Egypt cuts diplomatic ties with Turkey because of Erdogan. By Nuray Lydia Oglu, Helmet Joachim Schmidt and Lee Jay Walker


The government of Turkey under Erdogan can’t rest in peace unless the current political elites are attacking another nation verbally, interfering directly into the affairs of others by utilizing terrorist forces, dictating to the people of Turkey, declaring Muslims non-Muslims for not following the Erdogan model and so forth. The latest lecture from the Erdogan government could have been aimed at Armenia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Iraq, Iran, Syria – and others – but this time it is Egypt in the merry-go-round of alienating nations. Indeed, in the world of “Erdoganland” it is clear that only conservative Turkish Muslims are “real Turks” providing they vote for him.
It is embarrassing that the European Union is even considering Turkey for membership given the occupation of a large part of Cyprus; the continuing clampdown against the media; the blockade of Armenia; denying the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocide of 1915 and the ensuing massacres which followed; allowing al-Qaeda and other terrorist forces to enter Syria openly thereby reducing NATO to a sham; and other important factors. Also, it is strange that Erdogan raises the issue of human rights while denying the mass atrocities in Sudan. Therefore, in the world of Erdogan it appears that black African Muslims are too black for him to care in Darfur just like Armenians are too Christian and Alevis are too Alevi.
The Washington Institute comments “More broadly, in its identification with Islamist and anti-Western regimes in the Middle East, the AKP is not averse to supporting even those who commit crimes against their own people. For instance, the AKP has defended Sudanese leader Hassan al-Bashir despite the International Criminal Court’s warrant calling for the leader’s arrest for atrocities committed in Darfur. On November 8, Erdogan said, “I know that Sudanese leader al-Bashir is not committing genocide in Darfur, because al-Bashir is a Muslim and Muslims do not commit genocide.”
Of course, the above comment by Erdogan is multidimensional because firstly he is implying that all non-Muslims are inferior; secondly he states the above to deny the holocaust of 1915 and the ensuing events that unfolded against the Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks; finally just like he supports sectarian militant Sunni Takfiri forces in Syria it is clear that black African Muslims in Darfur are inferior in his mindset. Therefore, while Takfiri sectarian forces are beheading and slaughtering Alawites, Christians, the Shia, Kurds and Sunni Muslims loyal to the Syrian government; the Erdogan government enables an open door policy for al-Qaeda affiliates and the Free Syrian Army to utilize the territory of Turkey in accordance with his undemocratic feudal Gulf friends.
In this context, the continuing outburst of Turkey in interfering into the internal affairs of Egypt is not only a sham but it highlights the reality of the mindset of Erdogan. The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement “…The people and government of Egypt appreciate the people of Turkey. However, they hold the Turkish government responsible for taking ties between the two nations so far [that] such procedures have to be taken.”
Al Ahram Online comments “The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Saturday it had asked the Turkish ambassador to leave the country, state-run MENA news agency reported.”
“The ministry also recalled its Egyptian envoy from Ankara and stated that diplomatic ties with Turkey will be downgraded, replacing ambassadors with a charge d’affairs.”
Indeed, Erdogan’s policy towards Egypt is even antagonizing Saudi Arabia therefore only Qatar can currently be deemed a friend of the current government of Turkey. Of course, differences will always occur over foreign policy objectives between nations but Erdogan goes further by directly trying to interfere. In modern day Turkey the people of this nation are increasingly feeling the interference into their private lives by the state apparatus under Erdogan. At the same time, many media writers are in prison in Turkey for challenging various aspects related to this country.
In another article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated: “The real beauty of Erdogan and Davutoglu is that they can isolate friends and foes alike. After all, to anger Egypt, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Syria and many elements within Lebanon takes some doing. Other nations like Armenia, Cyprus, the Russian Federation and others also have a tense relationship with Turkey. This is based on Turkey being a NATO Trojan horse but wrapped up within Turkish nationalism and a Muslim Brotherhood conspiracy mentality. Yet, true to Erdogan and Davutoglu they even alienate some NATO members therefore recently Germany showed its disdain towards the abruptness of the current Erdogan administration.”
During a period of heightened political tension in Turkey earlier this year Deutsche Welle commented:“Meanwhile, Erdogan delivered a speech to hundreds of thousands of bused-in supporters. He accused the international press of a plot against him and his government: “CNN, Reuters, remain isolated with your lies!” he said, and attacked the protest movement once more. He described them again as “plunderers,” and threatened them: “You are no real Turks. Watch out: those who work against Turkey will have cause to tremble with fear.” Hotel owners who hid these “terrorists” would also have to pay the reckoning.”
German Chancellor Merkel stated about the behavior of the Erdogan government during the internal political crisis by commenting “I’m appalled, like many others…I would like to see those who have criticism, who have a different opinion and a different idea of society, having some space in a Turkey that moves into the 21st century.”
This is the paranoid worldview of Erdogan because during a time of internal crisis he declassified the citizens of Turkey by saying “You are no real Turks.” In other words, if anyone dares to oppose Erdogan then they face the mantra of being deemed false Turks and false Muslims. Given this reality, then Egypt is wise to distant itself from the current government in Turkey which appears to enjoy adding fuel to the fire both internally and externally.
Egypt today needs friends and not lectures because the internal situation is fraught with danger because of militants within the Muslim Brotherhood; terrorist forces in the Sinai and other parts of Egypt: attacks against the Christian minority; and certain nations meddling into the internal affairs of Egypt. It is imperative that Egypt stabilizes powerful institutions and the same applies to focusing strongly on the economy.,-Turkey-scale-back-ties.aspx
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