Regarding intervention in & merger of Novorossiya, huge loss to Putin in condemnable murder of Nemtsov. By Hem Raj Jain


Sub:- (i)- Punishing the culprit not enough for Prez Putin, facing existential crises for Russia (ii)- Putin doesn't have luxury of ambivalent policies and woolly thinking (iii)- Nothing more important in democracy than to expose lack of public support against government policy (iv)- Putin should ensure demonstrations, by opposition against Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, restored at the earliest (v)- Public support for intervention in & merger of Novorossiya will get boost by exposing lack of public support against it.
The murder of Boris Nemtsov the prominent opposition leader in Russia has rightly been condemned by all, nationally and internationally. As promised publicly President Putin will certainly ensure that the murderer and his accomplice are caught and punished at the earliest. But Putin will have to come out of this national tragedy soon and will have to formulate policies in the national interest of Russia, as given below:-
(1)- First and foremost Putin needs to understand that it is not merely his political career but even Russia is facing existential crises due to formidable West (including NATO) and its Allies pitted against Russia on the issue of Ukraine. Therefore Putin does not have luxury of ambivalent policy and woolly thinking. Putin should also not underestimate the capacity of the West (USA & its European Allies) in roping-in some opposition political parties / NGOs in Russia who will oppose (i)- The intervention of Russia in Ukraine and (ii)- The merger of Novorossiya in Russia.
(2)- But the most important of all, Putin needs to understand that the unethical intervention (as explained below) of West in Ukraine of past ~ one year has caused huge bloodshed, killings, displacement etc in Donbass and there is likelihood for more, for the simple reason that Putin has unnecessary become apologetic and his government, Russian diplomats, Russian politicians & political commentators, Russian media (including Global media like TV Channel RT) etc have so far failed to present the case of Russia properly before the world.
[Notwithstanding on-going diplomatic and propaganda blitz unleashed by West to portray Russia as aggressor in Ukraine nothing can obliterate the fact that the real demand of protesters (for business with EU) could have been addressed easily through Federal Constitution where States could have been made free to do business with whichever country (EU, Russia, etc) they wanted. But West instigated protesters (criticized by US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher too) which resulted in violent protests (including putting government buildings on fire) and coup and that too on the day when agreement was reached between Ukraine Government and protesters on February 21, 2014 in the presence of France, Germany, Russia and Poland. Hence panicked Russia was left with no option, after military coup in Ukraine, than to merge Crimea. Moreover not retrieving Crimea (despite Budapest Memorandum 1994) by West & Ukraine {after Poroshenko came to power though he (and West) promised this retrieve during electioneering} motivated Donbass to demand independence (and merger with Russia on the pattern of Crimea) and this has resulted in ~ 6,000 people killed and ~ 1.5 million displaced and which has alienated Russian speaking people of East Ukraine irreversibly from Ukraine.]
(3)- Because Ukraine / Novorossiya crises has become the greatest challenge to the nationalism of Russia (which has made the economic problems faced by Russia in the face of Western sanctions) not only insignificant but as a source of vigorous patriotism , now it is incumbent on Putin to prepare Russia for effective intervention in Novorossiya / Ukraine (militarily if necessary) and for merger of Novorossiya (geographical contiguous region from Crimea to Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv, which will have part of Kherson and Zaporizhia region) in Russia.
(4)- Nothing is more important for a government in a democracy than to expose the lack of public support against government policy, hence murder of Nemtsov (who was to organize demonstrations against Ukraine policy of government of Russia) is a huge political loss to Putin. Therefore Putin should now ensure that demonstrations by opposition political parties / NGOs against Russia’s intervention in Ukraine are restored at the earliest because this way public support for intervention (including militarily, if necessary) in and merger of Novorossiya will get boost by exposing the lack of public support against this intervention & merger.
It is hoped and prayed that Putin will be able to steer Russia out of this national crises by merger of Novorossiya not only in the interest of protecting and restoring the human rights of the people of Novorossiya (especially the bleeding and weeping millions of people of Donbass) who (after new Russian Immigration Laws) are citizens of Russia but more importantly for sending the message to whole World that Russians can not be taken for granted and blood of innocent Russians (in Donbass) cannot be shed and their honor can not be trampled over with impunity and without cost.

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