Surprising that even Christians in East Ukraine are suffering like Muslims in Syria. By Hem Raj Jain


Sub:- (i)- Eastern Ukraine is increasingly becoming another Syria (ii)- Russia should understand that realizing Novorossiya at the earliest is Russia's moral responsibility (iv)- Supporting Greece, Spain etc on Socialism will help Russia succeed in realizing Novorossia (v)- Russia need not become apologetic about Socialism due to collapse of USSR (vi)- Without destroying immense economic power of West (especially born out of illegal money), Russia will not succeed in Novorossiya (vii)- Russia should move Christianity to uphold its core values.
It is surprising that even Christians in East Ukraine are suffering like Muslims in Syria. Earlier it was only Syria (under protection hence responsibility of Russia) where human rights catastrophe took place where in a country of ~ 22 million, over two hundred thousand have been killed, ~ 11 million have been displaced including ~ 3 million in refugee camps of other countries. But now even condition in Eastern Ukraine (Donetsk and Luhansk region) is increasingly becoming somewhat similar. In Eastern Ukraine as per even conservative estimates of UN over 5,000 are killed, 1.5 millions are displaced (including 130,000 Children), more than 1.7 million children are affected by the growing crisis and out of population of ~ 6.6 million of this region ~ 5.2 million people live in conflict-affected areas and total refugees and asylum seekers who fled to Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Moldova are ~ six hundred thousand.
People earlier thought that Syrians have been suffering for over three years because of their religion Islam which does not bother about sufferings of Muslims. But it is surprising that even all powerful and the followers of so-called human rights friendly Christianity are also suffering in Eastern Ukraine like Muslims in Syria. It is mainly due to the reason that :-
(i)- Russia is not trying to understand [that realizing Novorossiya (geographically continues region from Luhansk to Crimea) as early as possible (so that said human rights catastrophe can be stopped) is now Russia's moral responsibility] that’s the reason Russia unnecessarily wastes precious time and keeps on trying to bring Ukraine etc and rebels of Eastern Ukraine on table for talks which Russia naively think may avoid inevitable separation of Novorossiya from Ukraine. [Rather Russia should endeavor for talks which will realize separate Novorossiya or for its merger in Russia because West & Ukraine (by their irresponsible & anarchic attitude towards democratically elected government of Yanukovych in Ukraine and behavior after election of President Poroshenko) have lost their right to keep Novorossiya with Ukraine]
(ii)- Also Russia has unnecessarily become apologetic about Socialism due to collapse of USSR and is not Supporting openly and vehemently - Greece, Spain, Hungary, Slovakia, Cyprus etc on Socialism (anti - austerity policies) despite Greece etc supported Russia when Russia was denied voting rights at the ‘Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe’, the PACE. Russia should know that it will succeed in realizing Novorossiya only when it will challenge the immense money power of West ironically born out of mainly monetary indiscipline of West (USA & Europe) as explained below:-
(1)- The behavior of Russia towards Socialism (the modern and pro-humanity concept) is as explained in a couplet "Bade shauk se sun raha tha zamana tum hi so gaye dastan kahate kahate" (The world was listening to your story with great interest but you only slept while narrating it). First and foremost Russia should understand that Socialism (which is based on State-capital in the service of removing unemployment and underemployment) is not dead. What was dead is Communism based on exclusive-State-capital and that too where State- capital was squandered and deployed incompetently and unprofitably in USSR.
(2)- This monetary indiscipline in another form has sent public debt (under the pressure of Usurers) even up-to 200 % of GDP in Europe hence political turmoil in Greece, Spain etc. In Greece despite so-called restructuring in 2012, Greece is still under public debt of over 175 % of its GDP (In India too, despite Article 292 & 293 of the Constitution the government borrowings has illegally gone well beyond security of Consolidated Funds of governments by taking refuge behind unconstitutional FRBM not only at Union but also in States. Even in Wet Bengal, Communist governments squandered such money so much that present State government is hardly left with any money after servicing the public debt).
(3)- With the failure of ‘exclusive-private-capitalism’ in removing unemployment (without which democracy has no meaning) even from West the ‘state-capital’ in joint-capitalism (private-capital plus state-capital) still remains relevant and this is precisely the Socialism and which keeps Socialism ( as enshrined in the preamble of Indian Constitution) still a force to reckon with all over the world. Therefore Russia should ask all the countries of the World (especially and to start with the presently agitating Greece, Spain, Hungary, Slovakia, Cyprus etc in Europe) to refuse to recognize & honor any public debt which is beyond Consolidated Fund of these Governments (which is maximum annual revenue intake amount of these Governments).
(4)- All over the world these irresponsible and predatory governments have incurred public debts illegally beyond security of Consolidated Funds hence people of these countries (even as per the basic principle of Contract Laws all over the world which renders null and void any contract which is against law) are under no obligation to service these illegal debts. Therefore talks of bailout, writing down of debt, reworking bailout program, reneging on debt etc - (being talked about by governments of Greece, Spain etc who have unnecessarily become apologetic before those countries who lended these illegal huge public debts) - to facilitate the servicing of such illegal public debt are also illegal and anti-people.
(5)- Once Russia supports this Socialism all over the world (starting with Greece, Spain, Hungary, Slovakia, Cyprus etc in Europe) by putting these Usurers (who illegally gave huge money on interest as public debt beyond consolidated funds of the governments) at their proper place , West will lose much of its power which is being derived from this illegal public debt coupled with fake money without proper asset back (either under physical or constructive possession of money issuing authority) and it will make much easier for Russia to realize Novorossiya as mentioned at
(6)- Religion is supposed to be the custodian of the values of the society. In present world Christians are dominant in economic, political and military power due to advance in modern Science & Technology made by them during last ~ half millennium. Therefore Christianity with so low out of its unconcern and apathy - [Towards (i)- Huge Killing, bloodshed, displacement of its followers (opposed to popular belief about Christianity being human rights friendly religion) (ii)- Huge unemployment of youth resulting in impediment to starting proper family life (professedly the core value of Christianity) and (iii)- Monetary indiscipline and usury ( professedly an anathema to Christianity)] - does not portend well for entire mankind.
Therefore Russia should move Christianity to uphold its core values, so that not only Christians but also the entire mankind [which is suffering (and likely to suffer more if not checked) mainly due to said anti-human rights policies and monetary indiscipline of Christian majority Countries] may get succor.

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