Egypt crisis and a possible third force? CIA, DGSE, MI6 and Syria. By Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker


The Kosovo Liberation Army, Libyan militias and Free Syrian Army grew from nothing to potent forces overnight and clearly this can’t happen without the meddling of outside nations and terrorist groups working hand-in-hand. Al-Qaeda affiliates and various Sunni Islamic terrorist groups in Afghanistan (1980s and 1990s), Bosnia, Kosovo and Libya conveniently supported the same side and currently Syria is facing a brutal Gulf, Western and terrorist onslaught. Therefore, how is it that jihadists gained in power and influence during the political reign of Morsi (Mursi) in Egypt when it comes to the Sinai region?
It is clearly known that the Obama administration in America had hoped that the Muslim Brotherhood would fill the vacuum created by the demise of Mubarak. This policy was continued in the destabilization of Syria and other ties have emerged between the Obama administration and remnants of this organization in other nations. It could well be that the Muslim Brotherhood and America foresaw a future counter attack to this reactionary movement which wanted to control all the leverages of power in Egypt. If so, then the Sinai may have been an “ace in the pack” to use and manipulate when democratic forces awoke – after all, terrorist attacks are happening too regularly in the Sinai for this to be a coincidence since Morsi was forced from power.
In Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria the one constant reality is that al-Qaeda affiliates, various other Sunni terrorist networks, America, the United Kingdom and powerful Gulf nations share the same space. Iraq is unique in the sense that Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states were opposed to the new Shia dominance within the body politic of this nation. This reality meant that the majority of international jihadists who went to Iraq to kill allied forces, Shia Muslims, and to spread mayhem, came from Saudi Arabia. However, just like the majority of Saudi nationals were involved in September 11, then clearly this nation appears to have a free hand to an extent within the elites of London and Washington. In other words, civilians and military personnel in America and the United Kingdom are also expendable providing the union between America, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom remains largely intact.
This anomaly isn’t rare when it comes to America and the United Kingdom which sacrifice their own military troops while so-called friends help in the killing of American and British military forces. Pakistan is another example because it is abundantly clear that many Islamic terrorist groups have been given a free hand to spread their carnage to Afghanistan. Therefore, despite Pakistan receiving economic and military assistance from America and the United Kingdom, the very same nation returns the favor by allowing anti-allied terrorist forces to grow and prosper in Pakistan in order to launch jihad in Afghanistan.
In the Sinai you now have a plethora of terrorist groups which are receiving military hardware from Libya and other destinations. Of course, the Libyan angle is also being used against Syria therefore with covert operatives from the CIA, MI6 and DGSE being involved in destabilization policies – and the noted Libyan angle – then is this a coincidence or does it imply something sinister?
It is easy to see conspiracies when they may not exist but it is known that covert agencies and al-Qaeda found common ground in Afghanistan (1980s and until September 11), Bosnia, Kosovo, Libya, Pakistan (until September 11) and now in Syria. Indeed, some reports are now hinting that Islamists in Afghanistan and Pakistan are involved in Syria. If this is confirmed then are the DGSE, CIA, ISI and MI6 involved in this al-Qaeda based venture in order to topple the secular government of Syria?
In the last few days the Egyptian armed forces have been attacked in several parts of the Sinai and it would appear that Hamas is linked to this reality. After all, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas are natural brothers in arms and the same applies to the brutal Takfiri sectarians in Syria. Attacks have taken place in Rafiah, Sheikh Zawid and in other areas including a failed attack against El Arish, whereby a training base for the police was the target. These attacks include the usage of RPG missiles, mortar shells and various weapons.
It must be remembered that Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood shared anti-Syrian government views in line with the Obama administration. VOA reports that “During his year in power, President Morsi called on Syrian President Bashir al-Assad to step down and urged the international community to impose a no-fly zone over Syria. His ruling Muslim Brotherhood movement last month joined a call by some Sunni clerics for a jihad against the Syrian government and its Shi’ite allies.” Therefore, the anti-Syrian alliance lost a government sponsored breeding ground in Egypt and the changing sands will hinder Hamas in its anti-Syrian venture.
