SOU Address - Obama still forgetting he is US President and not Governor of State. By Hem Raj Jain


Sub:- (i)- Obama still bogged down in civil matters of States and neglecting martial matters of Fed (ii)- Even USA not impressed with Obama’s claim of better America hence squarely defeated his party three months back (iii)- Obama does not understand USA is nothing without being dominant military power on global stage (iv)- Obama singularly responsible for Ukraine crises and ISIS phenomenon which have diminished US clout, globally (v)- Without understanding importance of IPP & participatory global philanthropy, Obama will achieve nothing (vi)- Obama horribly wrong about isolation of Russia, because he does not understand importance & phenomenon of RUSIND
Notwithstanding the efforts of some in USA and in rest of the world - [to project 2015 State of Union Address (SOUA) of US president Obama as a moral booster which will make Obama a confident and assertive president who will arrive in India on Sunday] - any body who knows anything about USA knows that the majority of people in USA and in rest of the world are thoroughly disappointed by this SOUA and Obama has so far not succeeded in stopping the downward march of USA on the path of becoming a benign world power, as explained below:-
(1)- Obama certainly has penchant for ennobling ideas therefore he gelled with Indian PM Modi when they discussed Gandhian philosophy, Martin Luther King Jr. etc during Modi’s visit to USA. But in remaining period of his Presidency Obama will do well if he remembers two more persons / ideas. One is Thomas Paine (Father of American revolution) and founding Prophet (Lord or Tirthankara) Adinath (or Rishabh Dev) of Original-Jainism.
(2)- As far Jainism I have no interest in or intention of spreading Jainism world over. I am not talking about present form of Jainism which is being practiced by parasites (mainly under the influence of 24 th Prophet Mahaveer who renounced State in contrast to first Prophet Adinath who was King). Present Jains believe in enjoying wealth while leaving responsibility, dangers and burden of security (external and internal) and even labor to other Hindus ( for ease of clarity I will call them mainstream Hindus) and that is the only reason presently Jains are reduced to merely ~ 1 % of population). [Contrast it with ‘Original-Jainism’ which even in its declining form by 2 Centuries B.C.had rulers who promoted Jainism and ruled almost one third of India as mentioned also at ]
(3)- Here it should be mentioned that despite popular belief that only followers of Jainism and Buddhism are suppose to practice nonviolence, even mainstream Hinduism believe in nonviolence in its own (civilian) way [Like 5 Anuvrata of Jainism - in Patanjali Yogsutra of mainstream Hinduism the one out of eight sutras the Yam has nonviolence as one of 5 parts]. This is the reason Mahatma Gandhi could develop & practice nonviolent political techniques in civilian matters of State (but failed miserably in martial matters which resulted in trifurcation of India, though it is a fundamental principle of politics that any body who can not protect the territory of his country does not know even abcd of politics)
(4)- USA and for that matter rest of the world has not moved an inch further what was propounded (through his many pamphlets and books) by Thomas Paine just before American Revolution (war of Independence in 1776) and after it, regarding values & policies ought to be pursued by modern democratic States ESPECIALLY ABOUT SECULARISM. It is a different matter that Paine remains mostly an unsung (in comparison) hero of American revolution (due to his arrest in France which he blamed on the then founding US President George Washington by President’s acts of omission) hence he was overlooked by establishment of USA when he returned to USA after his release from prison. Moreover his isolation was further exacerbated because he angered Christianity (The religion of Americans) by his SECULAR FAITH in Christianity [One can easily understand the fate of any person against whom State and Religion (two most powerful institutions of any country) are pitted]
(5)- As far Original-Jainism it is still relevant or rather more so because of its founding principle that - Military power of State should be used in the service of non-violence [more than Human rights of modern world because it preaches non-violence towards other living organism also save ‘Jeev Jeevasya Bhojanam’ (Living organism is the food of living organism)].
(6)- As a pro-human rights person Obama must know that philanthropy (in addition to human rights friendly global political order) is an alternative to religion (especially regarding this-worldly-matters). But this is not all. Along with philanthropy political parties are necessary to get justice to the people (a prerequisite for nonviolence). Unless there are political parties who (in or out of power) help government and has adequate power to constrain civilian element of State to run as per diktat of law the people can’t get justice [in contrast to present political parties in India etc including in USA where millions of illegal immigrants (snatching jobs of American citizens) are roaming freely in front of the cadre and office bearers of political parties (Democrats, Republicans etc)].
