Nationalism or Racialism – series # 22. By Pastor FS Bhatti


Today, when I was hearing voice of Pakistan; common citizen of Pakistan, if he is Muslim or Christian or any sect is afraid from current religious system of Pakistan and I also heard wonderful wording of Quid – E – Azam Muhammad Jinnah for the stability of Pakistan that he clearly said state has no concern with religions. Religion is personal concern of everyone according to their belief. Every citizen of Pakistan is free to practice his belief and faith. i want to share link.
This is national song of Pakistan; we are all same under flag of Pakistan “Is Parcham kay sawya Talay Hum Aik Hain”. Our national happiness is same in one spirit as Pakistani national. This song unites all sects of all religions and nations for national spirit, they mighty Muslim sects, Christian, Sikh and Hindu. Every citizen of Pakistan celebrates 14th August every year with great zeal. Every school, college, universities celebrates happiness of freedom on the Independence Day in Pakistan.
But it is totally different spirit before and after 14th August. After celebrating Independence of Pakistan, all forget that we are Pakistani National but they enter into specific zone of religion where discrimination starts from lower level to higher level. National spirit is limited for day only then every one follows their own ways of life than to keep in mind national spirit for Pakistan’s stability. It shows that 14th August, nationalism’s spirit is nothing for them but their own religion and belief is everything for them. It means that Pakistani condemn the saying of Founder of Pakistan “ Quid – E – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who said that religion is everyone personal concern with God, Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Parbo, Bagwan and saint to whom they loves and worships according to their personal’ belief for salvation.
It is written in the Quran verse that every human’s acts are based on human’ nature that is accountable to God. It is an explanation of verse. It means that if human belong to any sect of religion. It is personal accountable to God.
It is also written in Bible that Faith is dead without works as well as other religion. Prophets showed all of us good path to walk on the peace and personal salvation according to our faith and religion where we brought up from childhood.
All Holy Books taught us righteousness and guide to save ourselves from unrighteousness. Now it is duty of individuals who acts or disobeys. Why Founder of Pakistan “Quid – E – Azam said that state has no concern with religion, sects and nations. Before existence of Pakistan, in the foundering team, all of them had different sects from each other even Christian and hindu.
State has different aspect from religions. States walk on international relations where they cannot disobey international relationship that gives profit to country to unite with the world to keep their recognition of map of world and to manage, administrate, rule according to law and justice for every citizen.
Current situation of Pakistan is extremely on the dangerous edge because of religious system. Sects fight with each other because of religious difference, nationalism had no regard and recognition in human hearts. Discrimination had condemned human values and standard. Every religion is fighting for religion. Enemies of country find elements where people disunite and create fight with each other. Those enemies had found that Pakistani generation fights for sects of religion. They use them to create difference between all of them. They use them to destroy stability of Pakistan.
Other countries had got freedom after existence of Pakistan, but they are developed than Pakistan. In Fact, Pakistan was separated from India, we all Pakistani must prove our abilities and talents better than India in every field of life, invention, education, talents and science. Pakistani talent went to other countries for promotions and regard because of professionalism and expertise.
Pakistani had not learnt lesson from history of Hindustan. Even what was cause of getting Pakistan; it was discrimination between Hindu and Muslim. But this discrimination is still same even on the glance in eyes of world. There ware Christian in Hindustan, we were peaceful there, now in Pakistan also. But we voted for Pakistan to promote Quid – E – Azam point of views.
Now we are discriminated too much than India. Even our rights are not given, our girls are raped, our minorities’ families’ rights are in hands of other people. Even laws had made, there are not practice in Pakistan. Even Christian divorce cases. Now we have no freedom because Christian is getting Asylum in other countries because of terrorism and extremist organization and we have discrimination issues in employment and quote.
We are afraid from this terrorist’s condition because we are peaceful citizen. Now In Pakistan, there is no state of rule and regulation, law enforcement, justice, every citizen is afraid from jeopardy condition even now from political Parities fights with each other.
Recently, some wicked people burnt Church because of their personal causes to create unrest in country even among religion and faiths. Here is reference news
Today Pakistan Christian Congress PCC strongly condemn attack of radical Muslims on Candle Vigil participants on 4th anniversary of Martyr Salman Taseer in Lahore; We demand registration of cases under Terrorism: Governor Punjab Salman Taseer was martyred by his fanatic Muslim police guard in Islamabad on speaking for pardon to blasphemy victim Asia Bibi;

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