Pakistan Christian Congress and its 6 Point Manifesto: Mr. Raymond Wallace Durrani, President of PCC-Canadian Chapter writes a special note;


The six point manifesto was adopted in the second Annual General Convention of Pakistan Christian Congress at Karachi in 1986. The manifesto was presented by the PCC legal committee and PCC Constitutional Committee.
Keeping in view the situation of Christians in Pakistan, the leaders of PCC thoroughly discussed the six point manifesto and took it as the only solution of the problems of Christians. Pakistan Christian Congress introduced a programme for the struggle to achieve the goal to prosperity for them in the state. This agenda was the real threat to the forces working against the Christians of Pakistan in different fields of life.
The credit to PCC in this regard can be assessed in this way that Christian social, religious and political leaders only focusing on local problems in past joined voice with this programme and started talking about Christians constitutional rights which led the Christian nation in positive directions of struggle in society.
The government was afraid of this programme also because it was presented by the educated class of Christians to whom it was difficult to threaten and bargain. The working on principal and sincerity among PCC leadership was the main issue as the leadership of this first political party of Christians was elected from dedicated and true workers carrying transparent records in the past.
The Christians have observed that political organization founded by clergy in the past bargained on basic issues of Christians in 1971 and for vested interests bargained on the sacrifices made by NAWAZ AND JAMES in Rawalpindi who laid down their lives on nationalization of missionary schools and colleges.
The anti-Christian acts of leaders have forced the youth not to stay confident on their leadership, such leaders joined hands with government agencies and Muslims to crush PCC and tried to sabotage the Christian movement but they failed because PCC leadership was among the community and from the community and continue to represent the before the world population for their unfair and discriminatory treatment at the hands of Islamists members of the Pakistan Governments. It is a job which PCC has gladly assigned itself to until it is resolved reflected in the 6 point manifesto below;
15 million Christians of Pakistan have been deprived of their equal basic democratic rights as guaranteed in the Constitution of Pakistan since 1947, the independence of Pakistan from British Colonial rule in sub-continent of India.
The promises made by the Muslim leaders of All India Muslim League to Leaders of All India Christian Association to seek favors in the Pakistan Movement were totally neglected by the rulers in Pakistan. The commitments made by Founder of Pakistan and measures adopted in this regard in the Pakistan Resolution at Lahore in the annual general session of All India Muslim League in 1940 to safeguard the social, religious, cultural and political rights of minorities were also denied.
The Christian leaders favorable votes in Round Table Conferences in London from 1930-1933 and Boundary Commission made possible the creation of Pakistan. But the hate among different religious communities was created by the government of Pakistan. The Muslim policy makers forgot the positive role of Christians in formation of Pakistan. The touch ability experienced by Muslim of sub-continent by Hindus was now diverted towards Christians from Muslims of Pakistan.
The attitude of hate in society was created in such a way that the Christians were unable to dine in public places owned by Muslims. The religion Christianity was taken as second class in Pakistan and Christians faced immense problems in education and employments. As the economic conditions of Muslims of Pakistan improved, they stated working on constitution to legislate such laws against Christians to make them second class citizens.
In such circumstances when the Christian nation in Pakistan who were the son of the soil, not immigrant like Muslims majority who in different periods of history invaded India from middle east and Central Asia and settled. Again, after independence of Pakistan migrated from different parts of India in Pakistan. But after independence these Muslim immigrants declared themselves the owner of this land crushing sons of soil. The Muslims majority very slowly started to make Christians the second class citizens in Pakistan.
Therefore Pakistan Christian Congress decided to struggle for the equal basic democratic rights for the Christians of Pakistan.
 Representation proportional to population
To safeguard constitutional rights it is very important to have approach in the democratic institutions of state. The first Legislative Assembly have 48 seats and was presided over by the Founder of Pakistan in 1947. In this assembly the Christian have four seats and speaker of that assembly was also a Hindu minority member. But unfortunately in 1970 when assembly seats were 235, only six seats were reserved for Christians. In national general elections of 1985, house was again of 235 seats but four seats were allocated for the Christian of Pakistan. After 15 years from 1970-1985, the Christian seats were decreased from 6 to 4 seats instead of due increase as per assembly seats.
In the Senate of Pakistan, Christians have no representation. The majority community had never provided the representation to Christian proportional to the population and it was basically a denial of equal basic democratic rights in the state.
According to gazette notifications, there is 3 percent rise in the population of Pakistan but Christian seats were not increased in proportional to their population.
The Pakistan Christian Congress adopted resolution to launch struggle for seats in Local Bodies, Provincial Assemblies, National assembly of Pakistan and Senate of Pakistan proportional to their population. The 13% seats in all democratic institutions of Pakistan was taken as major slogan by the PCC delegates.
 Dual voting
The system of electorate is very significant in the representation proportional to population in National Assembly of Pakistan, Provincial assemblies and Local Bodies. The Muslim majority political parties with their influence in government agencies always selected Christian candidates of their own choice and declared them returned candidates by rigging under Joint Electorate system.
