Egypt and US: Graham and McCain favor the Muslim Brotherhood on the coattails of Obama. By Helmet Joachim Schmidt and Lee Jay Walker


It is surely no coincidence that two American senators with the “Obama handprints” all over them are pulling towards the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. After all, the same two senators support terrorist and sectarian forces which are fighting against secular Syria. Therefore, John McCain and Lindsey Graham are on the side of terrorist and sectarian forces which kill and cleanse in Syria; just like they are siding with the Muslim Brotherhood whereby militants from this organization are persecuting Coptic Christians.
The acting President of Egypt, Adly Mansour, slammed the meddling of McCain and Graham alongside other international pressure. Mansour stated that outside forces should refrain from “unacceptable interference in (the) internal affairs” of Egypt.
Western powers are now exerting more pressure on Egypt and this reality is assisting militants within the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorists in the Sinai region. At the same time, the European Union and several Gulf states are getting in on the act. However, this is part of the problem because Egypt should be a powerful independent nation instead of being “a political football” which suits the interest of others.
It is clear that McCain and Graham are working in tandem with Obama because America wants to preserve its favored Muslim Brotherhood bulwark in Egypt. After all, the great Obama experiment is working with political Islam in order to steady the ship in North Africa and the Middle East. This reality is based on the fear of truly independent nations upsetting the power dynamics of the region.
McCain also appears to want to spread internal fear because he stated that “Oh my God, I didn’t know it was this bad…These folks are just days or weeks away from all-out bloodshed.”
“There is only one way to bring about a peaceful Egypt and that is the process of negotiation and reconciliation between the major players.”
In a similar vein Graham stated that “I’ll go one step further. I think it’s going to fail if something doesn’t change.” Both senators also made it clear that a “coup” had taken place and this clearly made the situation worse because the new interim leaders of Egypt believe wholeheartedly that they have preserved the integrity of this nation. After all, over 30 million people demonstrated against President Morsi in order to prevent the country from moving backwards under intrusive clericalism.
Sheikh Kamal Helbawy told Asharq Al-Aswat that “One of the most glaring errors committed by Mursi and the Brotherhood, as his former advisor Dr. Mohamed Fouad Gad Allah has attested, was their failure to propose a vision for the country. Moreover, he deepened the society’s divisions, increased polarization, relied solely on his constituency, neglected to use those with expertise and experience here in Egypt, ignored requests to amend the constitution and change the government and the attorney general, issued the Pharaoh-esque constitutional declaration in November 2012, and refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of the Tamarod campaign and the June 30 revolution. Following the ouster of President Mursi, its mistakes include cutting off main thoroughfares for traffic, wantonly leveling accusations of apostasy, turning political competition into political conflict by using religion, and valuing the return of Mursi over national reconciliation.”
Graham however is upping the ante and showing the deep rooted fear within elite circles in America which fear “a new Egypt” which is independent. He commented strongly that “The people who are in charge were not elected….The people who were elected are in jail…The status quo is not acceptable.”
However, for many Egyptians it is the Muslim Brotherhood which seeks to imprison the people by their narrow view of the world. In another article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated that Gen. Abdel Fatahh El-Sissi “…pointed out in the Washington Post that the Muslim Brotherhood believes in a religious empire based on the concepts of Islam. This reality meant that the more the Muslim Brotherhood pushed its own political agenda – then the more the Muslim Brotherhood was moving away from the Egyptian masses. In other words, Morsi was laying the foundation stone for the usurpation of the state apparatus, in order to install a future nation state which mirrors the Islamist agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood…”
El-Sissi also stated “Are the values of freedom and democracy exclusively exercised in your countries but other countries do not have the right to exercise the same values and enjoy the same environment? Have you seen the scores of millions of Egyptians calling for change in Tahrir [Square]? What is your response to that?”
Egypt is also facing a growing terrorist threat in the Sinai region and clearly this factor was planned in advance. After all, it is no coincidence that the demise of Morsi witnessed daily attacks against Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai region. At the same time, many Coptic Christians have been killed and forced to flee certain areas. However, for McCain and Graham it is war against secular Syria and to assist the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Of course, the words of McCain and Graham are based on the coattails of Obama who prefers to hide behind others during any major international crisis.
Egypt now needs to focus on the national interests of their own country and turn more equally to all major powers instead of serving the American agenda. This doesn’t imply with breaking with America unless pressure becomes intolerable. However, now is the right time for Egypt to become independent, judge nations on merit and based on national self-interests.

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