Jesus revealed Himself to the girl of Hindu Royal family. By Sayujya Thampuratti


My name is Sayujya Thampuratti. (“Thampuratti” is an honorific term used to address Hindu women of royal families). My father’s name is Udaya Varma and mother’s name is Sobhana Thampuratti. We belong to the Hindu Royal family of Kerala in India..
From childhood I was an idol worshiper. I used to go to temples. And also I kept all idols of Devi Saraswati, Lord Krishna, Siva and Parvathy, Ganapati, Vishnu, Rama and Seetha etc. in my prayer room and did pooja for them every day and used to pray to them.
One day, when I was doing pooja by offering flowers to the idols, one of my idols of Devi Saraswati was fallen down from my hand and broke into several pieces. It was really painful for me. I myself hit my head on the table and cried with a deep sorrow.
While I was crying somebody touched me on the shoulder. I thought it was my mother. So I couldn’t control myself and cried aloud. The person touched my shoulder called me “My daughter”. I was shocked because It was a gentleman’s sound. I stood up immediately and turned towards him; but I found nobody behind me.
I looked around the corners. I was surprised to found nothing. Because I was quiet sure that there was somebody touched me and called me as daughter. Then I thought may be it was just my feeling. Then I collect the pieces of the broken idol and tried to joint together. I was unable to rejoin the idol. So again it made me weeping.
Very clearly I heard again the same voice, “My daughter”. I look back. There was a bright light shining on the corner. Inside of the light I saw Jesus the Lord. I quickly understood it was Jesus, because many times I saw His picture several places. Jesus told me, “My daughter, I am the way, the truth and the life; no man comes unto God the Father, but by me. Believe me than these foolish things and follow me”.
Automatically I knelt down before Him. Actually it was the first time I was kneeling before somebody. Before the idols I was doing prostration only.
Holy Spirit forced me to kneel down before Jesus.
I confessed before the Lord Jesus and accepted Him as my personal saviour and Lord.
As soon as this incident, I took all the idols and threw it away. My father and mother were astonished why I am doing like this. They thought I am getting mad. I told them clearly my experience which I got from Jesus. They became angry and began to persecute me. But every day I am becoming strong in my faith in Jesus Christ, my Lord.
Pastor Paul Ciniraj and Mrs. Mercy Ciniraj of Paul Ciniraj Ministries gave me a Bible for devotion. They taught me the apostolic principles and I was baptized. And I asked Paul Ciniraj Ministries for more Bibles to distribute among my friends that they too will believe Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Now I share my testimony among my fellow beings and distributing Gospel tracts and Bibles through PCM.
Please pray for my family and friends to experience this marvelous and happiest salvation. Also pray for our ministries that we face critical financial crisis. We badly need prayer partners and prayer supporters. Contact:

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