Lithuania rightly wants India to intervene in Ukraine but for wrong reasons. By Hem Raj Jain


Sub:- (i)- Lithuania should understand it is West and not Russia which is aggressor in Ukraine (ii)- Russia was left with no option, after military coup in Ukraine, than to merge Crimea (iii)- Not retrieving Crimea by West & Ukraine motivated Donbass to demand independence (iv)- India’s future lies with Russia (through RUSIND) but India will not defend Russia’s wrong policies (v)- Lithuania and India should work for eliminating ‘UN’s Vulnerable Members Policy’ (v)- For this Lithuania and India should constrain Ukraine to ask West to protect its territorial integrity by retrieving Crimea and Donbass
Government of Lithuania (GOL) through its Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius has reportedly (through media interview) appealed to Government of India (GOI) to use its global clout and join Europe in an open condemnation of Russia’s action in Ukraine. GOL has made this appeal based on two wrong assumptions (i)- It is Russia and not the West which is aggressor in Ukraine and (ii)- India is emerging superpower which can constrain warring West (USA & its European Allies) and Russia to see reason.
Nevertheless being the largest democracy of the world India can and should intervene in Ukraine (preferably in tandem with Lithuania). But before that Lithuania should understand that it is West and not Russia which is aggressor in Ukraine. The West instigated violent protest and military coup against democratically elected President Yanukovych [though the real demand of protesters (for business with EU) could have been addressed easily through Federal Constitution where States could have been made free to do business with whichever country (EU, Russia, etc) they wanted].
Hence panicked Russia was left with no option, after military coup in Ukraine, than to merge Crimea. Moreover not retrieving Crimea by West & Ukraine [after Poroshenko came to power though he (and West) promised this retrieve during electioneering] motivated Donbass to demand independence (and merger with Russia on the pattern of Crimea) and this has resulted in ~ 5,500 people killed and over one million displaced and which has alienated Russian speaking people of East Ukraine irreversibly from Ukraine.
As far India as emerging superpower, it is evident that the Ambassador of Lithuania in Delhi has not briefed GOL properly. India has procreated like flies and its ~ 1.25 Billion population with limited land is increasingly making India economically un-viable (especially in present age where personal consumption has increased many folds which requires huge natural resources). Without land for manufacturing sector (which can only remove huge unemployment) India can’t progress and despite new ‘Land Acquisition Bill / Ordinance’ (which is facing opposition & protest from farmers including through on-going agitation by Anna Hazare of ‘Anti-corruption movement’ repute) India can’t find land for manufacturing sector to the extent it needs. In such a situation India has future only with Russia through RUSIND as explained in published letter in ‘Pravada’ given at .
That does not mean that India will defend any wrong policy of Russia which adversely affects global peace and order. Because Russia is not taking any interest for eliminating ‘UN’s Vulnerable Members Policy’ hence for the solution of Ukraine problem and many other global problems Lithuania and India should work together (and with other countries) for eliminating ‘UN’s Vulnerable Members Policy’.
But at the same time GOL and GOI should not work in a way that – “Muddai sust gavah chust” [‘Litigant (title-holder) is lazy / uninterested and witness is overactive’]. Therefore in order to constrain Russia to see reason first of all GOL and GOI should constrain Ukraine (the so-called aggrieved Party) to ask West to protect its territorial integrity by retrieving (i)- Crimea (the responsibility of West under Budapest Memorandum 1994 under which thousands of nuclear weapons were snatched from Ukraine by guarantying its territorial integrity) which is now with Russia and (ii)- Donbass (Donetsk and Luhansk region where recently Donetsk-Airport and Railway hub Debaltseve have been snatched by separatists from Ukraine in a thick military battle), which presently is with Russia-supported-separatists.
Once West & Ukraine starts retrieving Novorossiya (Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk) militarily from Russia in order to protect the territorial integrity of Ukraine, all the problems of mankind (which is primarily due to ‘UN’s vulnerable member policy’) will automatically find solution (i)- In the interest of global peace & order and human rights (ii)- Will also ease global security environment where countries (especially economically humble / small countries including Lithuania) will then not be forced to boost their defense spending (as is presently the case and which is one the stated reasons for said appeal of GOL to GOI to intervene in Ukraine).

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