Islamic Jihadists target children in their unholy war in Iraq. By Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker


The endless nightmare of Iraq continues because of daily sectarian and terrorist attacks. In the world of Takfiri Islamists then killing all and sundry becomes part and parcel of their “unholy cause.” Therefore, the latest deliberate attack against children in a school playground isn’t shocking. This is based on the reality that jihadists in Nigeria kill students, Islamist fanatics in Pakistan shoot girls for studying and many schools have been destroyed by the Taliban in Afghanistan.
Indeed, in Syria video footage shows Sunni Islamic sectarians training little children on how to behead captured Syrian soldiers. Likewise, al-Qaeda affiliate groups and other sectarian terrorist forces in Syria openly behead pro-Assad individuals in front of children. In other words, this barbarity exists in too many nations to believe that you don’t have any connection. Also, indigenous Islam is being threatened by Salafi and Takfiri mindsets which are spreading untold misery based on sectarianism and hatred towards religious diversity.
Re-focusing back on the latest terrorist attack which killed at least 12 children in Iraq; then clearly nothing is out of bounds to sectarian Takfiri jihadists. This terrorist attack took place in the village of Qabak whereby a suicide bomber deliberately targeted children. Qabak is a mainly Shia Turkomen village but sadly this part of Iraq is known to be awash with sectarian jihadists.
AP reports that “One car bomb in the tiny village targeted an elementary school while children ages 6 to 12 were in class as another struck a nearby police station, Tal Afar Mayor Abdul Aal al-Obeidi said. The dead included 12 children, the school principal and two policemen. Another 90 people were wounded, he said.”
Military wise, this village is insignificant and only around two hundred people reside in Qabak. Yet for sectarian Islamic jihadists then this target was just another way of spreading their unholy war which is based on ruling by fear.
Mayor Abdul Aal al-Obeidi is clearly shaken by the latest terrorist attack aimed at little children. He states“We and Iraq are plagued by al Qaeda….It’s a tragedy. These innocent children were here to study. What sins did these children commit?”
Within hours of this barbaric attack then another suicide bomber killed innocent Shia pilgrims. AP reports that“Another suicide bomber, this time on foot, blew himself-up hours later as Shiite pilgrims walked through the largely Sunni neighborhood of Waziriyah in the north of the Iraqi capital. At least 12 people were killed and 23 wounded in that attack, according to police and hospital officials.”
“It was the second time in less than 24 hours that a suicide bomber managed to thwart security checkpoints and target Shiite pilgrims making their way to a golden-domed shrine in northern Baghdad where two Shiite saints are buried.”
President Obama focused on pulling American troops out of Iraq after elites in Washington could not contain the vacuum that the former leader of America opened. In other words, America enabled the vacuum to be opened and then cut and run after destabilizing this nation. Therefore, the former leader of America was wrong to invade in the first place; and Obama was equally wrong to then leave this nation to fend for itself once sectarianism became fully blown. After all, the growing death toll is evidence that internal security is impossible at the moment because sectarian and Takfiri forces are too strong.
Nickolay Mladenov, United Nations Iraqi envoy, urged religious, political and civil leaders in Iraq to do more to stem the tide. He stated that “It is their responsibility to ensure that pilgrims can practice their religious duties, that school children can attend their classes, that journalists can exercise their professional duties and that ordinary citizens can live a normal life in an environment free of fear and violence.”
Mladenov should equally speak out against Gulf and Western powers for their policies in Syria because clearly the destabilization of Syria is linked to the growing bloodshed in Iraq.

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