John Paul 11 was a determined, decisive, fearless and firm pope of action and freedoms, justice and peace. He was a compass that guided humanity for moral strength, and also how to live and die. The magnetic needle of this compass always poin

At the same time he emerged as the symbol of freedom and a passionate champion of the culture of life. He kissed the soil of around 129 lands that he visited, outlining the blueprint of peace to their citizens. Before Pope John Paul 11 departed for the land of bliss, the Berlin Wall came down crashing, and his spiritual might sparked a revolution that collapsed the Soviet empire. He controlled the rising tides of the issues that divided the church, emerging as a historic figure of unshakeable convictions that broke fresh grounds during his epic life and death. He stood for human rights and universal human values that are pivotal to live and let live.

This compass that guided through the dark alleys of the moral dilemmas on a massive scale is a rare phenomenon. Pope John Paul 11 will remain alive in the museum of the history also for his spirit that is inherent in every human who is resolute to make the world a better place through peaceful means. He will remain a legend because of his superb examples and also because of the indelible political impacts of his spiritual journey.

John Paul 11 was a pope of action and persons of action become often controversial. One element that emerges strongly from his actions is his thirst for the achievement of peace in peaceful ways. He took his message of peace to distant lands as the disciples of Jesus did. He traveled more than the combined travels of all the known popes. It was the hallmark of his papacy to reach out to other faiths. He believed in building bridges through dialogue. He earnestly sought cooperation between religions. He was a flag-bearer of freedom for all religions everywhere, and an indefatigable architect to cement the human family on the ethical ground of oneness. He has left behind a vigorous and healthy legacy to nourish further the growth of human dignity.

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