Egypt, Tunisia and Syria: Muslim Brotherhood, Politician killed in Tunisia and danger of Ghannouchi. By Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker


Egypt is bracing itself for more mass demonstrations and continuing chaos because certain individuals within the Muslim Brotherhood seek open confrontation. At the same time, terrorists in the Sinai region are expanding their attacks and Coptic Christians reside in fear in many parts of Egypt. Meanwhile, in Tunisia another politician was brutally murdered by suspected Islamist fanatics.
While many different “Rome’s burn” several Gulf and Western nations keep on adding more fuel to the fire by sponsoring terrorism and dark forces against secular Syria. Libya likewise is blighted by many militias ruling their own respective areas, while indigenous Sufi Islam is being openly rebuked and attacked by Salafists which desire to install their “year zero.” Also, outside meddling against Syria is igniting sectarian forces in Iraq and Lebanon.
Turkey meanwhile is clearly alarmed by the demise of the Muslim Brotherhood led government in Egypt therefore Prime Minister Erdogan is showing his true colors. This applies to enabling terrorist groups to grow in power in Syria by allowing many ratlines to develop. Erdogan also prefers al-Qaeda to rule border areas between Turkey and Syria. Therefore, when the Kurds forced al-Qaeda and the Free Syrian Army out of certain areas the Erdogan government responded by threatening Syrian Kurds.
In Egypt a military official stated that the Muslim Brotherhood must follow the path of politics and refrain from supporting bloodshed. He stated that the Muslim Brotherhood had until the middle of Saturday to turn against their deviancy and divisiveness. This relates to the recent killings of Christians and Shia Muslims in Egypt and the link between Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood in the Sinai region, where Egyptian officers and local police are being attacked.
The Tamarod movement in Egypt states that “We call on all of the great Egyptian people to gather in the squares on Friday to officially demand that Mohammed Morsi be put on trial and to support the Egyptian armed forces in its coming war on terrorism.”
Tensions in Tunisia are also mounting because of the brutal assassination of Mohamed Brahmi by suspected Islamist terrorists who planned his death. Brahmi was a socialist who supported pan-Arabism. This follows on from the brutal murder of Chokri Belaid who was a powerful politician in Tunisia before being assassinated in early 2013.
In another article about the brutal murder of Belaid by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated that “The brutal assassination of Chokri (Shokri) Belaid is yet another indication that Islamist terrorism and indoctrination is running riot following the so-called “Arab Spring.” Chokri Belaid was a politician who was known for being an anti-Islamist and for this reason he was a target to the forces of darkness. His assassination is also a firm reminder that terrorist forces, Islamist indoctrination emanating from the Gulf region and religious intolerance are all on the rise.”
“This murder is not a mere isolation because it is part of the chain which is choking the forces of moderation and secularism. After all, the recent brutal hostage crisis in Algeria gave notice to the world that Tunisians represented the highest number of international jihadists involved in this terrorist attack. Likewise, in Syria many Tunisians have joined the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and other Islamist terrorist factions. Therefore, individuals in Tunisia have also taken part in spreading sectarianism in Syria – and other evil acts – alongside other Islamist terrorists from other nations like Libya and Saudi Arabia.”
Therefore, the brutal murder of Brahmi is a grim reminder that politicians in Tunisia face death at the hands of Islamist terrorists. These individuals are inspired by Salafi Islam and the actions of Takfiris which slaughter in many nations. His widow Mbarka Brahmi stated that “This criminal gang has killed the free voice of Brahmi.”
The sister of Brahmi went much further by blaming the Islamist Ennahda party. She stated that “Ennahda killed my brother.”
After the death of Beliaid his brother Abdelmajid Belaid commented that his death was “a clear message to Tunisians….shut up, or we kill you.” Abdelmajid also made it clear that his brother was “receiving threats of murder for a long time.” Basma, the widow of Belaid, stated on national television in Tunisia that “We are damned. The political struggle is damned in Tunisia. Chokri Belaid sacrificed his soul.”
Now the family of Brahmi is feeling the same pain which befell the Belaid family because these two politicians were killed in order to crush freedom. The Obama administration which supported the Muslim Brotherhood openly in Egypt also speaks favorably towards the Islamist Ennahda party.
In The Daily Star (Lebanon) Rached al-Ghannouchi of the Ennahda party states that “I expect the victory of the Syrian revolution, reforms in more than one Arab country, particularly in the Gulf region….And for the countries where there have been revolutions, (I expect) there to be more stability.”
Also, in the same article it states that “Ennahda is accused by liberals of sympathy with puritanical Salafis, concerns exacerbated by a video that surfaced last month in which Ghannouchi is heard discussing which parts of the state are now in Islamist hands and how Salafis should spread their influence further.”
