Pakistan is a Democratic state or feudalism. By Shamim Masih


All Parties Conference – APC was held in Prime Minister’s secretariat on Monday 9 September, 2013. Addressing the political leaders at the APC, PM Nawaz Sharif said that he considered dialogue as the priority option to curb terrorism in the country, the solution to address the terrorism issue is sorted out with consensus after thorough deliberations by the participants at APC. He said that it is need of the hour for all political forces in the country to shun politicking on issues of national importance such as terrorism and energy crisis, and join hands to address them unanimously. “We have to rise above politics on some issues and develop a nation consensus for the sake of this country,” said Prime Minister told the political leaders. “If we will continue to take decision with consensus, the people will have more trust on democracy.” Nawaz Sharif said the country’s history witnessed unprecedented smooth democratic transition as the new government took over and a president left the Presidency with honor and prestige.
Later, Director General ISI Lt. Gen. Zaheer ul Islam briefed the participants of the APC on security situation in the country.
It sounds good that government is interested to take other political parties in confidence while taking decisions in national interest and wanted to join hands with other political forces in the country. In the said conference the government called up the party leadership of his own choice not all political parties’ leadership was invited there. Sheikh Rasheed, the outspoken party head of Awami Muslim League was ignored with few others as well. At the same time, no Christian political party head was invited to APC. Government should take minorities leadership in confidence while legislation and addressing national issues. Pakistan Christian Congress, All Pakistan Minorities Alliances – APMA, political parties have been struggling for minorities rights for years. Pakistan United Christian Movement, Pakistan Minorities Alliance and few others emerging political parties are passionate to protect non-Muslims’ rights in Pakistan. From decades on no government has ever taken non-Muslims in confidence while addressing national issues or legislation. In the end it results to add in sufferings of minorities, all discriminatory laws are witness to it. Shanti Nager, Gojra, SanglaHill, Gujranwala and Joseph Colony, Lahore incidents are result of these discriminatory laws. Hundred years old church in Mardan city was turned to ashes. And at the same time, Governer Salman Taseer’s and Shahbaz Bhatti’s assassination was result of hate speech of the cleric. Pakistan is considered a democratic country but I have not been able to understand its system, there are two electoral system adopted at the same time in the country. General election system is democratic while selection of reserved seats of minorities and women seats is totally at big political party’s prudence as proportional system. So minority’s members go into the legislative assembly through back doors. It is also reported that they use different means in terms of money or whatever to get in, and the amount very obviously starts in millions.
It is unnatural that these minority members coming in the assembly by paying hi-bribe and talk about minority’s issues. It is reported that one of the previous minority minister said that I am not here through your votes; you don’t need to expect anything from me when some Christian visitors asked to solve their issues.
Electoral process in Pakistan needed to be revised. Democracy cannot flourish in a country where feudal system exists because this system negates democratic system.

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