Apprenticeship Framework for the Christian Youth in Pakistan. By Faisal George


We (Christians in Pakistan) all know beforehand that our Government and Christian Institutions (Educational and Church of Pakistan) will not take any positive initiative for our deprived and divested Christian Youth, so let us (Christians in Pakistan) make a plan to support and to pull out our youth from the state of impoverishment.
Someone who works for a skilled or qualified person in order to learn a trade or profession, especially for a recognized period
The time during which a person is, an apprentice
A model or a structure supporting or containing something
To implement the Apprenticeship Framework, we need to have a committee comprising of three people in every church and their hierarchy will be as Chairman, President and General Secretary. Chairman will be the Pastor of the Church, President will be any Notable Person from the congregation and General Secretary will be any active member from the youth of that church. The role of the Chairman is to have an overall view of the Apprenticeship Framework Committee (AFC) which will be explained to him by the President on every meeting only if the Pastor will have time. The President is the in charge of the Apprenticeship Framework Fund (AFF) and the General Secretary who is the most vital part of this plan will collect the information about the youth which is in search of job or going to complete their studies or to leave their studies and he will also collect the information from the congregation that who is working in which trade or organization and who can help the youth by making them their apprentice. This will be the basic structure and model of the Apprenticeship Framework.
Again, in easy words, so that our youth will understand my basic thought behind this model is that the Apprentice is a person or student from our youth who will work with a professional (master) for some definite period of time who is working in a specific occupation or a trade (Industry, Organization, Business etc) to learn his skills in that trade. This process is called Apprenticeship. In our plan – the Youth is the apprentice and the Professionals from the congregation are the masters. This is the basic idea of this plan.
Now, let me elaborate the concept of Apprenticeship Framework. First of all, I need to make my youth very clear that we rarely have professionals who are working on very high posts in their organizations (companies, firms, industry etc), most of our professionals are working on the normal and usual positions in their organizations and they are always under pressure by their bosses. So, we cannot just ask them to take anyone as apprentice in their organizations. We need to have and go through some proper plan so that our Professional can agree to take one of our youth as apprentice after some guarantee and undertaking or indenture.
The first part of my plan is to make AFF or Apprenticeship Framework Fund by Apprenticeship Framework Committee (AFC) as explained above and the president will announce every Sunday after prayers Apprenticeship Framework Model and how it will work and will ask for special donations from the congregation and for these donations the AFC will make a separate box and envelopes with a label “AF” and all these donations will go through the Pastor (Chairmen) and then to the president and the president will put a printed copy of the total savings on the notice board after every month and when the AFC will have 10,000-12,000 Rs. in the AFF then it’s time to implement the most important plan of this model.
Apprenticeship Framework Fund (AFF)?
At this point, you all must be thinking that for such an easy process why we need funding, church, committee etc, let me explain you that why I made this easy process a bit complex but most importantly - workable. Ok, let us assume that you are working in some multinational company as IT Specialist or Secretary of your Boss etc and there are no more vacancies in your company but you want that your brother, sister, cousin or anyone from your church youth will also join this company but your boss had already told you no more vacancies then you can ask your boss that dear Sir/Madam, I know one novice or a fresh graduate etc he/she can work for us and will not demand anything and he/she can share a little of our workload because he/she is really interested to learn some practical knowledge. And when your boss will hear that work for free, he will definitely think in a rational way and will ask you to call that person and tell him/her to start the work. So up to now, we are all happy that your company agreed to make him/her an apprentice but now let us think of the apprentice (the boy/girl from our youth) that this poor guy who is going to complete or completed his/her studies – he/she also need money for transportation, food, clothes etc to work in your company, so have you thought that from where he/she will get the money? Therefore, the answer is Apprenticeship Framework Fund, I think now you all must be very clear that why we need AFF. So, know what happens that the AFC of our church will give this person 5,000-6,000 rupees per month (approximately 200 Rs. per day) as a personal loan, actually it is not a personal loan - it is purely help but the AFC will sign with him some kind of agreement that on getting the proper job this person will return 1,000-2,000 rupees every month back to the AFC so that the AFC will continue helping the rest of the youth. And there are 90% chances that when an apprentice is working well in some organization for more than 2-3 months, automatically he becomes a member of that company and the company hires him properly on the salary basis.
For uneducated youth
Similarly, for our uneducated youth or those who do not want to study or quit their studies due to their financial matters, we can ask our Christian Professionals like carpenters, electricians, car mechanics, plumbers, shopkeepers etc to take our youth as apprentice and the church AFC will pay their daily dues, and I am sure many will come forward to take our youth as their apprentice, not only from the church but from all over Pakistan and we will also request our Christian Businessmen to take initiative in giving apprenticeship to our Christian Youth. And I assure you that if we will start this project from today – within five years we will have a 100% employed and skilled youth.
• A skilled youth
• Unemployment rate will decrease
• Less will become sweepers
• Christian brotherhood will become strong
• The number of Christian Professionals will increase
• The household indicators will become better
• Poverty will be alleviated
• The church and the congregation will become strong
• The illiterate will enter into the skilled category
• Many will open their new businesses e.g. shops (carpentry or electricity)
• Student strength in schools and colleges will increase because of AFF
• Relationship between the elders and the youth will become strong
• The youth will honor their elders

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