Egypt and America remain distant: Obama, Muslim Brotherhood and Christian Persecution. By Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker


The complex transition in Egypt is being hindered by militants within the Muslim Brotherhood, terrorist groups in the Sinai region, other Islamist groups which are sympathetic towards the Muslim Brotherhood, increasing sectarianism aimed at persecuting the Christian community and increasing hostility towards the Shia minority, and the demise of the special relationship with America. Internal enemies of Egypt care little about impacting negatively upon the economy and creating more poverty; challenging central forces; destroying social cohesion; spreading religious fear among Christians and Shia Muslims; and attacking the security forces and institutions of this nation. Therefore, the behavior of the Obama administration in America is a little perplexing because the same political leaders ignored the excesses of the Muslim Brotherhood led government under Morsi (Mursi) and the reality that political Islam tried to usurp the state.
President Obama and political elites in Washington have abandoned a former ally by crying foul when the Egyptian masses rose up against the threat of religious authoritarianism under the Muslim Brotherhood. It appears that Egyptians are being punished for preventing the Muslim Brotherhood from usurping all leverages of power. However, how much longer could the people of Egypt wait given the genuine threat of a draconian state emerging focused on turning the clock back?
In America policymakers on both sides debated the merits of cutting aid to Egypt. Yet in Cairo political leaders expected the move given the closeness of the Obama administration with the Muslim Brotherhood prior to the ousting of Morsi. In other words, senior political and military leaders in Egypt are already focused on developing a new foreign policy outside of the strings of Washington. This doesn’t mean that Egypt desires to close the door on America because this isn’t the case providing relations are based on mutual respect. Yet the new powerbrokers in Egypt don’t desire to play second fiddle and to be dictated to by negative forces in Washington, which willingly turned a blind eye to the draconian reality of the Muslim Brotherhood led government of Morsi.
Raymond Ibrahim, on National Review Online, states “Who is more deserving of punishment by the United States? Millions of Egyptians, for ousting the Muslim Brotherhood? Or the Muslim Brotherhood, for crimes that include the habitual terrorizing and murder of Christians?
“It is the millions of anti-Brotherhood Egyptians who are in the wrong — or at least, that’s what actions taken by the Obama administration imply.”
In the last few months it is abundantly clear that leaders in Egypt view the current Obama administration with disdain. This wasn’t the desired route given the reality of past relations between Egypt and America. Yet once the people rose up against the increasingly authoritarian nature of the Muslim Brotherhood led government, then everything came to a head. Equally alarming, even when Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers and militants within this organization were attacking Christian churches, the mantra from Washington was to refrain from clamping down on Islamist forces. However, this wishful thinking in the corridors of power in America made little sense given the reality on the ground. This applies to increasing terrorism in the Sinai region; the gradual creeping reality of militant Islamists attacking security forces throughout Egypt; mass intimidation of Coptic Christians and other minority faith groups; wanton violence aimed at undermining the current leaders of Egypt; and to increase internal social pressure by impacting negatively on the economy of this nation.
The Investigative Project on Terrorism provides details from a report by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) about the perception of Obama in some powerful circles in Egypt. It is stated that “As we’ve noted throughout his administration, President Obama too often relies on advisors with clear sympathies toward the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist ideologies. For example, Dalia Mogahed, then-president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) – a group formed by Muslim Brotherhood members in the United States, was deemed the “most influential person” shaping the Obama Administration’s Middle East message.”
“Rashad Hussain, President Obama’s special envoy to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), has close ties with ISNA and been critical of U.S. prosecutions for terror supporters. For more examples, click here.”
Coptic Christians and other Christian denominations are also alarmed by the passiveness of America and other major Western governments, when it comes to the systematic persecution of Christians by Islamist militant forces within the Muslim Brotherhood and other movements of darkness. Of course, the United States condemned the countless attacks against Christian places of worship in Egypt by militant Islamist forces which seek to spread divisions within Egyptian society. However, while America rebuked the persecution of Christians to a limited degree the real policy was the same – this applies to Mohamed Elibiary who is a Homeland Security adviser to the current Obama administration.
It is the words of Elibiary which sums up the current confused and pro-Muslim Brotherhood agenda of the Obama administration because this individual turned the world upside down. This applies to pointing the finger at Coptic Christians. Yes, because the Coptics refuse to be Muslim Brotherhood dhimmis; then they are to blame for having their Christian churches destroyed and having little Christian children killed for merely expressing their point of view in a peaceful way. Of course, for the Muslim Brotherhood it is accept your dhimmitude when they are in power and to fear being killed by their militant supporters when they are forced from power. Despite this, the mantra of Elibiary is to protect “the haters of humanity” based on his own political agenda. However, why is such a zealot being allowed to work within Homeland Security (irrespective of the nature of his work)?
Michael Meunier (al-Haya Party) informed The Investigative Project on Terrorism about Elibiary by stating that“If you look at him you can definitely see that he is a sympathizer of the Brotherhood….If you are in the Brotherhood you don’t have a card. The guy put up the sign for R4BIA [on his Twitter account], a symbol for people who burn churches and kill people.”
In the last few months a ten year old Christian girl called Jessi Boulos was brutally murdered by Islamist militant while walking home from a Bible class. While recently two young Christian girls called Mary Nabil Fahmy (12 years old) and Mary Ashraf Masih (eight years old) were brutally shot dead. This is the cold reality of militant Islamists within the various different Sunni Islamist organizations which whip up hatred against Christians, the Shia and anyone deemed to be an enemy. Of course, killing Christians or threatening them with dhimmitude is part and parcel of the Islamist course but don’t think for one moment that this applies only to non mainstream realities – after all, in Saudi Arabia – and other Sharia Islamic based nations – it is the legal system and the ruling elites which support killing apostates and other draconian realities.
The current leaders in Egypt are right to highlight their disdain towards Qatar and Hamas because both forces tried to destabilize this nation. Qatar tried to utilize the media via Al Jazeera and Hamas assisted in the terrorist threat in the Sinai region. At the same time, the military in Egypt knows full well that militant Islamists seek a harsh response in order to split secular forces. Therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood and other militant Islamist forces desire a heavy clamp down in order to split secularists and modernizers in Egypt. This reality is behind the current increase in terrorist attacks in Egypt, the killing of security forces and murder of Christians. After all, to Islamist militants, killing little Christian girls is a means to an end whereby the clamp down against them will usher in the usual human rights brigade – alongside a bias media – which will paint security forces and the leadership of Egypt in a bad light. In other words, just like Elibiary, the usual culprits will defend the “killers of humanity” which seek to crush Egypt and its rich culture.
Egypt should look to strengthening its economic, political and military ties with nations which don’t seek to impose their own agenda. This applies to nations like the Russian Federation, India, Brazil – and others – in areas related to economics, shared political interests and the military. Only a truly independent Egypt will wake America up from its unjust stance towards this nation because the people of Egypt had no option in ousting the Muslim Brotherhood led government. If individuals had waited for Morsi to usurp the nation state then a one-minded monoculture agenda based on “Islamist year zero” would have become a reality.

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