Let us make the New Year 2005, a year of peace. By Bishop Ijaz Inayat Masih


The New Year 2005 starts like any other New Year while the agendas do change for this year. We saw extra high security all around Pakistan at Christmas and New Year making us realize the need of peace within the country, society and ourselves.

This has been the top agenda for the world during the last few years and shall remain to be so. But the change in tactics at the hands of those held responsible for disrupting peace has made it more important to realize that the world has not been able to do away with the causes of terrorism. It takes a while before terrorism takes its present form; therefore it is the need of the hour to strike at the root cause of terrorism.

Peace is not only agenda of all the Nations. Individuals, families, countries, regions, religions, sects and Churches are all on the list of those who are in the desperate need of peace.

The absence of the Prince of Peace and exploitation at the hand of the powerful has led us all into a world and society without peace. In short lack of justice is the main cause of the absence of peace everywhere. The peace within a person is guarantee of peace around within the area of his working ground.

They may be in the positions as heads of state, people sitting in forums like UNO, heads of families or the Bishops and the Partners. Where there is no justice there can be no peace.

The Christians whether nominal or the newborn are in majority and at more responsible positions at the helm of affairs all over the world. To personally analyze ones particular and just role and be willing to change in order to become agents of change shall remain the key to a peaceful world and society.

We can all play a vital role in changing the world and make it a peaceful dwelling place so that the New Year 2005 is new in its real sense and a year of pace within ourselves and every place around us where we have a role to play. The need of the hour is to make a determination for ourselves which is in within our own control and let step into this year with a new zeal for better and improved function which is within our field of responsibility.

More than anything our concern, prayers and our personal role must top the agenda for the peace around us.

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