Nationalism and Racialism – series # 24: A Terrible Political Game. By Pastor FS Bhatti


I am in great grief because of innocent Pakistani Christian’ long suffering of 67 years after studying and experiencing personally about bitter aspects of history of Sub – continent (Pakistan, Kashmir, India and Christian leaders). Separation of India and Pakistan is based on two nation theory “Religion of Islam and Hindu - Sikh”. At that time, British Government “United Kingdom” had been ruling over Sub – Continent. It was said by People about British Government. British Government’ sun did not come down, if sub – continent have morning but in UK had night. It was considered among people that English people thought 100 year before than Asian people. People trust in them because of their planning of advancement and education.
But the separation of Pakistan and India had disappointed humanity brutally especially Pakistani Christian. Rulers did not think about innocent Christians who are humble, contented, patient, loving and cooperative. Christian had also different religion to practice. In Fact, it should be that rulers had been separating religions from each other, they should separate Christian also, but they might think that Christians are soft hearted. They did not think about future of Pakistan on religious basis. Those religions who were going to separate from each other, they kept mixing up Christian faith also. Even India has Muslim and Christian also. What is solution by separating Muslim and Hindu – Sikh for peace among religions? There is no clue of peace among religions for last 67 years ago.
Even Kashmir Issue had become a bone of contention between Pakistan and India, a cause of fighting with each other forever. It is sad to say that now Pakistan has provincial issues as like Pakhtoonistan, Punjabian, Sindi and Balochistan. Pakistan is walking on discrimination even sect system of Islam Sunni, Shei, Ahmadi and Bhai etc. These denominations differ with each other. Even Ahmedi has no rights as national minority to practice their belief.
Pakistani Christians have national rights but discrimination publicly is practiced for last 67 years ago. In so many brutal cases of simple life for drinking water, doing job, forcibly raped of Christian and Hindu - Sikh girls, bonded labor, even fake blasphemy cases are made for personal benefits, interest, greed or lust, Churches and Christian villages are burnt on basis of religious for some one special purposes. Where is peace among living human being about religion in these regions of Pakistan and Kashmir? Even those Christian who did start to work with Muslim confidently, they are considered as spy. What we will spy? What is fear to think about us to spy them?
We Christians have proved. We love humanity by giving votes for Pakistan’ stability in 1947, now are we not Pakistani but minority? Then All Pakistani Christian thought that our Christian leaders did not think about future for the religion of Christianity. Muslim and Hindu were going to separate from each other on the basis of religion. Even Rulers of British Government did not think. What will be scene of religion that had been separated on the religion basis? What is future of our Christian generation in Pakistan through this current system of discrimination; conversion for basic needs forcibly, there are so many case of blackmailing for basic needs. They mostly did not treat as human basis but as bonded slave.
In fact, Pakistan is called as Islamic Republic. In this way, we Christian became stateless Christian in Pakistan. Majority of extremists are of Islamic faith. Moderate Muslim tried to help Christian for the stability of Pakistan on human basis. But education rate is only 7% for last 67 years ago. There is so much difference between sects; they have inner disputes against each other on faith basis. Personal causes of cast and creeds create problems among each other and for Pakistan’s stability. Then Christian is crashed in their fights from all sides as minority.
When change will come in Pakistan? There is no patience as moderate and civilized citizen to tolerate for the betterment of Pakistan but personal glory. When people have right of Laws, Justice legally and properly? Human has faith through their religion. But when there is no justice and law enforcement in the Governmental level and Assemblies level dutifully? Then how justice will come for humanity? People are fighting for their own causes, cast, creeds and sects system fights. Change and peace may not come because of sects, cast, and color, different religious system without Law and Justice Implementation on human basis.
In any matter, people tried to find their cast, color, creed and faith for getting favor not rights and Justice. It is mentality all over Pakistan. Why it is? Because they already knew that they will not be given right and justice, History cases and system is evidence. Then what is Nationalism? It is Racialism. A national right is to live in peace. Where human can feel safety for their children, women and inheritance? Everything is on uncertain basis from all sides. Muslim fear from other Muslim because of sects system but we Pakistani Christian as minority are under them.
Sensitive, decent and sober Christian doesn’t want to live in Pakistan because of religious system of sects, cast, color, and extremism, Laws and Justice, Even moderate Muslim also want to leave. So many Christian families had been shifted from Pakistan to European countries or by getting Asylum in other countries to save their children from troubles of daily life for spending peaceful life. They are also praying for Pakistan.
United Kingdom and aliens did injustice with us Christian when they separated India and Pakistan. Our Christian leaders also did not do justice with coming Christian generations; so many Christian had been died and ran away from Pakistan. Thousand of thousand innocent Muslim had been killed in this separation process, still killed and getting asylum in other countries.
We are in the great troubles and in the worst condition than Israelites of Egypt. Pakistan has no proper safety system for Christian as it was said by Founder of Pakistan as sacred trust. Now Pakistan has system of selection system for minorities, No Christian leaders can raise voice of rights and justice because of previous example of “Minority Minister Shahbaz Bhatti and “Governor Sulman Taseer”. Even England has no proper safety system for Pakistani Christian except giving Asylum due to current system of extremism.
Even in the Assemblies, there are divisions and opposition sects of religion. National right might be discussed but practically, there is no implementation On Air. British Government, UNO, International affairs, International Amnesty and Moderate Muslim should think about proper safety of Pakistani Christian to give them proper safety, rights and justice, Asylums or separate province according to current system of Pakistan.

We want change in Pakistan but we don’t want to die in fake blasphemy cases because we would have been not voted for Pakistan, if we were not agreed with your religions, then how we can do blasphemy. We don’t want to be died by extremists groups. This system is too much dangerous that is going on in Pakistan right now, and nobody can raise voice for rights and justice.
Even it is being heard that England and UN head offices had been shifted to other countries because of danger of lives. We are also human who want to live properly. We also want to save our children. Political system is also visible to the whole world; so many adversities had come over Christian individually and collectively because of religious system.
If Christians are depressed and uneducated in this condition of going on system, what change will come for Christianity but slavery? It will increase rates of slavery without education. Christian are grinding part of poverty without education. In this way, they can not raise voice for their rights as slave.
I voluntarily came with great passion to serve humanity and personally tried my best, but now at moment I am fed up because of too many failures and lose of beloved ones decently. I wanted to start School and orphan Hostel, but Bank did not open my organization account. Nobody can survive without basic needs. Now as Pastor and writer will pray for Pakistan and humanity. It is conclusion of Bishops, Pastors, teachers and Doctors

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