Do we need to amend the Blasphemy Law? By Faisal George


I know – many of you will go against me after reading this, because you will not read and think – you will just follow the crowd.
First of all – we need to think that why we needed the Blasphemy Law, how this law became a part of our constitution. So, let us go back in the history - in 1927, the British colonial rulers of the sub-continent made it a criminal offence to commit “deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religious belief”. The law did not discriminate between religions. The law was retained when Pakistan gained independence in 1947 under the rule of the country’s moderate founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah and nobody was accused and punished because of this Law till 1984 until Pakistan’s late military ruler Mohammed Zia ul Haq, who was in power for 11 years from 1977, made several additions to its blasphemy laws, including life imprisonment for those defiling or desecrating the Holy Quran. So up till now – this should be very clear that the Blasphemy Law was not made by GOD, it was first made by The British colonial rulers of the sub-continent and then amended by Mr. Zia ul Haq (our late military ruler). But my main question is why he amended this Law – of what he was afraid of? Why he was unsure that the people will do the blasphemy? Why I am asking this question because I think that if a person is doing well than nobody will say bad about him and even people will follow him. In my understanding Religion is “An institution to express belief in a divine power”, which means some people want to belief and some do not want to express their belief and for those who do not want, it is their own understanding and their right, I have no power and no right to say them anything, or to punish them or to kill them – this is against humanity because every soul belongs to the GOD and we are no one to judge.
Secondly, Pakistan has the strictest anti-blasphemy laws. The first purpose of those laws is to protect Islamic authority. Here, I am stunned again that a country of more than 98% of Muslims need to protect the Islamic authority from whom – when already everyone and everywhere are Muslims and the followers of Islam than from whom they are afraid of? Is Islamic authority is so weak that they are afraid of only the 2% or they are afraid from some of their own cultivated roots. This is a big question? Which should be debated? According to my understanding all the religions in our world do not need human protection they are protected by the GOD and we just need to follow them. And if we do not follow only GOD can punish us – no man is allowed to punish or take revenge. And if some person is punishing some other person – it means that he is going and doing the things against the will of GOD because GOD created this Universe and Everything and what HE creates is beautiful and should be loved.

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