Putin taking Russians and "UN's Vulnerable Members Policy" - too much for granted: By Hem Raj Jain


Sub:- (i)- Done-deal between West and Putin's Russia about Crimea responsible for killings and bloodshed of Russians in Donbass (ii)- Russians of Donbass frustrated conspiratorial designs of West and Putin's Russia (iii)- As per new laws, the people of Novorossiya are now citizens of mainland Russia (iv)- Putin’s misplaced faith in ‘UN’s Vulnerable Members Policy’ is another reason for unresolved Ukraine crises (v)- Now merger of Novorossiya in Russia the only solution to Ukraine crises (vi)- Responsibility of any further bloodshed and killings of Russians in Novorossiya, will be on Putin
While in USA from 2013 end to mid 2014 when I was closely following the developments in Ukraine I did not believe US media where political commentators were saying that it is a done-deal between West (USA & its European Allies) and Putin's Russia that Crimea (despite Budapest Memorandum 1994) will be allowed to remain with Russia and remaining Ukraine will be allowed to do business with EU, but skeptics in personal discussion used to tell me that I neither know shenanigan capacity of USA nor of Putin's Russia. Though later developments of past ~ one year have seemed to prove such skeptics right, such skeptics do not know that nature has its own way of dispensing justice.
The only sad part of it is that this conspiratorial designs of West and Putin's Russia has been frustrated at the cost of bloodshed and killings of thousands and displacement of hundreds of thousands of Russian speaking people of Donetsk and Luhansk region (Donbass region). Had people of Donbass not demanded independence / merger on the basis of referendum (as was done for Crimea) West and Putin's Russia certainly would have succeeded in putting dust in the eyes of entire mankind. If now Putin’s Russia thinks that bleeding and weeping people of Donbass [who along with the people of Crimea (after Russia’s citizenship Law amendment in April 2014) are legally the citizens of Russia] will settle for any anything less than merger of Novorossiya (geographically contiguous region from Luhansk to Crimea) then they are living in their make believe world. Moreover the responsibility of any further bloodshed and killings of Russians in Novorossiya, will be on him therefore Putin should not take the Russians too much for granted
Media all over the world [which reported that a peace agreement has been arrived on Thursday between France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine at Minsk (Belarus)] has in the same breath said that there is no likelihood of permanent peace coming to Donbass despite this Thursday deal. Through statements of Western leaders just before this Minsk meeting, the US Vice - President Biden said - "Russia cannot be allowed to redraw the map of Europe". French President Hollande told reporters in Paris that the new blueprint was “based on the territorial integrity of Ukraine,” suggesting that the return of Crimea would be a key element. Now when return of Crimea is no where mentioned in this peace agreement it is any body’s guess that what are the chances of success of this so- called peace agreement of Thursday at Minsk.
But there is another reason which is coming in the way of finding a solution to Ukraine crises. Putin is taking ‘UN’s Vulnerable Members Policy’ for granted. After World War II in 1945 through UN, a global political order was followed where countries came in existence by drawing lines on the world map while sitting at UN table. Most of these about ~ 193 countries are so weak (economically and militarily) that they are hardly in a position to defend their so-called sovereignty and they are vulnerable with the result such vulnerable countries all over the world have become fertile ground for the power play of handful of powerful UN member countries.
Said anarchic fall-out of ‘UN’s Vulnerable Members Policy’ can best be understood as old saying goes that - ‘Kamjor ki joru sabki bhabhi’ (‘wife of weak husband is the sister-in-law of everybody’). In addition to Ukraine, what is happening in NAME countries (where hundreds of thousands have been killed and millions are displaced) is the result of this ‘UN’s Vulnerable Members Policy’. But now it will change because it is not the Muslims in NAME (about sufferings of whom even Islam and other Muslims do not bother) but the Christians (economically and militarily most powerful community of present world) are suffering in Ukraine.
Putin has failed to find solution to Ukraine crises (which is killing Russians in thousands) because he also has belief in this absurd ‘UN’s Vulnerable Members Policy’ which is evident from what he told last week to an Egyptian newspaper that - “Western countries had broken pledges not to expand NATO and forced countries to choose between them and Russia”.
[India also believe in this ‘UN’s Vulnerable Members Policy’ as is evident also from an article ‘ Reset of a policy of equidistance’ (‘The Hindu’ February 13, 2015) by Veteran General Ashok K. Mehta” where he summarized as - {“ Given Mr. Modi’s growth & development agenda, for which he requires the US, China, Japan & others, he cannot afford to antagonize Beijing. The US is vital for India’s rise and a hedge to China. So New Delhi will necessarily be on razor edge}”. Gen. Mehta has not written this article as an economist but as strategic expert and this is not only not the first and last such article by strategic experts but like other previous Prime Ministers Modi himself believes in this ‘UN’s Vulnerable Members Policy’ and surrounded by any number of strategic experts who believe in this ‘UN’s Vulnerable Members Policy’].
Will Putin enlighten the world that what right Russia has to survive as a genuinely sovereign nation on this earth if Russia is paranoid & afraid of NATO at its borders [After all during entire history of mankind genuinely sovereign countries had shared borders with other genuinely sovereign countries]. Therefore Putin should come out of this paranoia & fear and should go for a solution to Ukraine crises where Novorossia will be merged in Russia and remaining Ukraine and other countries of the world (including former members of USSR) will be left free to decide which military block (NATO, Russia, China etc) they want to join.
Putin should realize that this ‘UN’s Vulnerable Members Policy’ was merely a temporary arrangement and now, in the interest of human rights & global peace the entire mankind will have to be made the part of genuinely sovereign regimes [may be like what India saw during Mughal Empire or British Empire when many Princely-States took suzerainty from Sovereign Emperors or a Federal Structure some thing like RUSIND (as mentioned at http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/10-12-2014/129261-russia_india-0/ ) or any other suitable global political order].

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