Christian Holocaust in Pakistan. By Ishaq Yaqub


When I heard from someone about the suicide attacks on historic church namely “All Saints Church" in Peshawar. I opened my television and saw the live coverage. And I was so upset to see the causalities and the scattered shape of the church. Till several days I was not feeling normal. Later on I was thinking about the situation of Pakistan that what is going on here? How the sinless people are facing the cruelties here. Then I tried to enter the history of Pakistan and knew more about the month of September. it is very memorable and we, can't wash it from the memory of the people of Pakistan. After the expiration of the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the country has been in very immature hands who could not lead Pakistan well. And because of this so many times Christian people of Pakistan have been disturbed a lot by some extremists. Afterward, when great event of 9/11 took place in 2001, in America, where "world trade center" was hit by Al-Qaeda, which is considered, where more than 3000 people were killed. Immediately after the destruction of World Trade center, American and NATO forces attacked on Afghanistan. From that time till now many attacks have been done on Pakistani Christians. It was just showing the aggression from the local side against the Christianity..
Although, all the people of Pakistan are suffering by this great fire of extremism in Pakistan, but Christian people are being targeted by the militants with planned, who are very peaceful Pakistani. Without any cause, they are being hit. They love their country by heart and very patriotic people of Pakistan but these calamities; they are facing in free of cast.
When on 22 September 2013 on Sunday services were going on. The pair of suicide bombers attacked on the worshipers in Peshawar at "All Saints Church”, both bombers attacked the worshipers one by one. And by these attacks the number of martyrdom were 85 Christians and more than 140 persons were badly injured. After the "Saniha Karsaz" (on Benazir Bhutto's welcome day) in Karachi on 18th October 2007, it is the biggest suicide attack in Pakistan Church.
All the political leaders of Pakistan have been condemned the suicide attacks on Church at Kohati gate Peshawar. .In all over Pakistan Christian and Muslim leaders criticized the attacks and the media played a very professional role. . Protests against attacks on Church in Peshawar are still going on in all over Pakistan .Writers and journalists criticized the attackers also very anxiously. Even all over the world people are throwing stones on the militants. I was thinking very keenly about the killing of Christians. It raised a question that is it Christian holocaust in Pakistan? It is like the Jews holocaust which was in Germany in 1939-1945. When 6 million Jews were killed through gas chambers and half of them migrated to other countries. It was done by Adolf Hitler and NAZI party's policy that putting them systematically in gas Chambers. There was a little difference between Jews holocaust and Christian holocaust in Pakistan. Jews holocaust did by the Government or state but in Pakistan state is not involved against the brutal act of the militants.. But here is unseen power which is doing these activities very smoothly.. So it is very clear that it is a Christian holocaust.
If we see the history of Christian persecution in Pakistan, Now it is clear that one of the spokesman of TTP Shahidullah Shahid told BBC by telephonic interview from an anonymous location, said "that the attack on the church is according to Sharia." So it is clear that it is happening according to the plan to kill the Christians in Pakistan. There are so many events have been taken place at different places of the country. It shows a mechanism of terrorism in against Christians. It is like the situation of the beginning of the church 2000 year ago, when the follower of Christ, faced persecution and they were put before the fierce animals.
When America and NATO forces attacked on Afghanistan and in the same month on 28 October 2001, Bahawalpur church was attacked by some militants, where 17 people were gunned down. Next year on 25th September in Karachi at institution of Justice and Peace seven Christian people were killed by terrorists. As Just on 9th March 2013 some extremists burnt out Joseph colony in Lahore near Badami Bagh. Before this event in 2009 in Gojra city, so many houses were burnt out and 8 Christian people were also put under fire in the family room, which is total cruelty in the world. In 2005 sang la Hill’s churches and Convent and parish House was burnt out. In 1997 the famous village of Pakistani Christians namely Shanti Nagar was also burnt out. In 2012 in Mardan the main Church was burnt out by the militants. Instead of these big events there are other so many events have taken position in Pakistan. There is no tolerance for Pakistani Christians.
On the other side Blasphemy law has hit the Christian people of Pakistan so many times. From this law everybody from Christian community has anxiety in their lives. Government of Pakistan has a very sympathetic heart for minorities in Pakistan. Either there is PPP government or Muslim (N) Government, they always support the minorities in Pakistan but they could not take over and protect the churches well., Because there are few people who always have very negative thinking and very harmful for Christianity
Now it is a suggestion to the government of Pakistan to protect the Christian people and capture the criminals who have done this inhuman job. This is the time to think once more about the terrorist attacks against the Christian people in Pakistan, which is Christian Holocaust,. The government of Pakistan should make it clear for the protection of the Christian people in Pakistan and try to stop the destruction of Christians.

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