Cameroon, Chad and Nigeria target Boko Haram: Fresh Massacre in Cameroon. By Paul Joseph Nzeribe, Lielit Kebede and Lee Jay Walker


According to reports the army of Chad claims to have killed several hundred Boko Haram Takfiri Islamists in Nigeria. Yet despite the initial euphoria based on the armies of Cameroon, Chad and Nigeria launching new military attacks against Boko Haram, within a short time the somber reality returned after a fresh massacre by Takfiri Islamists. This massacre applies to many civilians being killed in the town of Fotokol in Cameroon.
True to the nature of Boko Haram, then these Takfiri Islamists often respond to military pressure by massacring innocents in towns and villages. At the same time, the very nature of Takfiris means that they butcher Christians and Muslims alike. Likewise, raping women in their Islamist jihad and killing children to elderly people is second nature for terrorist groups like Boko Haram.
The Information Minister of Cameroon, Issa Tchiroma Bakari, states: “Some 800 Islamic extremists attacking the town of Fotokol “burned churches, mosques and villages and slaughtered youth who resisted joining them to fight Cameroonian forces.”
It is believed that at least 90 innocent civilians were killed by Boko Haram in Fotokol. Also, true to Takfiri logic they even entered Muslim mosques in order to butcher fellow Muslims whom they deem to be infidels. Cameroon, Chad, Niger and other regional nations are increasingly worried about mass instability. The final death toll will likely increase because hundreds of civilians in Fotokol have been wounded.
The Guardian Media Group reports: “The fighters are believed to have crossed into Cameroon from nearby Gambaru, a Nigerian border town that had been an extremist stronghold since November but that was retaken this week. The fighters were driven out by Chadian and Nigerian air strikes supported by Chadian ground troops.”
It remains to be seen how the proposed African Union (AU) will fund and galvanize a regional multinational force of at least 7,500 armed forces. After all, with so many conflicts from Mali to Somalia, to name only a few, then clearly the AU is overstretched. In this sense, greater international support is needed. However, nations like Nigeria with an abundance of natural resources should also be held accountable for squandering so much energy wealth – not to mention internal political corruption.
The BBC reports: “Chad sent troops to Cameroon last month to join the offensive against Boko Haram, following widespread criticism of the Nigerian army’s failure to curb the insurgency… About 2,000 Chadian troops backed by armoured vehicles crossed into Nigeria on Tuesday to battle Boko Haram for control of Gamboru, a small town on the border with Cameroon.”
While reports stress that Chad military forces and other participants had taken the fight to Boko Haram in Gamboru – the sad reality is that a fresh massacre in Fotokol took place shortly afterwards in Cameroon. Therefore, civilians in this part of Cameroon and Nigeria must brace themselves because clearly Boko Haram will increase its barbarity against all and sundry irrespective of faith.
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