Pakistan First. By Ishaq Yaqub


Slogans are always having values and play a very active role in the lives of the people. From the beginning of the world, armies or groups have been using slogans for their plans. Especially the political parties. The slogans are the core and manifesto of the parties and also makes the people very dynamic and enthusiastic in their lives, and they feel need of it.
For example, former president of Pakistan Parvez Musharaf durring his ruling time used a slogan, Pakistan First. Later on he wrote a book namely, "Fire on the Line" and then he translated it in Urdu, "Pakistan First"(sub say pehlay Pakistan). People liked this slogan because he put every element aside and gave full importance or priority to Pakistan First. This slogan was according to the world thinking because it has the fullness of life and freedom and prestige for all the Pakistanis. This slogan is also like the ideas of the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Who also had the same idea to implement in Pakistan?
Last year in 2012, when Dr. Tahir Al-Qadiri the founder of Min haj-ul-Quran, came to Pakistan and he also put the same idea “Not Politics but Save the State" (riasat nahi siasat bchaou). It also looks like "Pakistan First". Every political party has the slogan and everyone wants to come forward to show his commitment for Pakistan but the first and last, is to put forward Pakistan First.There is no other option to recover Pakistan There is another political party namely PTI, (tehrike-insaf), the founder of this party Imran Khan, brought a slogan “change," Although it is not understood yet. But people also like this slogan because the word change is always attractive for the people. Even President Barak Obama made slogan on “change” By the slogans everyone feels perhaps, this slogan is, according to his heart and mind. So it is very clear that slogan is the need of the people or state.
There is another slogan which is the most prominent and famous in Pakistan. it belongs to Pakistan People's Party. The founder of this party, Mr. Zul-fiqar Al Bhutto made this slogan," Roti, Karah, or makkan" (bread, cloth ar house). This slogan was used 46 years ago and still has the power to attract the people. Although there is need of some more words to prove it according to the time and need of the people but this slogan is very close to the people which shows the national concern for everyone. Pakistan people's party is called for all the peoples without any discrimination or ethnicity.
When the movements were going on before Pakistan to make Pakistan, that time, so many people were together with without any discrimination of religion or races or colour. It was looking that afterward there will be the Pakistan for all the citizen of Pakistan. People had hope to make Pakistan for every religion and there will be only Pakistan and all the people will be equality in all sectors When the voting was going on in the favor of present Punjab to become a part of Pakistan or India, There was a Christian leader namely SP Singha who was the speaker of united Punjab Assembly. That time the leader of Akali Dal namely .master Tara Singh announced that “who will demand Pakistan, he would get kabaristan"(graveyard). In response of this slogan, Mr.SP Singha put slogan, (seenay pe goli khaian gay Pakistan bannain gay. (We will receive bullet on chest to make Pakistan). Famous journalist and great lawyer of Pakistan Mr.Emmanuel Zafar write in editorial Monthly "Christian Views"). He says," Under the shadow of bloody riot Dewan Bahadar S.P. Singha as speaker of Punjab Assembly bravely used his decisive “casting vote" when the votes of Muslim League and Congress were equal in the Punjab Assembly in west Punjab a part of Pakistan. Unfortunately, within next four months after foundation of an independent country, Pakistan in 1947, the ruling Muslim League forgot his contribution of an independent movement, and made a "No Confidence” on the speaker S.P.Singha on religious bases and removed him, saying that it was only the right of any Muslim to hold such office, as they were in majority in the house. Ultimately he died on 22 October 1948." Although Mr. S.P.Singha died 64 years ago but nobody can challenge his contribution to make Pakistan.
We can see many slogans in our own country which are for the people of Pakistan and they are all in the shapes of words but citizen of Pakistan need operational slogans in Pakistan, where we could see Pakistan an example for the world and people could see Pakistan First, without any difference among the Pakistanis. So that all the people could follow peaceful lives. Pakistan Zinda Bad.

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