Nationalism or Racialism – Series 23: Christian Acts in Pakistan and Divorce. By Pastor FS Bhatti


What is most important for us to do on teaching of Christ, what Chris was celebrating?
If you want to see change in the country, all Pakistani christian will have to find change within self- being, everyone will find somewhere mistake or wrong. Human nature is Not perfect. Where human compromise lies, fraud, conflict, confusion, sin stream, backwardness, superstitious for benefits and selfish desires. It is truth that nobody is perfect above angels, prophets who kept divine revelation. Bible teaches that prophets did mistake in eyes of God Almighty, oldest name of God, Yahweh Elohim,Yahuah and Jehovah.
A country developed on the point of nationalism for change collectively, religion does not take for development of Country but Purity of believers who they are sincere with themselves and their children, how much they love humanity to save the country through law and justice where they live.
A country that has no law and justice, they came under brutality, victim of system of ferocious wolves, everything has singular first then plurals for example human, First Adam was alone, God made him couple and first sin was disobedient that pollute the world, God did not like disobedience. Now in this third world, countries had mind for breaking law.
It is mostly mentality of people, Laws are made for breaking, in this way of injustice increased exceedingly in society' attitudes, manner and desiring people lost their rights. Wickedness increased in the whole world, those developed countries who gave preference to justice and Law where every one have rights for living and safety. Where now people consider that stealing, doing fraud is their right because they were not justified by someone. Currently interview of journalist who said because of lack of education that it is his right to take commission from those people who are stealing Government or public and public servants. When they caught any faulty, they got their commission, then they personally give them authority to do injustice by getting monthly commission to carry on wrong doing.
Today, I am greatly fed up to see one case in court that hurt me too much because of someone helplessness, even I have seen and read many article about Pakistani Christian divorce Acts. Law of Pakistan allows divorce, Even Bible allows it. People could not find justice in law timely, but they had to find some compromising facts and illegal facts to solve the matter by telling lies. In some cases, they try to find justice in the Law of country, but Law is silent because of sensitive cases as (Christian girl and Muslim boy, Muslim girl and Christian boy, Hindu girl and Muslim boy or Muslim girl and Hindus boy).
All over world, Christian have divorce rights where is disobedience, sin, disharmony from any side but In Pakistani Christian has no right because of someone ideology, they believe in only New testament Jesus Christ who gives grace and mercy. They do not believe in Old Testament where is allowed divorce. But my question to them, How they know about Jesus Christ to whom they use for their benefits and sinful desires. If Old testament did not tell them Jesus Christ, the savior of World will come into this world through women (Genesis 3: 15) in first book of Bible. Then how they will know about Jesus Christ who is redeemer of world. I do not mention any denomination or person. But I faced and heard that most of Christian doesn’t believe in divorce.

One side, we Christian say that we believe in John 1:1, even Christ said that heaven and earth will pass away but my words will not pass away (Mathew 5:18). Our Lord Jesus Christ said that I did not come to condemn Law but to fulfil Law. Any kind of justice did not come in the eyes that solves communities problems, someone life problem, because they raised their doctors and Bishops of their heart who are involved into sins to stop the issue and solution. Why we are creating problems for our generation. Pakistan is going to enter in 68 year old, but we Christian have still no stability in our laws and justice even sadly saying that there is no stability in every field of life. Who is spoiling, why Christian don’t have light of Jesus Christ that shine darkness and darkest thoughts and heart. Who comes on position, they just enjoy their premises and luxuries because of selection system.
I have been celebrating Christmas from my childhood in my Christian family, now I am true believer of Bible, regular reader of Bible even different versions and translations and I can teach well than others. I did not find Christmas in whole Bible (Old and New Testament) after so many years keen study of Bible and research about Christmas; I have found that Christmas was decided by high priests for Christian festival.
Now I gravely request to high positions ministers to take interest in Law and justice department where Christian are suffering so much, now where are those ministers who are advocates, why they did not give attention to Christian issues, laws and justice. Why they don’t decide for betterment of humanity. Even Lord Jesus Christ said that you are light of world, why they have kept us in darkness still and whole Christianity. They do not decide for time period of divorce even about conditions for all minorities those has issues in divorce. If you need my help in this issue, I can help; Bible gives so many clues and aspects even about sensitive matters and divorce. New Testament gives only three conditions for divorce (separation).
I request to high position to decide about divorce and Christian issues in Pakistan for forming law and justice than to find Asylums in other countries. To make Pakistan better place than to find Asylums in other countries. I want to share about one society who does not live in God, Holy Books, legal marriage who morally corrupts. They just find innocent and poorest families to make them victim of ferocious nature to give them membership of their wickedness forever, their all generations keep themselves in that network of sinful stream. They have no country, they worship money only. They buy people who are crazy for money.
They intentionally take interest families, then intentionally create problems in their lives even they brain wash according to their selfish desires than love and harmony among families. Their aim is only to create disharmony and rule on hearts and minds for worldly pollution through guidance. They attack human weakness. Even they find morally corrupt people in the society to run their wicked system where they persecute Christ daily with their sinful stream. They don’t believe one man and one women marriage according to Bible.
Even Bible allows religions judiciary with different denomination for mutual understanding and consultation for betterment. I humbly want to tell you, I am divorce but in five years, these five years taught me bitter lessons, why our minister’s do not work for good for Christianity. So many families had been destroyed in vain under darkness. New Testament clearly explain “write divorce certificate” (Mathew 5:31) when you left her. “Adultery” is condition for Christian (Mathew 5:32). Christ said that if you just look women with lust, you have committed “adultery” (Mathew 5: 28). Here is standard of Christ for His Kingdom where Christian are going currently (Read these verse Mathews 5: 29 – 30)
Why God is not pleased with divorce, why God allows divorce. Because God is not selfish and cruel (Read John 15:11) His holy words teaches us, I am happy in your happiness. God’s happiness is in holiness.
With Humble heart request, I did not mean to hurt anyone, denomination, I just want to see better around us, we confess that we believe in the living Lord who said that you are light of world, but we are living under darkness where our fellow human are suffering too much.
Thinking points. When imposed laws are not practice, but we have no proper law for Christian believers and other believers divorce. We Christian are celebrating what is not written in Bible but decided, we are not celebrating what is written in Bible what Jesus had been celebrating. If we will celebrate What Jesus was celebrating, we will be blessed who follow the word of God. Most of Christian celebrates saints days, if we celebrate what Jesus was celebrating that is most preciously blessed.
Pray for Christian leadership to think positively for saving lives, Righteous cannot live in this system that is going on where is darkness everywhere. Where human are blackmailed for daily bread under brutal system which is promise of God according to Christian faith. Why it is? Because people want God and His holy words according to their thoughts and ideas than His Holy standard.

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