Syria and peace conference: Ending Gulf terrorist funding must be a prerequisite. By Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker


All the propaganda against Syria and the obvious fact is that all religious groups only feel secure where the armed forces of Syria are in full control. All sectarian and terrorist forces are being sponsored openly by Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other small feudal kingdoms in the Gulf. Meanwhile, America’s schizophrenic approach is baffling all and sundry and the United Kingdom now appears to be out of the game when it comes to open support – but ratlines still exist. France of course is seeking more petrodollars therefore this staunchly secular nation sold its soul under a socialist government because the new elites are having a love-in with feudal monarchs.
Endless talk of a peace conference appears hollow unless the main sponsors of sectarianism, terrorism and chaos are made to back down. Of course, in an ideal world then Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and others, would be held accountable for supporting terrorism and sectarianism openly. However, nobody expects equality in international law. Therefore, nations are being allowed to funnel military arms, terrorists, mercenaries, sectarians, al-Qaeda groups, covert operatives – and so forth – to Syria irrespective if openly through NATO Turkey or clandestinely.
Christian ethnic cleansing and forced conversions are only happening by Gulf and Western backed forces of sectarianism. Alawites also face the real threat of annihilation if the Syrian government loses and the Shia are openly killed and butchered by various terrorist groups. Sunni loyalists are also tortured and murdered by Takfiris who praise Allah while beheading people in front of children. Indeed, video footage also shows Gulf sponsored Takfiris openly killing children while praising an entity which adores blood according to their mantra. This hatred is being spewed far and wide and it shames all Western nations who are siding with such barbarity. After all, nobody expects morality from Saudi Arabia which supports killing apostates to Christianity (and all non-Muslim faiths) and allows old men to marry little girls of 8 years of age and so forth. Indeed, the Takfiri killers in Syria just like the Taliban in Afghanistan are the raw version of the real Saudi Arabia which hides behind its wealth.
The latest setback in holding a peace conference is really a sham because without any prerequisites being put on Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey – and others; then sectarians, terrorists and a plethora of loosely defined al-Qaeda groups will continue to slaughter and cause mayhem in Syria. How can you talk peace when your enemies are funding the most barbaric terrorists and Takfiri forces on the face of this planet?
Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN-Arab League envoy on Syria, tried to put a brave face on the latest setback towards holding a peace conference. Yet, by being under the title “Arab League envoy,” then this is farcical because many Arab League members are behind the funding of sectarianism and terrorism against Syria.
Brahimi stated “We were hoping that we’d be in a position to announce a date today, unfortunately we’re not.”
The BBC comments that “Only Syria’s government and opposition groups can reach a peace deal and make it stick – but the stumbling blocks are large, says the BBC’s Imogen Foulkes in Geneva.”
“The opposition is divided, the Syrian government does not appear ready to talk about a transition and, it seems, the US and Russia still do not agree on whether Syria’s key regional neighbor Iran should be present.”
It now appears that al-Qaeda affiliates are now deemed to be “opposition” and the same applies to the plethora of international jihadists which are slaughtering. After all, the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) fights alongside al-Qaeda and other sectarian groups (when not attacking each other). At the same time, al-Qaeda affiliate groups, other brutal sectarian forces, international jihadists and mercenaries are the real threat to the Syrian government. Indeed, all the above are fighting the Kurds based on the need to Islamize all and sundry and to take their land. Surely, they are fighting the Kurds in the north for a reason therefore is anyone being hoodwinked by Turkey? Likewise, how is it that al-Qaeda affiliate forces are strongly entrenched close to NATO Turkey – surely, it isn’t difficult to work out?
Therefore, unless the enemies of Syria are forced to stop funding the brutal forces of sectarianism and terrorism – and a certain nation is stopped from its obvious intrigues against the Kurds; then how can you have a peace conference? It must be a prerequisite for any peace conference that the enemies of Syria are forced to stop their brutal funding of terrorist and sectarian groups. If not, then the blood will keep on flowing and a proxy al-Qaeda and Takfiri affiliate area will strengthen just like in parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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