It is Time to retaliate our Christian Institution. By Faisal George


It is Time To Retaliate our Christian Institutions And Church Of Pakistan For The Negligence Of Christian Community’s Benefits And Welfare

It is Time To Retaliate our Christian Institutions And Church Of Pakistan For The Negligence Of Christian Community’s Benefits And Welfare
From more than 65 years, we (Pakistani Christian Community) are just blaming the rules, laws and system of Pakistan but have we ever thought of our owned systems like Christian Schools and Colleges all over Pakistan and the System of The Church of Pakistan, no and never. Our common Christians, like me – do not have even a rough idea how these Bishops, Priests and Fathers of our Cathedrals and Churches are appointed and how these Principals and Heads of our Christian Schools and Colleges are appointed on such high profile posts and are they really appointed on Merit? Why we (common Christians) do not have any clue about these things because we think that among us everything is transparent but unfortunately this transparent wall is a deceitful scheme of many of our high profile Christian leaders. These Bishops and Heads do not want any involvement of common Christians in between their ongoing politics because if we will know the constitution of the Church of Pakistan and the rules and regulation then unfortunately many of them will have to leave, even some have to face the worst consequences of which they are afraid and especially they are afraid that how they will become wealthy (rich, richer and richest).
So, by giving you this above idea – I want to tell you (Pakistani Christian Community) about our Ownerships and Possessions which means that we have the power in our own hand but we do not want to share it. In reality, we have 100s of Christian Schools, Colleges, Cathedrals, Churches and Health Institutions and all these institutions according to the law are working for the Benefits and Welfare of Pakistani Christian Community but are they? Sorry to say, they are not. Even if some of these institutions are working for the Benefits and Welfare of Pakistani Christian Community, unluckily the count is so little that the value becomes negligible.
We (the common Christian community) do not want to involve in any of the above discussed politics, we do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings – we just want that our leaders sitting in our Christian Schools, Colleges, Cathedrals and Churches should do something, they should start thinking that how they can uplift our society and they should have some proper plan, so that there will be no more Gojra Incidents, no one will work in Municipal Corporation as Sweeper, no one will remain without Education. And if they do not want to do anything then we should do something; let me explain you as a single and united congregation that we have the power to mold the things. What we (the common Christian community) need to do is - first of all to make a proper plan for our Benefits and Welfare that is:
• Every Christian School should have 3 students in every class that is starting from KG-1 level till Matriculation or A-Levels on a total Scholarship Plan (which includes their Fee, Food, Uniform, Transportation and Stipend)
• Every Christian College should have 5 students in every faculty starting from 1st-Year till 4th-Year and till the Master’s Level on a total Scholarship Plan (which includes their Fee, Food, Uniform, Transportation and Stipend)
• Every Church should give two Scholarships to the students who qualify to study abroad
• Each and every Cathedral and Church should open a Vocational Training Centre in their late evening timings and the Teachers who will teach there will be paid from the donations to these churches
• All Christian Schools and Colleges should start the English Language Classes and Courses in their Evening timings and the Teachers who will teach there will be paid from the schools and college funds
• 98% jobs in our owned institutions should be reserved only for our Christian Community (minority) and 2% for the majority
• All kinds of contracts like construction, canteen, stationery, uniform, transportation, furniture, computing accessories, laboratories etc should be given to Christian Contractors. And only and only Christian Contractors can bid for such contracts of our Institutions. If, for example we do not have contractors for transportation, our leaders should encourage our wealthy Christian Families to start or enter in this business and bid for this contract and should tell them that after getting these contracts they will only hire Christian Labor. And our Spiritual Leaders should put a notice and should announce after every Prayer Meetings about these specific contracts, so that the person who do not know or did not come to the church can ask for the details of the contracts and then can bid for them
After making such a plan, we can give this plan to our Bishops and to the Heads of The Church of Pakistan and should request them to implement this plan in all their concerning institutions and departments. And after giving them a plan we should sit quietly and see if our leaders have started any kind of implementation on our given plan or not, if not then it’s time to retaliate but how to retaliate in a very refined way; the way is to quit Sunday Prayers, by which I mean that if every congregation of every Cathedral and Church in all over Pakistan will just quit only four Sunday Prayers, I assure you that the things will be different for us (the common Christian community), why? Because if we will not go to our Churches for a month, it means that the Cathedrals and Churches will not have any donations, giving and tithes for a month and it will create problems for our Churches because they have big budgets and then only our Bishops, Pastors, Fathers etc will sit together and will start thinking about these serious matters which I have mentioned in my above bullet points.
Really, I am telling you from all my heart that I have great respect for all my Bishops and Priests and Fathers in Pakistan and I do not want this and never ever want my Christian Community to do this or to take such a step of quitting any Sunday Prayer but on the other hand I always think that why our different congregations and our Bishops and Priests and Fathers are always trying to double their sanctuary, built new Sunday school rooms, church kitchens, fellowship hall, new windows, Air conditioners, new furniture etc why we need all this, when we can see that most of our congregation are suffering due to poverty, illiteracy, no food, no clothing, no shelter. Why, we do not give to them and support them and only then our healthy and wealthy congregation can help building our churches better and proper.
In the end, I will say that in whatever way our Pakistani Christians will go, they need to cope with their Illiteracy Problem or else the word “Churra - Sweeper” will be a Permanent Label on The Pakistani Christian Community.

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