They that die by famine die by inches. By Sameena Nazeer


District TharParkar which is currently the most impoverished and barren area of Sindh provision as the recent UN report says, located at the south east of Sindh and is one of the 23 districts of sindh with area of 19,638 square kilometers. Its Deserted area is 4,731,088 acres while the rest of 59,936 is barrage area.. Demographically it consists of 5 Talukas, 44 union council, 166 dehs and 2,357 villages. it is bounded on east by Barmer & Jassalmer a district of india , on west by Badin district, on south Rann of Kutch and on north Mirpurkhas & umerkot districts are located . Mithi is it’s headquarter. At one time which was well recognized for its affirmative domestic and economic condition now have spin into a wholly arid.
There is no runnel, river or stream of fresh water, however in Nagarparkar which is one of its Talukas, transitory watercourse has set up since long namely Bhatuyani river and Gordhro River which flows only in rainy season. There is worsted dearth in rain falling. Yearly average of rain fall is as low as 100 MM. it is simply a deserted area which is hottest in summer and frigid in winter. This sternness of climate always has distressed the natives.
Since the last 10 years in Thar famine has captured the people. Appetence, dryness, thirst, has submerged the Thar. Therefore Right now it is the most backward territory of Pakistan.
Indeed it could have been among the most refined district of country, if it was not over looked. Recent crises in Thar are the fitted reflection of Thar s laxness. As this land was blessed with amazing civilization, background, landscape and natural resources, like coal. Granite. China Clay. Salt minerals. in addition Thar s people happened to be very dedicated., trustworthy , and hospitable in their being and further thoroughly adept in handicrafts, like in shawls making ,in the manufacturing of handmade bed sheets etc. . Their dexterity and the availability of natural sources in the land could have been the ground for a quality life and for setting up the sphere.
But unfortunately up to now even the utmost central necessities have not been granted to the folks. There are just numbered school and hospitals. More than 85 % of the area's agricultural including all the major crops and livestock has either crumbled or have been extremely stirred resulting in a long standing curtailment of food. Water already have turned into a precious commodity is swiftly becoming even scanty as reservoir are emptied due to no rainfall .a lot of casualties have already occurred and further are feared.
Probably 2 years ago, drought opened its awful mouth on the plot of Thar, and it has not been closed yet. This time it was acutely worst to that much extent as much it was never prior. Within this month 40 infants have been deprived of their lives due to improper medication and malnutrition. Victims are dying there very swiftly. Infants are dying of toxic drinking water and improper medication system .They are going away of all flesh and they would keep on dropping off their breath. Ostensibly, there is no food, and intrinsically the little food they are having, is detrimental and has proven fatal for many newborn and teenagers .just trifle numbers of doctors have been appointed there. These doctors are untrained along with inexperienced staff .water is also inaccessible for underdog. the subsidy which is being directed towards ,is getting manipulated by the plunderer and very trifle portion ,below the mark of aid is reaching over there to the needy people. Stomach of Thar's dearth are swallowing the defenseless .Thar 's wretched are bound to die .Some meager would die of Food 's unavailability and some ,who would maintain to survive somehow ,when proves fail in acquiring foodstuff by righteous means then they submerged themselves into the ocean of felony ,atrocity, corruption, and wickedness . in addition helplessness over the death of their loved ones, would enraged them. This revulsion and outrage would make them insensible about what is legitimate and what is not .Most of them may sink themselves into social crimes, like, Larceny, robberies, Smuggling, Street crimes, drug addiction, Suicide attempts and so on .Remaining of them might come under the trap of terrorist organizations, where they would be used against country s welfare, merely at the cost of food.
According to James Smith human being are having three basic needs, Food, Shelter, Clothes. This urgency must be fulfilled .Failure in meeting these prerequisite leads to collisions and conflicts and so on .So logically speaking all these minus milestone put subtracting impact on the society.
Question rise here, what is society? Society itself is a railing of men. Therefore one person who is currently suffering, can make millions men be suffered in time ahead. One individual’s problem’s blow would be impact full for the other society members, directly, indirectly, sooner or later. A hunger’s hunger can come out the hunger for thousands of man in future. Brutality on a man, in any form may turn many individuals into victims .Government rather than thinking of rationally, again may go on solving comparatively less important issue. over again hungry would be left hungry .Unemployed would be left unemployed .Tyranny would keep on occurring ,with continuity." Ergo "forced, helpless, and suffer persecution generations would keep on getting generated, and this ruthless circle would keep on revolving persistently.
Appetite is an awful thing .There is giant size difference in articulating about it or hearing about it , and in real passing over it. The abdomen asks bread .we cannot await it for the next appointment. It must be satisfied at the moment. Just examine it on your own self.
Man's clay cannot be faulted .Evil exist in the nullification of those peculiar demands, which bend a social animal into anti-social animal. I'm happy with current Government; it has done explicit improvements in countries undermined conditions. It is rapidly fabricating policies opposed to terrorism and militant’s .This steeping of the regime is like a consolation for those parents, who have lost their posterity. Correspondingly Thar’s juvenile are also the infant. They too need the same fire of care and support, as much Peshawar’s Martyr have been getting. We cannot bring them back(martyr of Peshawar).but we can rescue them (Thar s people).Government should make the vivid and rigorous policies, and make the implementation of those policies 's possible ,regarding Thar 's famish . People should not die there at the cost of water and meal. It would be the indignity of humanities. In fact it is .they must be provided clear water, inoffensive eating, and decorous medication on immediate bases, before the further fatality occur. Government should keep a keen eye, whether they are receiving the aid or not timely. Rather than just setting the duties of subordinates, Government itself should be watchful. A commune of innocence has already left us, other one is about to leave us. None of us was behind their being fatal but we can take part in the efforts of saving Thar.

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