Darwin Theory or The Holy Bible for Human. By Pastor FS Bhatti


The Creation
Thousand years ago, God revealed his divine plan upon Prophet Moses about creation of heaven and earth to write (Genesis 1:1). These are first words of the Holy Bible that give us perfect and suitable proof about the creation and Creator. Sovereign God of the Holy Bible is the central power for creating all things of whole universe. He is the source of creating all things in the world. In the New testament Apostle Paul wrote to Akkisia of Colossian, “everything is created in him, if these are in heaven or earth, seen or unseen, thrones, governments, kingdoms, authorities; all things through Him, for Him are created. He is before all things; all things are established in Him. (Colossian 1: 16 – 17) Jesus Christ is perfect human (Genesis 1: 27). He is only resemblance of God, God created human on his perfect image.
In the beginning, Oh God built heaven and earth by saying just, this is your handy work (Hebrew 1: 10). It is vivid explanation in first three chapters of the Holy Bible about creation of whole universe. It is also vividly explained that earth and everything accomplishment in it had been done in first six days (Genesis 1:31). God looked upon everything, said that it is very Good (Genesis 2:1) everything was perfect in his image when It had been created.
But we are living in strange world that is surrounded by different kinds of world; our world on the earth is a little bit of them. In this world, some people thoughts for human as a result of Evolution and revolution, it is not created with wisdom and world came into existence itself. Human came into existence from little bit, perhaps human came into form by monkey generation. But who thought like this, they could not prove their Evolution process. What is the wisdom behind it, who is trying to pollute mind of human from divine plan of God into illogical thing, Human must know our world that is so beautiful and wonderful, is it without any suggestion, who gave it practical form into beautiful world and who is running all system of whole world. These kinds of thoughts shake our faith. This thought let human alone in confusion, distraction and conflict? These kinds of thoughts fills human mind with garbage of world for destruction of their souls in hell, what is the purpose of Satan for human to keep him in the confusion from the eternal plan of God? (1 – John 5: 19) This is plot of Satan against God.
There was time, when earth is considered as flat but research showed us, it is like ball, one third of world is water. Human had been wondering around the world from south to North, east to west. But they could not find basic end of earth. In fact, limit of basic earth is not. Prophet Job wrote in (Job 26:7) even earth is in space. Earth takes round and round the Sun. a little bit mistakes can destroy human on earth but it is not happened. It is also said about other Galaxies of planets. Why, what is answer of these questions. It is due to creator of heaven and earth who hold and run properly everything.
One day, God said to Prophet Abraham to count stars. He could not count, nobody could not count still even latest tools of current age, they search and research about creation of God about universe, they are worried and tremble from God’ hand work to see strange and wonderful work of God. After 6000 years, human could not count stars even he could not tell what is the distance between stars from earth and star from stars? It is truth that what stars? We are seeing same stars as Prophet Abraham had been seeing. Even in their light there is not deficiency of power.
King of Kings, Ruler of whole world.
A strange fact, Sovereign God is ruling all over world, He did suggest everything. He is running everything. (Isaiah 40: 21 – 26)
God revealed on the Prophet Job (Job 9: 7 – 10, Jeremiah 10: 10, 12 - 13) it is also not strange saying of Prophet David that foolish consider in his heart that there is no God. (Psalms 53: 1) It is all God’s hands work, God created human and gave him authority over everything of earth to live that is smallest from other Galaxies. God gave this earth to the First of couple (Adam and Eve), it is example for coming generation. Human is created little bit less than angels but human is perfect in his perfection and qualities. God said to them to grow and multiple because they are created on the image of God. In this way, world was began. This is sad story therefore its beginning was lighting power and its ending is wonderful. This story mentions six thousand years ago sin and rebellious spirit from his Holy words (Bible). But good news is that human’s restoration and complete healing. When he will go back to his eternal home with glorious body in Christ, It is strange and beautiful ending.
A Rebel Angel
Before the creation of world, there was great angel name “Lucifer” among God’s angels. He was famous in name of “Morning Star” among his companion angels. He was leading angel in the musician group in heavens. He was on second position than the son of God. The Holy Bible explains that how this angel motivates other angels to follow him in heavens to disobey sovereign God. At the end, he was rejected from Heavens. Then this angel “Lucifer” changed into Satan performance and he became God’s enemy and his beloved sons, daughters, saints, prophets and beloved of God.
It is horrible to explain about Satan’ disobedience to break the Law of God, Revelation of the holy Bible explains (Rev: 12: 7 – 9, Luke 10: 18)
Lucifer was God’s creation, he is not creator and resemble to the image of God and His holy son Jesus Christ. But he was on highest position because of his beauty and singing song. That is why, he feels proud. This proud and arrogance became reason of his falling down. Prophet Ezekiel is saying about Lucifer. (Ezekiel 28: 12 – 17, 28: 14) Prophet David said that (Psalms 80: 1 and Ezekiel 28:15)
He was not created as Satan
It is real fact that Lucifer was creature not creator. But he was not created as devil. God created him as good and perfect. Satan has no element of sin and ungodliness. But sin takes birth in him. God is not responsible for his down fall. Lucifer had qualities to do well as other creatures. There is no proper reason of his disobedience to God. There was not a reason to carry out sin. Jesus Christ said that he is liar even father of liars. This is sin that he has in his heart. That is why; God is not responsible for his sins. The Holy Bible explains about his disobedience. That is his arrogance. (Ezekiel 28: 17)
Lucifer was not patience in his position; he feels that he must be highest of all because of his beauty, at the end; he decided to do something for his highest position even he was leading among angels. He will be like God. His mental condition is explained by Prophet Isaiah (14: 12-1 4), he wanted to take place of God over angels.