(7)- This experiment of genuine political party was tried in India by Bala Saheb Thackeray through Shiv Sena. But he failed because (i)- Notwithstanding Hindu Hriday Samrat (Ruler of the hearts of Hindus) used for Bala Saheb, for Shiv Sainiks in Maharashtra Shiv means Chhatrapati Shivaji (founder of Maratha kingdom and power) whereas (in the wake of Ayodhya movement when Shiv Sena spread in rest of India) for Shiv Sainiks in rest of India Shiv meant Lord Shiva (of mainstream Hinduism & also of Jainism who are supposed to aspire for Shiv-pud and that was the reason I also joined it) (ii)- Bala Saheb rightly thought that political party has to keep civilian element of the State under check and control (hence made Chief Minister of Maharashtra Manohar Joshi to step down when Bala Saheb thought it is needed) but he wrongly assumed that even martial element of State can be controlled by political party (which is anarchy and that was one of the the reasons I left SS) (iii)- Due to this penchant for anarchy Bala Saheb allowed Shiv Sainiks to indulge in rowdyism (hurdang) and even crimes (such as demolition of Babri Masjid in 1992 etc).
(8)- Coming back to SOUA, people need not be unnecessarily impressed by Obama’s claim of better America. As far as USA is concerned it is not impressed which is evident from the fact that his political party (Democrats) was squarely defeated three months back in midterm election which has brought both the houses of US Congress under Republicans. And as far as rest of the world is concerned, notwithstanding claim of Obama of winding-up the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq [the entire world laughs when Obama says that he has winded-up these war successfully (which should only mean that USA has left Afghanistan & Iraq in peace)] - Obama is singularly responsible for Ukraine crises and ISIS phenomenon which have diminished US clout, globally.
(9)- ISIS phenomenon came in existence because Obama neglected the suffering of the people (Muslims) in NAME region [In Syria a country of ~ 22 million, ~ two hundred thousand have been killed, ~ 11 million have been displaced including ~ 3 million in refugee camps of other countries (where sexual exploitation of women has been reported in social media in horrific details) but Obama practically did nothing to bring peace and succor to the region]
(10)- Obama is horribly wrong also about isolation of Russia because he NEITHER wants to remember that Ukraine crises is mainly the result of (i)- instigation by West (USA & its European allies) for violent protest (which was decried even by US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher) and even for military coup against democratically elected President Yanukovych and (ii)- not pressing the retrieve of Crimea after President Poroshenko came to power NOR does he understand the importance & phenomenon of RUSIND, which is gaining ground rapidly as is mentioned at
(11)- One more thing Obama should understood that most of the Muslims all over the world are under strangulating influence of its un-creative and non-modernizing clergy hence if it is left to these Muslims to rule their countries through their political parties then there is no hope for any modernity among Muslim world. Therefore IPPs registered at UNEC is the only solution to this fundamental problem in Muslim world (where these IPPs and not the local political parties will be able to rule in Muslim and other fundamentalist or violence-prone countries).
(12)- Moreover if USA and global community intervenes (especially in troubled Muslim countries) merely through economic, political and military power then it will not solve global problems, rather it will engender unnecessary violence. Therefore Obama should try to launch PARTICIPATORY global philanthropic (main strength of Christianity, the religion of Obama) activities of health and education (by first motivating philanthropists of USA).
(13)- In a nutshell IPP and Global philanthropy is the alternative to old-days Religion (regarding this-worldly-matters leaving only other-worldly-matters to Religion) which will be supported, sustained and protected by martial power of the world through participatory UN (and not present UN with veto powers to 5 countries who are more a problem than solution to most of the global problems) and that is the essence of Original-Jainism
(14)- At his fag end in White House when he will love to leave a legacy worth the name, Obama should understand that USA is nothing without being dominant military power on global stage. Therefore Obama should stop neglecting the martial matters of Fed by unnecessarily getting bogged down in civil matters, which otherwise also legitimately belong to States in genuine federalism. For this Obama, through registration at United Nations, should (i)- Try to develop the mechanism of International Political Parties (IPP) and (ii)- Participatory Global philanthropy.
With this parting words, the most global-hope-inspiring President of USA, Barack Obama you [as a pro-human rights (nonviolence) World's Statesman] with your family, are most welcome in India - the land of Original-Jainism, Buddhism and Gandhism.

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