Misconception. By Ishaq Yaqub


Misconception means wrongness, wrong idea, wrong thinking, misjudgment, and misunderstanding which put the person in problems. Sometimes it happens just because of carelessness and because of this action, other people gets big loss. Few days ago on 24th of October 2013 In America one of the police man gunned down a thirteen years old child with toy gun. The toy gun was looking very original and the police man misunderstood. He considered that the gun is real and he put fire on him and the child namely died at the stop. This happened just because of wrong judgment. It was his misconception that he did not see properly and he killed the child. And the second incident took place when in Karachi ranger man killed a taxi driver namely, Murid Abas. It was happened, because he did not stop. The taxi driver was poor man and he has several children. And he was the main earning hands in the family. The taxi driver bought fruit and going toward home and on the way he got turn and ranger man put fire on him and was killed. This was happened just because of misunderstanding.
So these are the happenings which almost every day in the social lives of the people. It looks that there is no patience. It is just because of the fear which is from the terrorists and the extremists' side. And people always have attention from them. These happenings are not just once in the month or year but, it is regularly happening in the world. For instance, at the present era drone attacks are being done at different places of the world. By the attacks so many sinless people are losing their lives. And because of this lost people are showing their reactions. Sometimes it is just because of misconception that people have lost their lives. For example, few days ago one of the drone operators cleared that when he saw during the drone attack, sinless people are being killed. So Mr. Brandon Bravan resigned from his job because of killing of the innocent people and kids. He said as a human being I was not in favor of killing people. The 27 years old operator said that in 2007, Afghanistan was attacked from Nawada Airport in which people walking on road were killed brutally which he could not bear. Because of drone attacks many innocent people have been lost their lives. It is just because of wrong idea or target.
It all has been happened in the world just because of misunderstanding and wrong judgment. We can see in the world that most of the wars had been just because of misconception, in which thousands of thousands people have lost their lives. And so many families have been wounded. For example, Taliban have shown their wrong aggression, when they attacked on the Peshawar church and so many people were killed just because of misconception. Taliban have wrong idea about the Christian of Pakistan. Pakistani Christians are citizen of Pakistan and they are very patriotic and peaceful people Pakistanis. Pakistani Christians are not from the outside. So the new plan of the Taliban is showing that again they will attack on churches. But now they should understand exactly that they are killing the innocent people who are serving Pakistan from its existence they have misconception about the innocent people of Pakistan.
Now the time is very important for every one that before putting fire or put blast, everybody should recheck his idea either it’s correct or wrong. Because of the wrong ideas, so many people can be killed. So the loss of others human beings is not bearable for other. For instance those who have lost their lives because of drone attacks or by guns, who is responsible for their families. Is there, anybody in the world who can bring them back in this world again?
Misconception always put wrong impression on the people So to escape from the misconception the people have to avoid the misconception, they should act upon the accuracy level. Because accuracy is very important for every one so that misunderstanding could not take place in the life of everyone.

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