Dousing the Fires of Violence. By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan


The Quran (5:64) tells us: Whenever they kindle the fire of war, God puts it out.
From this Quranic verse we learn something about God’s Creation Plan. We learn that this Plan is based on the principle of peace. We learn that if someone is bent on stirring the fires of violence, we should try to douse the flames by promoting peace so that the fire does not spread. It should never be that one party throws bombs and the other party retaliates in the same way. This is definitely not the proper way to react. The right way to respond is to defuse the bomb, rather than throwing a bomb in reaction.
The above-quoted Quranic verse indicates that throwing a bomb in retaliation for a bomb thrown by someone else is not the way that God wants us to behave. God wants us to respond in situations like this by seeking to defuse bombs and render them ineffective so as to prevent matters from getting out of hand.
It is natural and but to be expected that a society will inevitably face various undesirable conditions. No human society has ever been free of these. They cannot be solved by seeking to forcibly eradicate them. Rather, we must make sure that we do not add an additional undesirable condition to the already existing ones. We must not add to the number of bombs. In this way, we can help prevent undesirable conditions from further worsening. Thereby, we can help solve them. This is the real and effective solution to the problem. No other solution but this is possible.
Strife After Reform
The Quran (7:85) tells us:
Do not corrupt the land after it has been set in order. This is for your own good, if you are true believers.
This Quranic verse indicates a fact of Nature—that this world is, in its natural state, in a state of balance. Here, every thing has been made according to a perfectly appropriate pattern. This means that humans should also behave in balanced a way, without distorting the balanced system of Nature. If we distort this pattern, it will lead to chaos.
Innumerable processes are at work in the world, all in conformity with the Nature’s system of balance. The earth rotates and revolves non-stop. The sun continues to pour its light to the world. The winds blow, the rains come, the rivers flow, the trees grow, and so on. Processes like these carry on without any interruption, night and day, and all of them in a perfectly peaceful manner, with no violence or confrontation whatsoever.
This is the pattern of Nature that God has created. And human beings, too, should live and behave according to this pattern. Accordingly, we should completely abstain from violence and should lead our lives entirely on the basis of peace. Those who behave to the contrary only create what is termed in the Quran as fasad or strife on earth. They are definitely not engaged in promoting reform, even if this is what they claim to be doing.
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan heads the New Delhi-based Centre for Peace and Spirituality. He can be contacted on A prolific writer, many of his writings can be accessed on and on
Masjid dhaa de, Mandir dhaa de, Dhaa de jo kuch dhenda,
Par kissi da dil na dha vee, Rab dilla wich rehnda hae
Destroy a mosque, destroy a temple, destroy everything in sight.
But don't break a human heart, for that is where God resides
(Sufi Baba Bulleh Shah)

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