When we discuss the election system in Pakistan, the demand of separate electorate in sub-continent by Muslims during British rule cannot be forgotten. Its fact that formation of Pakistan was not possible if Muslims of India have not Separate electorate. But after independence, the Muslim majority in Pakistan seemed reluctant to award Separate Election system to minorities.
For clarifications, its important to submit that Separate Electorate enables minorities to elect their representatives with their own votes. In Joint Election system the Muslim political parties nominate minority candidates and select by parliamentarian vote.
There is one more existing election system in Pakistan and known as rights of Dual vote. The Dual Voting rights are only observed by the Muslims of Kashmir in Pakistan. The Dual voting right is very privileged right for Kashmiri Muslims in Pakistani territory when they can cast votes for their Azad Kashmir Assembly and also vote for National assembly of Pakistan in respective constituencies.
There is no hindrance to award the privilege of Dual voting to Christians that they may elect their own representatives under separate electorate and cast their votes to majority candidates in their respective constituencies like Muslims of Kashmir.
The dual voting with limitation and de limitation of Christian seats constituencies can provide transparent election procedures that true representation of Christians may reach in democratic institutions. The duly elected Christian leaders cannot more effectively and positively raise voice for Christian rights to solve their problems nor did the Muslims select Christian’s in house or Muslim leaders.
 Opportunities for youth
Youth is really future of every nation. Before independent of Pakistan, Christian community were agriculturists in western India, the leaders of all India Muslim league promised to allotment of unit of lands to Christian in Pakistan and a separate regiment in Pak armed forces as they having during British rule. After 1947 a stead of providing then with agricultural lands, took away lands from which they were cult rating from decider and destibrite among Muslim immigrants from India. Christian in armed forces was laid off and this caused economic cries among then. There was another class among Christian who were inflated with missionary workers and got the opportunities of education. They were having strong hold or education and health departments of Pakistan.
Like Christian sensing the Pakistan peoples party nation ale Sid the 1977, Christian schools, colleges and hospital and whole community suffered in crisis. The unemployment among Christian forced then to more to towns and city and forced to choose the sanitation jobs which Muslim were performing from centuries in western provinces of India and were facing late on profession and religion grounds from Hindu community. Now the worst type of late was generated for Christian in Pakistan. When in a community there are no opportunities of education for youth, it’s clear facts that economic condition cannot he improved.
There were reserved seats for Kashmir Refugees, Governors seats, Chief Minster seats, Minster seats, Teacher seats, Businessman seats, but unfortunate in seats were reserved for Christian in higher academic institutions and professional collages. There was 5% quota of jobs in government and semi-Government department's wild was allseed in 1966, & such circumstances the doors of education and employment were closed on Christian in Pakistan. Pakistan Christian congress demand rights of education youth and straggle for the future in Pakistan.
 Religious Freedom
After destroying the economic conditions of the Christian the attack of Muslim majority was to limit the religious freedom of Christians. In the first stage the objective resolution was taken as a preamble of the constitution of Islamic republic of Pakistan in 1973, Christian personal law was an immediate target. The Christian marriage was no more protected according to their religion in Pakistan. Muslim judges were awarding divorce decree. The black law of rational marriages bill was passed and under this law Muslim majority members were forcibly converting and marrying Christian ladies after kidnapping and rape.
The Constitution barred the Christian to be head of state, Governor, Speaker of National Assembly, Prime Minister or any commanding official post in the armed forces of Pakistan. More over the implementation of Islamic law on minorities, victimization under blasphemy laws and other Islamic laws of compensation and evidence closed down the dialogue between Christian and Muslim in Pakistan. The state was planning to damage the Christian identity in Pakistan. They forced the Pakistan Christian Congress to struggle to safeguard the religious freedom and identity of Christians in Pakistan.
Like all other underdeveloped countries, Pakistan federation has a strong hold on the resources of state and is duly shared by the Muslim majority only. The health, education and employment opportunities are in the hands of the State. The Christians of Pakistan have been kept away from the privileges of the State by organized planning of the Muslim majority; such negligence by State owned Muslim majority agencies have turned the 13% of Christian population of Pakistan from the main stream growth rates in society.
There is no participation given to them in civil services of Pakistan, we can simply view by these facts and figures as below:
• No Christian Secretary, Deputy Secretary and Additional Secretary in federal and provincial administration.
• No Inspector General of Police in any province. No Station House Officer in police stations of Pakistan.
• No Deputy Commissioner in any district of Pakistan. No Justice in Supreme Court of Pakistan and High Courts of any province.
• No General and Commanding Officer in Armed Forces of Pakistan.
• No Chairman in any government corporations.
• No Christian as Council General and Ambassador in any foreign diplomatic mission of Pakistan. These facts clarify that Christians of Pakistan have no share in power and natural resources of state.

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