Syria: Christian and Druze area hit in Damascus by Gulf sponsored terrorists. By Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker


Terrorists and sectarians aided and assisted by feudal Sunni monarchs in the Gulf have targeted a predominantly Christian and Druze part of Damascus. If this carnage was happening in any other nation then America, France, Turkey and the United Kingdom would be quick to condemn terrorism. However, these nations are siding with Gulf powers despite various Islamist terrorist sectarian groups being intent on crushing all religious minorities and ethnic groups like the Kurds.
Saudi Arabia and Qatar are sponsoring militant organizations in many nations but in Syria both nations are providing economic and military assistance to various terrorist and sectarian groups. Sadly, it appears that energy resources and wealth created by this source is blinding nations all over the world because feudal monarchies are out of control. Indeed, in Saudi Arabia all non-Muslim faiths are banned and draconian laws rule the day. However, despite this reality and crushing the Shia in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Yemen; it appears that these monarchies can implement any policies they desire because the international community is looking the other way.
In recent weeks it is clear that the Obama administration is reducing its rhetoric towards Syria but unless Gulf nations and Turkey are brought under control, then the blood will keep on flowing and minorities will flee. France and the United Kingdom continue to play a negative role in the crisis in Syria because both nations have sold their “respective souls” to Gulf petrodollars. Therefore, the indigenous Alawite, Christian and Shia communities are all being endangered by the combined forces of Gulf and Western powers, which are siding with hard-line sectarian and terrorist groups.
The Islamist suicide bombing which hit the mainly Christian and Druze district of Jaramana in Damascus is aimed at spreading fear within all minority communities in Syria. It is currently known that at least 16 soldiers in the Syrian armed forces have been killed in connection with the latest suicide attack. This applies to soldiers killed in the attack and in the aftermath when clashes erupted.
Gulf sponsored terrorists brutally killed people in August this year in the same district in order to further their sectarian cause. In areas of Damascus which are in the full control of the Syrian armed forces then all communities can be found. However, in areas ruled by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and various al-Qaeda linked groups, then clearly minorities flee and pro-government Sunni Muslims face enormous intimidation (many are butchered openly).
The seriousness of the current crisis throughout the region can be seen by attacks in the last 48 hours in Egypt, Iraq, Somalia and Yemen. At the same time, the armed forces in Tunisia have killed nine Islamist terrorists and Libya is now a failed state. In the last few years the so-called “Arab Spring” is ushering in a fanatical Salafist, terrorist and destabilizing nightmare. At the same time, Gulf nations are supporting the ongoing oppression of the Shia in Bahrain and Yemen. Therefore, it is essential that Qatar and Saudi Arabia are held accountable for their destabilizing policies and other Gulf nations like Kuwait are also involved in many negative intrigues.

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