Islamic extremism: gift from Pakistan to Bangladesh. By_Indranil Maitra


Recently government of Bangladesh expelled the visa officer of Pakistan embassy at Dhaka. Mr. Mazhar Khan was the visa officer and according to Bangladesh gov't, Mazhar was an ISI agent who was involved at various terrorist activities inside Bangladesh and also tried to create religious extremism through Jamat Islami by financing them and other Islamic extremist groups. A detail report about 'Mazhar khan's conspiracy against the state of Bangladesh' was confirmed by the government and also it was exposed to the media.
There was a pressure from our civil society to put Mazhar khan under trial according to our anti-terrorism act. Remembering everything Bangladesh gov't decided to let him get out from this land. People got angry & frustrated for this role of Pakistan government and a plenty of logic is there behind this frustration. Because common people know that after the creation of Bangladesh, ISI and every stake holders of Pakistan tried their best to control the political scenario of B'desh by creating pro-Pakistan minded political figures, bureaucrats, social workers, intellectuals & others.
After the brutal killing of the founding father of Bangladesh Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibar Rahman, ISI and its wing tried almost possible everything to create an Islamic B'desh to destabilize this secular democratic state and its moral values based on 1971 freedom struggle upon which B'desh was created. So there is nothing to hide about conspiracy of ISI & Pakistan gov't against Bangladesh & its people.
But this Sheikh Hasina government closed all the doors for ISI and its alliance for provoking any act of terrorism. Though about 90% people are Muslims & very pious here but aren’t religion blind. Others mainly Hindus, Christians & Buddhists are also traditionally religious here but aren’t religion-blind.
And it's the main reason that every religions peacefully co-exist here & there's no place for religious extremism. People of all religion unitedly fought their freedom struggle and so Bangladesh is a secular democratic republic. Here one thing should be clear that Pakistan was created in the name of Islam by establishing 'two nation theory'. On the contrary, Bangladesh was created by denying the two nation theory through a nationalist movement. ISI and Pakistan establishment feel most uncomfortable by realizing this truth
I don't know whether Pakistan would ever accept this reality or not. But so far, Pakistan is applying the blue print of conspiracy against Bangladesh by misusing 'Islam' for spreading religious sentiment & of course 'Islamic terrorism' via Jamaat Islami and some notorious so called politicians of this state.
Pakistan itself is burning by its own religious extremist but still poisoning Bangladesh, India & Afghanistan. Arrest of Pak citizen at Dhaka HSRIA airport has become a regular routine & almost all of them use to smuggle huge amount of fake Indian rupee. Indian fake rupee smuggling, sponsoring Islamic extremist, maintaining & financing propaki intellectuals are the three main jobs of Pak embassy at Dhaka.
Unfortunately ''EXPORTING TERRORISM'' is the one & only consistent job that the state Pakistan never forgets to deliver. From Irfan raja to Mazhar khan conspiracies are all the same dirty damages by Pakistan.
One after one allegation against Pak embassy make the people of Bangladesh so frustrate that they like to call Pak embassy the 'kasimbazar kothi' of Dhaka. Because conspiracy against Nawab Siraj-ud-daula took place at the kasimbazar kothi, the residence of Mir Zafar Ali khan, where Robert Clive used to come wearing burqha (ladies dress). But still the Pak embassy is careless as ever.
Now what Pakistan is gaining by doing all these conspiracies, we don't know. But we know that Bangladesh is moving forward & leaving Pakistan behind in all kinds of human welfare index. From GDP to economic growth rate, foreign reserve, international trade, connectivity, infrastructure development & most importantly the reputation in this civilized world (UN & others), Bangladesh secured a higher position in the index.
So the state authorities of Pakistan should seriously review its foreign policy particularly the export of Islamic terrorism & religious extremism. Otherwise Pakistan has to pay which it can't effort

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