Death of Nasiruddin Haqqani: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Terrorism. By Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker


In a remarkable twist of irony the forces of darkness condemn the slaying of Nasiruddin Haqqani, who was a leading figure within the Haqqani Network. Of course, this affiliated terrorist group with al-Qaeda follows the same Taliban “year zero” logic. Therefore, sectarian killings and enforcing control by fear is part of their mantra. In other words, these militant Sunni Islamist forces don’t mind murdering the Shia, killing Christians, persecuting Hindus, attacking girls for studying – and other brutal realities; yet, when a force of evil is killed then they condemn.
More important than the slaying of Nasiruddin is the role of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan within the many ratlines which link terrorism, spreading sectarianism and other sinister forces. After all, it is known that Nasiruddin travelled frequently to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates between 2004 and 2009. Equally significant, he wasn’t killed in a remote part of Afghanistan or Pakistan; on the contrary, he was shot in Islamabad. Therefore, just like Osama bin Laden he must have been on the radar of Pakistan intelligence officers. However, the question is – was the radar friendly or foe?
The fact that Nasiruddin visited Islamabad openly would imply that he was on friendly terms with covert forces in Pakistan who continue to help in the destabilization of Afghanistan and Kashmir. Indeed, the remarkable reality of Pakistan, which nurtured the Taliban and various extremist Sunni Islamist forces, is that their own elites have destabilized their own country. Therefore, when the CIA and MI6 pulled the rug under militant forces they once sponsored openly with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia in the 1980s and early 1990s; it is clear that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia didn’t abide by clamping down on terrorist forces wholeheartedly because of their respective geopolitical goals.
Recent events in Libya and Syria call into question America, France and the United Kingdom because all the above nations fully understand that al-Qaeda affiliated groups were active in the overthrow of Gaddafi. Likewise, these three major Western powers alongside Turkey have helped al-Qaeda affiliated groups, sectarian forces, radical Salafis and militant Takfiris to enter the Levant based on their own covert policies against the government of Syria. Recently, it appears that America is baulking at this policy because the Obama administration fears that they can’t contain the forces being unleashed by Gulf powers and Turkey.
If the government of Syria had fallen quickly then al-Qaeda affiliated groups would have been in a weaker position and just like in Bosnia – then the terrorist switch would have been switched off. However, the tenaciousness of the armed forces of Syria, the role of the Russian Federation, and the involvement of Hezbollah and Iran in supporting the government of this nation; means that the tide of sectarian terrorist forces is now a dangerous flood. Therefore, divisions are emerging between so-called friends and the same applies to the murky role of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia in many other areas.
Therefore, the slaying of Nasiruddin in Islamabad calls into question the murky role of Pakistan and the reality of Gulf powers in the spreading of militant Sunni Islam, sectarianism and terrorism. The Long War Journal states that “Nasiruddin served as a key financier and facilitator for the group. He also served as an “emissary” to al Qaeda, and often traveled to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates between 2004-2009 to carry out fundraising for the Haqqani Network, al Qaeda, and the Taliban.”
Equally significant, The Long War Journal comments “The killing of Nasiruddin in Islamabad puts a dent in the narrative of the Taliban as well as the Pakistani government that the Haqqani Network is based in eastern Afghanistan and does not operate in Pakistan… The Pakistani government and military maintain that the Haqqanis operate only in Afghanistan, in order to rebuff US and Western pressure to act against the group. The Haqqani Network is closely tied to al Qaeda and is one of the most effective jihadist groups operating in Afghanistan.”
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in their eulogy towards the gunned down terrorist stated that “His steadfastness in the path of Jihad was highly admired. Shaheed Doctor Naseeruddin Haqqani (may Allah have mercy on him) resisted occupation till his last breath. The enemy could not tolerate his valiancy and courageous activities in the path of Jihad. Truly his martyrdom is a great loss to the Islamic Emirate and the entire Afghanistan.”
In reality this so-called martyr was involved in forces which slaughter the Shia, whip women, persecute non-Muslims, attack girls for studying and kill innocent bystanders during countless terrorist attacks. Not only this, he collected funds in wealthy feudal states in the Gulf, died in Islamabad and not on the battle field (clearly no suicide bombings for elites – only the poor brainwashed fodder do this), was involved in the destabilization of the region and obviously the overwhelming majority of individuals care zilch about his death in Afghanistan. However, the delusions and intrigues of militant Sunni forces, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia will continue either openly or covertly.
It is time for elites in the so-called “free world” to not only distance themselves from the intrigues of nations like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia but also to reduce them in size when it comes to their respective influence. The failed state and sectarian domino system isn’t working. Therefore, the nations of America, France and the United Kingdom must reign in their own shortsighted policies in order to stem the dark forces of Gulf petrodollars and nations like Pakistan.
In other words, the collective policies of Gulf and Western powers must be fully switched off because parts of North Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia are in crisis. This equally applies to the geopolitical space of Turkey and Pakistan because these two nations must be contained from spreading regional mayhem. Indeed, the growing menace of militant Sunni Islam in East and West Africa is another by product of outside meddling. Therefore, it is time to switch the sectarian and terrorist switch off in Syria and the Levant and to reign in the dark forces of nations like Pakistan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
The Independent, UK media group, reports that “Two years ago, the then head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm Mike Mullen, sparked controversy when he said the Haqqani network was a “veritable arm” of Pakistan’s inter-services intelligence agency (ISI), when he testified before the US Senate. The Pakistan military has long been accused of refusing to confront the militant group. Pakistan denied the allegation.”
Mullen also reported to journalists: “The ISI specifically has enough support for the Haqqanis in terms of financial support, logistic support – and actually, sort of free passage in the safe havens. Those links are part of what enable the Haqqanis to carry out their mission.”
The death of Nasiruddin just like Osama bin Laden highlights the reality of modern day Pakistan and the role of their security agencies. Likewise, the fact that Nasiruddin frequently visited Saudi Arabia openly for many years shows the connivance of the usual players.

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