Rebellious sins.
His sin was against God and his kingdom. Sin’s definition is explained by Saint John (1 – John 3: 4) and Prophet David also explains (Psalms 103: 19 – 20, 2 – Peter 2: 19 ) Even Saint John explained that angels one third was with devil, they did fight in heaven against God’s angels. (Rev 12: 7). Their rebellious war was failed; they had been got out from heavens. God did not let rebels’ angels in heavens. They started to live in caves. They will live till the “day of the Judgment”. This is Lucifer who became cause of temptation for our forefather in the Garden of Eden.
Why God did not destroy Satan
Most of times, it is considered that why God did not kill? His wickedness and evil plans had been finished forever.
First of All, all those angels who are loyally obedient with God and unlimited believer of world will know about this secret. God did not kill him because He did not want that people will think in their hearts. Devil might prove his accusation. They will not think that devil might be right. God did not tolerate, if devil tried to prove and he will be true.
Secondly, God did vividly mention. God will not accept those prayers, songs that are not done with depth of heart in purity. In this matter, God does not force any one to pray and sing for HIM. He did not torture people to worship HIM. He does not want any prayer meeting that is under fear. If God killed Satan and his fellow angels? Then terror will prevail on the mind of people. They worship God with fear only. They will be worst than slaves who obey his owner for their terror and fear. It is not for Glory of GOD. God’s kingdom is not established on the heart of people suitably in the good way.
Thirdly, it is for all creatures to see condition of rebel angels. They must know a fierce condition of sin vividly. God gave authority to human independently and morally. Therefore human individually know about good and evil. They would decide on righteous path by seeing the results of rebel and arrogant angels. They should adopt righteous path of God’s way or they want to get togather under flag of devil. That is why, God let human decide individually.
Satan is in Garden of Eden.
After the creation, God handed creatures of earth over to a human. Then Satan appeared in the Garden of Eden to complicate obedience and mixed human into disobeyed group. Satan wanted to make place on the earth as his kingdom. He wanted to get authority which Satan had lost in heaven. Satan secretly came to the inhabitant of Eden. He did not appear with his original being but got face of snake. God kept one tree in the Garden of Eden to see obedience of human. This tree is known by name of “Good and Evil”. Human was allowed to eat all trees of Garden except one tree. God had kept every thing abundantly, what they want to eat from it with will of their heart. Our first forefather had no strict rule from anyways.
God ordered Adam to eat not one tree’s fruit only. Human had to show respect of God’s order by obeying (Genesis 2: 16 – 17) but Satan was finding opportunity to trap Adam and Eve. He found Eve as unaware. She left husband alone, she was wondering in the garden and reached to the prohibited tree. She looked to the tree; she heard sweat voice of malice and hypocrisy of Satan. Satan got attention of Eve to guide her disobedience.
Satan motivates her that you will not die but your eyes will be opened by eating fruit. She gave Adam to eat. This is saddest story of human, now this grief is upon all human being until they accept Jesus Christ. Because human disobey God and obey Satan who is enemy of God, they are separated from Holy God. They fall in sin.
Jesus Christ shed His Holy Blood on the Cross for sinners, He is king of kings, Lord of lords, and this is name title. If someone admits or not according to their education or formation of mind? Christianity is the religion of love, forgiveness and tolerance according to teaching of Jesus Christ
Above thought “Evolution” by Darwin theory, as Darwinians think that man came into complete human from animal (Monkey) then who bring it into this form? For last 6000 years, human is still human scientifically, morally, spiritually, socially, and ethically. He did not change into another form from human to? except his mind is faster than old time.
Even his sinful nature is still same as it was before 6000 year ago in the Garden of Eden as disobedient. Until anyone became “New Creature in Christ (2 – Cor 5: 17)”
It is inexpressible in their wording, who is running every thing in heaven, earth, sea even beneath earth? Even everyone is different from each other with figures, minds, nose and face.
Christ wonderfully said that wolves in sheep’s clothing (Mathew 10: 16). It means that those people who did not fulfill demand as human decently to take care other human, they are still wolves (animal) according to His holy words as written.
Darwin thought about human from monkey. But he did not think what will berries into future even it should be like watermelon or human, whatever, other fruits and animals. Why monkey become human according to his theory, why not other animals like Elephants, lion or creature of sea.
Even monkey generation is alive; it is not finished because of human. Why monkey are not becoming human in these days, why, because Darwin theory is failed in this sense.

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