Nigeria and the Islamist Threat: Boko Haram and the Slaughter of Students. By Paul Joseph Nzeribe, Olivier LeCourt and Lee Jay Walker


In the last few months you have had several barbaric attacks against students in north-eastern Nigeria. The terrorist group involved in all these massacres is the Boko Haram movement which willingly kills the followers of Christianity and Islam based on their Islamist Takfiri Sharia agenda. Therefore, questions must be raised about the internal security of Nigeria because government policies appear to be too lapsed compared with the threat at hand.
Authorities state clearly that the agricultural college which was recently attacked had no protection whatsoever. Many Nigerians must be alarmed by this because you have had many brutal terrorist attacks by Boko Haram against students in recent times. This simply isn’t good enough because it is abundantly clear that Boko Haram is a threat to society and that this terrorist organization deems educational facilities to be easy targets. Simply put, given recent attacks against students throughout the region then surely security measures should have already been taken?
Of course, no nation can fully prevent terrorists from striking and Boko Haram can easily melt away into the hinterland or into neighboring states. Yet, currently it is too easy for these Islamist Takfiri killers to massacre students. Therefore, many local people fear that their children are like “lambs to the slaughter” because government authorities have been too slow to react to events on the ground.
During the latest terrorist attack against an agricultural college it is reported that up to 40 to 50 students were slaughtered while they were sleeping. It is difficult to comprehend the minds of the followers of Boko Haram because they only desire to rule by fear and to kill innocents. This reality means that Christian churches, Muslim mosques, educational facilities – and so forth – are easy targets for the Boko Haram to slaughter innocents.
The latest attack took place in Yobe state where Abdullahi Bego, special advisor to the local state government, comments that “We are committed to providing education to our children in Yobe state and in north-eastern Nigeria.” He continued by making it clear that schools will remain open because terrorists want schools to close. However, while the sentiments by Abdullahi Bego are admirable it is clear that the government needs to implement new policies in order to reassure local people. This obviously applies to greater security and mechanisms to deal with the Boko Haram threat.
One student who survived the attack told the BBC that “We tried to run to escape for fear of our lives. The windows were open so we escaped through them and ran into the bush. We didn’t even know where we were.”
He continued by stating that he was deeply devastated by the attack: “I have seen dead bodies of my friends and people I know very well. It is very depressing and emotional. They were people I was talking to before I went to bed.”
The armed forces of Nigeria confirm that they have witnessed 42 dead bodies while another 18 students wounded in the barbaric Islamist attack have been taken to a hospital in Damaturu (state capital of Yobe). In June of this year two other attacks took place in the same region which led to the deaths of 9 children near Maiduguri and 13 pupils and teachers were slaughtered in Damaturu. These two attacks in June were followed by another brutal Islamist terrorist attack in July which lead to 42 people being killed (mostly students) after Boko Haram attacked a school dormitory in Mamudo. Therefore, the Yobe state is a killing field for students because of the barbaric policies of Boko Haram whereby students are deemed to be fair game.
Of course, this isn’t surprising because Boko Haram regards modern education to by a symbol of Western culture. Likewise, the name Boko Haram in English translates to “Western education is forbidden (sinful).”Somehow, a Taliban version of education appears to be the only way forward to the Boko Haram and this applies to religious indoctrination, brainwashing, infringing on the rights of children to develop and grow – and turning the clock back to “year zero.”
President Goodluck Jonathan and senior military personnel need to work closely together in order to improve internal security. Students in several states face real threats of being murdered by the Boko Haram which follow a draconian Islamist agenda. Also, given the spate of brutal terrorist attacks against students then clearly a new policy needs to be implemented immediately, in order to stem the tide against the most vulnerable in society.

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