Disclosure in "Novaya Gazeta' doesn't change anything about moral responsibility of Russia to merge Novorossiya. By Hem Raj Jain


Novaya Gazeta, a Russian newspaper on February, 24 published an article on an alleged Kremlin policy paper, the ‘Document’ (it said had come into its possession) about - Russia’s plan for the annexation of a number of territories of Ukraine, which were drawn up when Yanukovych was still president of Ukraine. This is a veiled attempt by Novaya Gazeta to project Russia in a bad light by pointing out that - “[ the plan (created even before the moment described by Moscow as a "coup d'etat" – which was the main justification for its subsequent actions) outlined bears a striking resemblance to the actions undertaken by Russia after Yanukovych left power]”. But this disclosure (even if authentic) in Novaya Gazeta doesn't change anything about the culpability of the West (USA & its European Allies) in creating Ukraine crises and about moral responsibility of Russia to now merge Novorossiya (geographical contiguous region from Crimea to Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv, which will have part of Kherson and Zaporizhia region) in Russia as explained below:-
(1)- The adverse fall-out of protest from 2013 end in Ukraine on the economic and other interests of Russia was well known to everyone in Russia (especially to Government of Russia) and it did not require this ‘Document’ to wake-up / constrain Government of Russia to draw contingency plan in case situation in Ukraine went seriously against Russian interests.
(3)- Global community understands that the real demand of protesters (for business with EU) could have been addressed easily through Federal Constitution where States could have been made free to do business with whichever country (EU, Russia, etc) they wanted. As far anti-corruption demonstration in Ukraine there was no need for the protesters to make it violent. After all in India also in 2011 and onward there was anti-corruption movement for 'Jan Lokpal Bill' but agitators in India never put government buildings on fire and never indulged in other violent acts contrary to what was done by 'Maidan' protesters in Ukraine's capital Kiev.
(3)- Notwithstanding on-going diplomatic and propaganda blitz unleashed by West to portray Russia as aggressor in Ukraine nothing can obliterate the fact that West instigated protesters (criticized by US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher too) which resulted in violent protests and coup and that too on the day when agreement was reached between Ukraine Government and protesters on February 21, 2014 in the presence of France, Germany, Russia and Poland.
(4)- The present situation has caused huge bloodshed, killings, displacement etc and there is likelihood for more, for the simple reason that President Putin has unnecessary become apologetic and Putin, his government, Russian diplomats, Russian politicians & political commentators, Russian media (including Global media like TV Channel RT) etc have so far failed to present the case of Russia properly before the world.
(5)- Things will improve if Russia tells the World (especially West) openly in no uncertain terms that Russia has no objection if rest of Ukraine and other countries of the world (including former member countries of USSR) join economic block like EU etc or military block like NATO etc but Russia, in the interest of human rights, is under moral obligation to merge Novorossiya and will do it without any further delay as mentioned at http://novorossiya.today/russia-must-assimilate-novorossiya/, http://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/viewarticles.php?editorialid=2268
It is hoped Putin will gird himself up and mobilize Russia for merger of Novorossiya in Russia without any further delay.

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