Indian Muslims not having faith in Supreme Court, is the main cause of their problems. By Hem Raj Jain


After 7 serial bomb blasts of Sunday at Patna from 0955 Hrs to 1355 Hrs in which 6 were killed and ~ 100 injured, the number of Muslims and their leaders (including socio - religious) have appeared in media & internet and have complained that – “[As usual such blasts got carried out by communal Hindus (BJP / RSS / VHP etc by their acts of commissions) and remaining political parties of Hindus (by their acts of omissions) tolerate it in order to malign Muslims. The employers of terrorist organizations like Indian Mujahidin etc are no other than these communal outfit of Hindus and their silent accomplice Hindu political parties]”.
One may not agree with the theory of S.M. Mushrif, the former Inspector General of Maharshtra Police (most remembered for exposing the Abdul Karim Telgi fake stamp paper scam) what he wrote in his book “Who killed Karkare?” regarding 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai where Mushrif accuses that – “[The terrorist who attacked Taj Hotel, Nariman House etc were different team which came from Pakistan but team of six terrorist who attacked CST, Cama Hospital and killed Hemant Karkare and other police officers at Rangbhavan lane were from Hindu terrorists who wanted to kill Karakre because of his investigation about Malegaon bomb blast in which Karkare had found Hindu communal terrorists the main accused]”. Mushrif’s theory is that –“[These Hindu communalist (who wants India to be ‘Hindu Rashtra’ with age old Castist oppressive religion) have strangle hold grip on Intelligence Bureau of Union of India and on entire Indian media hence have control over entire political class, bureaucracy (union and States) and police force of all the States of India therefore Hindus have been able to malign Muslims (as a community responsible for terrorism across India)]”.
But this is also a fact that ultimately what matters in democratic politics is the organization that brings voters to polling booth on Election Day. Whereas for all other political parties of India it is only their political parties which do this job on the contrary for BJP the member of its political party BJP brings only a small part of its supporters to polling booth and major part of its supporters are brought by remaining Sangh Parivar (RSS / VHP / Bajrangdal etc). This makes all the difference between other political parties of India on one side and on other side the BJP, which is obviously under huge influence of Sangh Parivar (with deep religious affiliations).
Sunday Patna serial bomb blasts have certainly raised reasonable doubts which needs to be cleared not only in the interest of said conspiracy (if any) against Muslims by Hindus but also (in future at other places too) in the interest of avoiding such huge number of causalities of innocent citizens who might have been killed at Patna Gandhi Maidan including in stampede had even one, out of 10 planted bombs, blasted in Ground itself.
But, even for argument sake if it is admitted that in Hindu majority India Muslims are harassed and persecuted by Hindus (by some crudely & openly and by some subtly & clandestinely) then also it is not the Hindus but the Muslims themselves who are to be blamed for this gross injustice to them.
Though Islam is the only religion on this earth where its followers are not supposed to fear the temporal authorities (which comprises mainly from State) but out of un – Islamic fear of temporal authorities the Indian Muslims (despite public & repeatedly asking them to do so) are not moving Supreme Court for redress and instead have been tolerating gross injustice to them. Due to inability (rather un-Islamic cowardice) of Muslims to file four Writ Petitions in Supreme Court regarding following matters, the Indian Muslims have been facing most of the problems in India:-
(i)- Regarding restoration of status-quo-ante of Babri Masjid (ii)- Regarding repeal of unconstitutional reservation laws (iii)- Regarding invoking 130 & 131 CrPC in relation to 2002 riots in Gujarat and 2013 riots at Muzaffarnagar (iv)- Regarding Government of Hindu majority India not retrieving India’s territory of Muslim majority POK but instead training guns at Indian citizens (the Muslim civilians of Kashmir valley).
At least now it is hoped that about Sunday serial bomb blast at Patna [which is prima – facie is a deep rooted conspiracy against Indian Muslims by not only all the political parties {BJP, Congress, SP, JD (U)} and their governments by their acts of commission and omission but also by Hindu majority India], a Writ Petition shall be filed in Supreme Court by Indian Muslims to get an order on CBI to investigate the matter in view of the following reasonable doubts :-
(1)- What is the basis of May 21, 2013 report in ‘The Times of India’ that – “Low-intensity blasts may target Narendra Modi's rallies: Gujarat intelligence bureau” – This intelligence report about rallies during Gujarat election can easily & logically be extended to Sunday Patna rally too. As per this May, 21 TOI report the Police sources said that - “[The IB input specifically mentioned that the blasts would be carried out by a saffron outfit and that too in the gathering during Modi's speeches. The intelligence officials have also intimated the security agencies that the retired army officials are engaged in the allegedly disruptive activity. The IB has also conveyed to concerned authorities about the objective behind the possible strike. They claimed that this is to send a message to Modi, who recently said during a public speech that he was not a leader of only Hindus. Angered with this statement, as well as, by his Sadbhavna Mission, the fundamentalists aim to teach him a lesson and to remind him of the agenda to make India a Hindu nation]”.
(2)- Why even the news (to leaders at dais and even to Modi) of the series of blasts at Patna, did not make the organizers of the rally think of urgently calling off the rally and risked the lives of thousands of people which could have been killed in further blast and in stampede ? Why did the organizers of the rally not try to shorten the whole affair (Organizers could have easily said that Modi has not come and the people would have dispersed peacefully and without any disturbance) ? Why speakers after speakers continued to speak without any signs of tension? Did they not realize that if the casualties become big, that would swallow the whole country in communal violence ?
(3)- Why did the BJP not fear that a big spectrum of their national leaders could be killed in the blasts and stampede? Was it due to the reason that BJP and Sangh Parivar (being the alleged perpetrator of this blast) knew that blast will happen only at periphery of the ground and no further blast will take place in the middle of the ground (hence bombs planted right in the Maidaan did not explode when the rally was on, despite the fact that rally lasted for several hours) ? Therefore BJP did not call-off or drastically shorten the rally as BJP / RSS did not want to waste the opportunity of Modi addressing the rally in order to garner sympathy support.
(4)- Or worst Sangh Parivar wanted thousands of people to be killed in further blast and in stampede so that the casualties could become big, that would swallow the whole country in communal riots (or in other words the massacre of millions of Muslims across entire India).
(5)- Why even not only Nitish and Bihar Govt and its Police but also Government of India and its Home Ministry who claim to have informed Bihar Govt about such bomb blasts (who all came to know about first bomb blast at 0955 Hrs) did not constrain organizers of the rally to call-off or drastically shorten the rally and instead allowed this rally to continue beyond 1400 Hrs.
(6)- Even if Bihar Police did not check before rally but why the BJP office bearers of Bihar (the organizers who took the permission from administration for this rally at Patna) and police officers from Gujarat (who came to Patna days earlier than rally and were at ground to take care of their Chief Minister Modi’s security) did not ensure that ground was sanitized before rally and other checking instruments and apparatus were placed at ground by Bihar police.
(7)- Entire media has been reporting on the basis of inputs from government sources that Patna serial blasts were the revenge by Muslims due to Muzaffarnagar riots. But why no action was taken by Governments of India, of U.P and of Gujarat when Union Cabinet Minister Beni Prasad Verma openly said (as widely reported in print and electronic media) that ~ 200 persons were brought from Gujarat (where Modi of Sangh Parivar rules) to carry out riots in Muzaffarnagar ?
It is hoped that this time Indian Muslims will shed their un-Islamic fear and shall file a Writ Petition in Supreme Court about Patna serial blasts to get order on CBI to investigate in view of above mentioned reasonable doubts.

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