Islamist Militants Kill Innocents in Nigeria: Wedding Convoy Massacre by Boko Haram. By Paul Joseph Nzeribe, Walter Sebastian and Lee Jay Walker


Islamist militants in Nigeria inflict yet another brutal massacre against the people of this nation. The brutal reality of Boko Haram and other Islamist militant groups in Nigeria is that killing all and sundry is their modus operandi because morality never enters their vocabulary. Therefore, while people were rejoicing in a wedding convoy about a day of love and union – the evil forces of militant Islam struck them down because of their twisted jihadist ideology.
It still remains unclear how many innocents were slaughtered by Islamist militants but most figures currently report at least 30 people being killed. The latest suspected Boko Haram attack took place in the state of Borno in north-east Nigeria.
AP reports that “Suspected Islamic militants attacked a wedding convoy in northeast Nigeria over the weekend, the latest in a storm of violence in the region as government troops battle religious extremists bent on turning Africa’s most populous nation into an Islamic state. Authorities on Sunday gave conflicting accounts of the death toll, however — ranging from five to as many as 30, including the groom.”
The very nature of Boko Haram and other militant Islamist splinter groups in Nigeria means that killing is the essential binding force in their campaign for installing an Islamic Sharia state in Nigeria. It matters not one jot to Boko Haram if they slaughter children, students, Christians, Muslims, and so forth; instead it is all about brutality and ruling by fear. Therefore, the brutal attack against a wedding convoy fits in with recent Boko Haram terrorist attacks against students.
Nigerians in many parts of north-east Nigeria now reside in fear because churches, mosques, schools, wedding convoys, and so forth, are all deemed legitimate targets. In recent months the armed forces of Nigeria have launched many attacks against Boko Haram but often these unholy jihadists just melt away. This reality means that Nigeria needs to work more closely with regional nations and to increase counter-terrorist measures internally. At the moment, it is abundantly clear that Boko Haram is focusing on hit and run tactics and to install a reign of fear against the civilian population.
President Goodluck Jonathan needs to hash out new policies alongside senior military personnel within the armed forces of Nigeria. At the same time, regional initiatives need to be implemented and local knowledge needs to be harnessed in order to root out this cancer. If not, then Boko Haram will continue to spread and cause mayhem.
In another article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated that “Islamists in Boko Haram seek to destroy Nigeria from within by sowing the seeds of religious hatred and usurping traditional Islam. It is clear that the armed forces of Nigeria have a very difficult task because of the sheer size of the area embroiled by regular terrorist attacks. Also, the militant Islamist forces of Boko Haram can manipulate the borders of several nations in order to prepare fresh attacks in Nigeria – or in order to seek a haven after killing indiscriminately.”
The latest massacre against a wedding convoy highlights the urgency of tackling Boko Haram and other splinter groups which seek to crush the diversity of Nigeria.

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