Why boozing is our downfall. By Faisal George


My dear Christian Community of Pakistan, in this article - I am not going to explain you the causes and effects of the liquor (alcoholic beverages) on a human body, will not ask you to start or stop drinking and what good bad is. I will just try to explain you the impact of drunkenness (consumption of alcohol) on whole of our Christian community and especially on those who are not crapulent or intoxicating.
Alcoholism is one of our (Christian Community of Pakistan) biggest weaknesses in Islamic Republic of Pakistan due to which we always feel disgraceful in front of the Majority (Muslim Population in Pakistan) and because of this - the majority always spoke about us opprobriously. Even, within our own community we lose respect due to insobriety and the worst drawback of an alcoholic is that he is no more a trustworthy person for his community, family and friends. People do sit with him, talk with him, make plans with him, listen to him but they never take him seriously and a time comes that people stop helping him verbally, physically and financially and due to which he becomes a criminal and passes rest of his life in some jail and his whole family and community is affected.
We all know, that many of our Christian families are facing this problem and quite a large part of our community especially youth has the dipsomania problem due to which they are useless, in more better words they are worthless for our community and due to such people the precious time and money of our community is just lost on such unworthy people. Just imagine, a normal Christian Family of 4 – 6 members are living on a salary of 20,000-30,000 rupees per month and if one of their members is spending 10,000-15,000 rupees on consumption of alcohol then how the rest of the members will eat, will pay their school/college fee and utility bills etc. This is the point from where the downfall of our Christian Community starts, for example – if, from out of 100 Christian families even 25 families are suffering with the problem of Alcoholism, this means that the disturbance is going from top to bottom and all the 100 families are affected because in some way or another all these families are interrelated. And most of the times the impact goes beyond the limits i.e. our children stop going to schools, women start working in other homes, males start dirty businesses (which includes making and supply of alcohol) and due to which the good impression of the normal or good 75 families in Pakistan on the Majority vanishes and we all are counted and judged according to the status and deeds of the 25 families which were struck by the Alcoholism.
I request my Christian brothers and sisters of Pakistan who have this alcoholism problem that at present we do not have this leisure, we need to stop this for a while and have to stand up and start working together with unity and intelligently for our community’s betterment, improvement and advancement and when we can achieve some high status and will be the elite group of Pakistan than we can afford this kind of leisure. Please do not mind my these words that with a broom and a dustbin in our hands we cannot say always that the Christians of the Western World (Europeans and Americans) drink, so we are also drinking. They can drink or do anything because they have achieved their goals; they are called the Managers of this world and what you are called “do not want to write”, what you have achieved? So, let us start working from today by thinking that we need to become the Directors of these Managers.
In the end, I apologize again – if I hurt anyone’s feelings. I am no one to judge anyone but we should face the reality and reality is always harsh than the excitement and elation beyond the bounds of sobriety.

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