community needs a magical system i.e. 1% input and 100% output, this we can achieve only by using the PAM system as shown in Figure No.4, but again the question arises – how to implement this PAM system.
We can start Collections from the street level (Gali), and then to the town level (colony) and we can finish it on the city level for example we can divide Lahore in 3 parts (North – starting from Shahdara, West – starting from Thokar Niaz baig and East – starting from Yuhannabad) and in the beginning we can make our offices in any of our Christian Brothers home – who will allow us for the first 3 months and later we can have our own offices and branches. Again, I will stress on the Collections – this is the core part of this Model and we can achieve this by announcements in our Churches and Public Places and also if our Spiritual Leaders can unite under one platform i.e. to alleviate poverty and to help the needy. I know many of my Christian brothers and sister will laugh on such PAM systems, and they will say waste of time because in our more than 60 years of era our community never did anything worthfulness. We are just waiting and hoping that something will come or happen and will change our destiny but really I assure you and guarantee you that nothing will happen and even we will move more backwards to the last stage of inferiority. So, my Christian Community let us starting thinking from this very moment and start working on such PAM systems for our and our next generation’s betterment and improvements.
We can ask our leaders (Political and Spiritual) to implement this PAM system as shown in Figure No.5, and I request to the Christian Community to sit together and think that how they can implement this system with major or minor changes. As I am not living in Pakistan, so it will be better if our people from our community who understand such systems they can change the system on Macro or Micro Level – according to their understanding of present population, area to cover, transferring of savings from all the Pakistan at a single point and place and to distribute the savings back to the area covered, safely and with safety. With the implementation of PAM system and with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ, we will have a big positive change.
Again, I request my leaders (political and spiritual) to stop working on the current government plans which they can never accomplish and stop giving false hope to our community and let us do that thing which is in our reach and hands, let us start Rebuilding Christian Community in Pakistan by Poverty Alleviation Model (PAM).
Also, I request to all the Christian Organizations presently working in Pakistan to read my project and let me know that is there any hope to implement this project all over Pakistan. If there is, then I will start producing detailed blueprints of this PAM system.
Always remember that Revolutions are not finished in our world but it is high time to start this new Revolution (PAM - Poverty Alleviation Model) and let us together change are society and become the Elite Class of Pakistan and this world.
At the end of my topic – I am highly thankful to Pakistan Christian Post of giving me such a good platform where I can share my plans and writings which I think can help our Christian Community to excel and flourish.
Thanks for your consideration and I will be glad to answer any queries regarding PAM (Poverty Alleviation Model).
I will discuss Census and Christian Community in Pakistan in my next topic.

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