New development in Ukraine renders Indo - US bonhomie, meaningless. By Hem Raj Jain


Sub:- (i)- Christians quite capable of unnecessarily bringing mankind to World War (ii)- With Mariupol fight erupting, rebels trying to realize Novorosssiya (iii)- Ukraine’s behavior of not using military might, bizarre (iv)- Russia will have to finalize territory of Novorosssiya (v)- USA and NATO can’t remain militarily passive for long (vi)- Every country Including India will have to take sides in Ukraine War
During Republic Day visit of US President Obama to India, out of any number of rhetorical statements and meaningless agreements made by Obama and Indian PM Modi there was only one statement which Modi made and has some relevance to present reality too, when Modi said that prosperity is no guarantee for peace. Since advent of modern Science & Technology during last half millennium the Christian Western World (USA & Europe) has seen unprecedented prosperity but at the same time unnecessarily gave mankind the two World Wars. As if by some compulsory penchant the Western Christian World (Christian NATO & RUSSIA) has again unnecessarily brought the mankind on the verge of World War III through Ukraine crises. But, like other countries, India is still living in its make believe world and naively thinks that it will remain untouched by the fires emanating from Ukraine. One can’t even laugh at the naivete of India because it is horribly suicidal, as explained below:-
(1)- The Christians are quite capable of unnecessarily bringing mankind to World War. The demand of protesters in Ukraine in 2013 end could easily have been addressed through federal constitution allowing different States to do business with EU, Russia etc. and waiting for next election to overthrow so-called corrupt government through ballet. Ukraine crises is mainly the result of (i)- Instigation to protesters by West (USA & its European allies) for violent protest and even for military coup against democratically elected President Yanukovych (ii)- Annexation of Crimea by panicky Russia (instigating Donetsk and Luhansk to go for independence / merger through referendum) (iii)- Not pressing the retrieve of Crimea after President Poroshenko came to power despite Budapest Memorandum 1994. - But Now there is no use of going into the details that how Ukraine crises developed because now mankind find itself in the midst of likely World War III.
(2)- The separation of Novorossiya from Ukraine is now inevitable as explained at With Mariupol fight erupting last week, the rebels are trying to give geographical continuity to Novorosssiya (from Luhansk to Crimea). Here Ukraine’s behavior of not using military might (Tanks, Air power, Heavy fire power etc) is bizarre. Entire world is baffled to see that despite new government of Porosheko in office for 8 months military might of Ukraine is no where to be seen against Rebels in Eastern Ukraine. The way rebels (with Russian support) are succeeding in taking territories after territories under their control, despite stand of USA and its European Allies (as per statement of Obama on Indian soil too) to not engage with Russia militarily, the USA and its European Allies can’t remain passive for long and will have to intervene militarily in order to ensure that Russia stops at some place to finalize the territory of Novorosssiya or to give-up Novorossiya back to Ukraine.
(3)- Obviously in such Ukraine War every country Including India will have to take sides and India [which unwisely is breaking its water earthenware pots after seeing clouds (‘Badal dekh kar Ghade fodana’) including in wake of Obama’s Republic Day visit] will hardly be allowed to enjoy the benefits of current bonhomie with USA, which in the process has unnecessarily antagonized China and scared Pakistan (specially as per China its so-called ‘irreplaceable all-weather friend’) by neglecting geo-strategic reality. (i)- Regarding China by sub-serving US goals in Asia pacific region without having resources to do so and (ii)- Regarding Pakistan (A)- By expecting too much from US against Pakistan on anti-terrorism front (without solving Kashmir problem which otherwise will strengthen ISIS / Al-Queda / Taliban or other fundamentalist forces in Pakistan may be even in tandem with fundamentalist forces in Afghanistan) (B)- Without realizing that US can’t ditch Pakistan in Afghanistan for the sake of India and ( C)- USA will not pressurize Pakistan to hand-over Dawood beyond a point, unless India takes action on 'Sri Krishna Commission' report.
No-doubt rest of the world is also oblivious of the dangers of Ukraine War which are looming large on the horizon but wise and intelligent countries are those which are not caught unawares. Therefore it is time India comes out of its delusion and prepare itself IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY for inevitable Ukraine War (almost World War III).

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