Major demonstrations are continuing in Egypt and according to latest reports it is clear that many people have been killed. If the rank and file of the Muslim Brotherhood is against political violence – then this implies that the more militant wing of the Muslim Brotherhood is involved alongside other militant organizations. At the same time, a third force was involved in the early period in Libya and Syria and the same may now be happening in Egypt. Therefore, this third force will desire to build a wedge between the army and the masses. Events in the Sinai since Morsi lost power indicates that a well thought out orchestrated plan was already in the pipeline. However, currently it isn’t known if fully internal or external. This reality means that it is incumbent on the Egyptian armed forces to crush the various terrorist forces in the Sinai region and to tackle the militant problem throughout Egypt. If this can’t be achieved and the Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t seek a compromise – then Egypt faces a threat to its sovereignty.
In another article by Modern Tokyo Times related to Hezbollah and the crisis in Syria it was stated that“Radical Takfiri Islamists and other terrorist groups are entering Syria from countless different nations whereby they are being supported by the CIA, MI6, DGSE, and other intelligence agencies, alongside major funding from feudal monarchies in the Gulf region. It is abundantly clear that anti-Syrian government forces are paid, trained and provided with coordinated tasks by various Western and Gulf powers which are supporting terrorism, sectarianism and sedition. The usual trio of America, France and the UK can’t resist their beloved feudal monarchies in the Gulf. Also, given the opportunity to weaken the last powerful Arabic speaking nation then the supporters of “failed nation states” are at it again. Hezbollah in Lebanon fully understands the situation and knows full well that if Syria falls then the domino will turn to them and others in the near future.”
Egypt is more complex because Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states don’t support the Muslim Brotherhood. Likewise, America did not expect the Muslim Brotherhood to lose power by being forced out be mass demonstrations. Clearly, you have a very complex picture but it is worrying that the Obama administration pushed such a pro-Muslim Brotherhood policy. Indeed, the American ambassador to Egypt couldn’t contain her closeness towards the Muslim Brotherhood.
Michael Rubin (American Enterprise Institute) states that President Obama of America “…has had some bad ideas, but giving aid to the Muslim Brotherhood is among his worst….For eight decades, the Muslim Brotherhood was able to promise Egyptians the world because they were in opposition and had no real responsibilities….Once in power, however, they focused on repressing women, inciting hatred against minorities and consolidating dictatorship rather than doing the hard work to improve Egypt’s economy for which Egyptians hoped…”
Before major demonstrations took place in Egypt it is clear that America was trying to protect the Muslim Brotherhood. Alahednews states that “In support of Morsi and his regime, the US ambassador to Egypt is trying to prevent Egyptians from protesting-including the Copts.”
“According to the June 18 edition of ‘Sadi al-Balad’, lawyer Ramses Naggar, the Coptic Church’s legal counsel, during Anne Patterson’s June 17 meeting with Pope Tawadros, she “asked him to urge the Copts not to participate” in the demonstrations against Morsi and the Brotherhood.”
AP also reports that prior to Morsi being forced from power that “U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson, who has repeatedly been accused by the opposition of bias in favor of Morsi, caused outrage this week when she said she was “deeply skeptical” the protests will be fruitful and defended U.S. relations with Morsi and his Brotherhood as necessary because the group is part of the democratically elected Egyptian government.”
The closeness of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Obama administration raises a serious question for Egypt. After all, Islamist terrorist forces and powerful Gulf and Western states care little about destabilizing nations if the right conditions prevail. Sadly, this “unholy trinity” is good at entering nations whereby vacuums create “a failed state domino system.” This “unholy trinity” knows full well that Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya are failed states and that these nations are nothing more than a shadow of their past after outside meddling. Instead of trying to solve the carnage they help to create – they just move on and currently it is the turn of Syria. Therefore, Egypt should be worried because are the convulsions currently based on internal issues within Egypt and the Sinai region – or is a third force behind the crisis?
Unlike Syria, whereby Gulf nations, CIA, DGSE, MI6 and Turkey are working hand-in-hand with various terrorist and sectarian groups; it is clear that Saudi Arabia is against the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. This means that Qatar needs to be careful in order to not overstep the mark. Therefore, this reality is a saving grace for Egypt but a third force can still cause mayhem and events in the Sinai region points to a certain direction. Likewise, media propaganda towards Egypt may not be on the rector scale of Syria but it is still extremely biased in powerful media outlets. The only certain thing about the current crisis in Egypt is that you have mass uncertainty and that sinister forces are involved in spreading mayhem based on various factors.

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