Ghannouchi deems the brutal actions by Takfiris in Syria to be a revolution despite him knowing full well that this is being backed by Gulf and Western powers. Interestingly, Ghannouchi resided in London and clearly the British government is behind much of the mayhem in Libya and Syria respectively. Other nations spreading dark forces to North Africa and the Middle East include America, France, Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. France, however, may not fall into line in North Africa because of their close relationship with Algeria and being opposed to Qatar’s Islamist backed terrorists in Mali. Indeed, the one binding feature of Gulf and Western powers is that they are divided to kingdom come despite involving themselves massively in the destabilization of Libya and Syria respectively.
The article published by The Daily Star media group in Lebanon clearly shows that Ghannouchi is pleased by barbaric terrorism and sectarianism in Syria. Not surprisingly, vast numbers of Tunisian terrorists have gone to Syria in order to kill Syrians in the name of jihad under the current political elites in this nation which aren’t doing enough to stem the tide. It is also clear that Ghannouchi wants to use Salafi Islam in order to usurp secular and liberal forces therefore he is highlighting is real intentions.
Hamas meanwhile is renting itself out to Qatar and helping to destabilize Syria and Egypt. Clearly Hamas, elements within the Muslim Brotherhood and Takfiri terrorists are collectively involved in events in the Sinai region. Hamas turned against Syria based on Qatari petrodollars, the natural Muslim Brotherhood home and sectarian hatred. Therefore, while the Syrian government is trying to keep Palestinians in Syria out of the crisis; it is clear that Hamas and other sectarian forces are instigating hatred towards secular Syria. Militants in Hamas are now being accused of being involved in dark forces against Egypt in the Sinai region.
Ahram Online reports that “The frequency of attacks has varied from two to five in a single day. In addition, targets have expanded from fixed security checkpoints to mobile patrols. In most operations, the gunmen use four-wheel drive vehicles and combinations of light and heavy weaponry. However, in three recent attacks RPG-7 launchers were used, most likely smuggled from Libya. The G-7 grenade is capable of penetrating armoured vehicles and is generally fired at the doors.”
“The operations have been largely confined to the 40-kilometre area between Al-Arish and Sheikh Zuweid, extending northward toward Rafah along the border with Israel and up to the Karam Abu Salem crossing.”
Given the rise and frequency of terrorist attacks in Sinai and the usage of weapons being smuggled from Libya, then clearly this raises important questions. Also, the speed in which the Kosovo Liberation Army and Free Syrian Army obtained major weapons and developed quickly will concern Egypt. The behavior of the Obama administration towards the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Syria will also cause concerns because while a vacuum exists then outside forces, irrespective of the nation state or states involved, can cause mayhem quickly. Therefore, while the crisis in Egypt is essentially internal it is clear that outside nations can destabilize easily because mechanisms in the Sinai are already in place However, within the region it is clear that Saudi Arabia doesn’t trust the Muslim Brotherhood therefore Qatar should be constrained by regional dynamics to a certain degree.
Ghannouchi was caught on video because he stated that “The secularists are still controlling the media, economy and administration. Therefore, controlling them would require more time….the police and army’s support for Islamists is not guaranteed, and controlling them would also require more time.”
“I tell our young salafists to be patient… Why hurry? Take your time to consolidate what you have gained…create television channels, radio stations, schools and universities.” to push their agenda.
He further stated that “We’ve met with Hizb ut-Tahrir, and the salafists, including Sheikh Abou Iyadh and Sheikh al-Idrissi.”
“The Islamists must fill the country with associations, establish Qur’anic schools everywhere, and invite religious preachers because people are still ignorant of Islam.”
The Muslim Brotherhood like Ghannouchi believe in the same logic after all it isn’t difficult to read about their past manifestos because this organization began plotting many decades ago. It is naïve to believe that the Muslim Brotherhood and various Islamist factions in several nations are interested in democracy, pluralism and modernity. Therefore, Islamist movements can only be contained within a democratic infrastructure providing the constitution is strong and all the leverages of power – the judiciary, the army and so forth – are outside their control mechanisms. However, religion is often deemed to be “the opium of the masses” and given the ideology of political Islam and Gulf petrodollars – and willing partners in America and the United Kingdom – then it is abundantly clear that secularism, pluralism, female rights and modernity are all under threat by the dark forces of the so-called “Arab Spring.”
The brutal murders of two politicians in Tunisia and the words of Ghannouchi are a clear reminder of the danger that lies ahead in this nation. Yet Tunisians have been forewarned therefore all progressive forces need to speak out. Likewise, dark forces now care little if they destroy and weaken Egypt because militant followers of the Muslim Brotherhood seek only power and to incite sectarianism. Meanwhile, in Syria this country is fighting against brutal Takfiri forces, Gulf petrodollars, powerful Western nations which seek to destroy the independence of Syria, Salafi indoctrination, a brutal economic blockade and other dark forces including terrorism, covert operations and a media war. Therefore, the so-called Arab Spring is not only a mirage but if sinister forces emerge victorious then the masses will be put in chains.,-Egypts-unsolved-problem.aspx

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