Like Sheikh Abdullah, Mufti may end up in jail if doesn't turn PDP into National, Secular, Socialist, Patriotic party. By Hem Raj Jain


As per media report -‘A day after PM Narendra Modi warned that any more provocation like the release of separatist Masarat Alam could break the PDP - BJP alliance, the J&K government on Tuesday vowed not to release any more terrorist (separatist) or political prisoner’. This is a sensible step by Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed because if he loses government then he will not be able to do for the people of J&K what he wants to do. But at the same time five points need to be understood:-
(i)- Mufti has a track record of remaining open to view points of separatists
(ii)- Mufti will not compromise merely for the sake of power and will go to any length for bringing succor to his core constituency in Kashmir valley
(iii)- Mufti believes people of J&K especially Kashmiris are unnecessarily suffering (due to AFSPA etc) at the hands of Indian State including those Kashmiris who are detained and imprisoned allegedly being separatists (political prisoners as per Mufti’s view)
(iv)- Mufti believes that without solving Kashmir problem economic development is not possible in J&K
(v)- The way from the day (on March, 1) Mufti became CM of J&K the way Hindu majority India (in its media, through street demonstrations and even in Parliament) has projected Mufti as pro-Pakistan CM and even traitor - Mufti should be under no delusion and be prepared for any extent to which India will go to rein in so-called anti- national activities of Mufti (this can be averted only if Mufti makes his party PDP national so that he can influence Indian public opinion and can make India see reason)
Mufti should also understand that he is the only political leader in J&K of the stature of Sheikh Abdullah who sincerely wants an honorable place for the people of J&K under the sun and who has potential and caliber of changing the destiny of the people of J&K for better (who are presently living in a virtual hell including under AFSPA and in unnecessary seclusion due to Article 370 of Constitution). Therefore realizing that present Abdullahs (Farooq and Omar) are simply floating politically Mufti, who is trying to swim in the interest of J&K, should do the following:-
(1)- MERELY GOOD INTENTIONS NOT ENOUGH:- Mufti should take lesson from political career of Sheikh Abdullah. Without political support of Sheikh Abdullah, hundreds of Nehrus and Patels couldn't have kept J&K with India but Sheikh Abdullah had to spent 11 long years in Jails of Independent India. Sheikh Abdullah failed because his party became merely Secular but not National, Socialist and Patriotic. Things deteriorated when Sheikh Abdullah did not constrain India to retrieve POK militarily despite collapse of UN 1948 Plebiscite Resolution (mainly due to refusal of Pakistan to militarily vacate POK)
(2)- PATRIOTISM: - Protection of territorial integrity of J&K (in the face of Pak military aggression) was the main reason behind 1947 Instrument of Accession of J&K to India. Even in civil law one loses title due to acquiescence and inordinate delay in retrieving the property in the possession of the opponent. Theocratic Pakistan ~ one sixth of India (in addition to laying down the lives of, as per media reports, ~ one hundred thousand Jihadis for Muslim Kashmir) tried to take Indian side of J&K militarily in 1947, 1948, 1965, 1971 and during Kargil but so-called Secular India did not try militarily to take Muslim (unlike Hindu Goa) POK - not even once. Therefore Mufti should understand that presently Pakistan (which came in existence on the basis of religion) has better claim on J&K than India unless India without any further delay tries to retrieve POK (even militarily if necessary). Hence Mufti should understand the meaning of patriotism [not like other Indians and their present and all previous Union governments who consider only Indian side of J&K as an integral part of India but not POK ]. Mufti and his party PDP should start all India movement for the retrieve of POK in order to safeguard the territorial integrity of India including undivided J&K. [This will be the crucial difference between Mufti and Sheikh Abdullah and which (with the intervention of global community in conflict between two nuclear nations) will solve all the problems of Indo - Pak region]
(3)- NATIONAL & SECULAR: - Political party of Abdullahs the National Conference (NC) , only for name sake, is National whereas party of Mufti the J&K People’s Democratic Party (J&K PDP) is not national even for name sake and still has to become national by removing J&K from it. Moreover during the time of Sheikh Abdullah Secularism was not in danger but now Mufti will have to restore Secularism in India especially by getting justice to Muslims (regarding Babri Masjid, Gujarat massacre 2002, Reservation etc through court proceedings and other measures).
(4)- SOCIALISM :- As far socialism the credentials of Sheikh Abdullah and his colleagues were impeccable but like USSR, Nehru and Indira Gandhi the NC also could not understand that Socialism is essentially dependent on deploying State - capital profitably first for eradication of unemployment and then for socialist ideals [where in this age of science & technology (which is giving decisive economic and military power to countries) which is advanced by people (employees) and not by business class (employers) the surplus labor (profit / dividend) should go to society (State) and not to private person]. Therefore now Mufti will have to champion the cause of Socialism at India level if he has to acquire adequate political power to shape India including J&K (including POK) in a modern, just, peaceful and progressive nation.
In a nutshell, in his zeal to get succor to the people of J&K like Sheikh Abdullah, Mufti may end up in jail if doesn't turn PDP into National, Secular, Socialist, Patriotic party.

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