The Sin Of Silence and Attitude Of COP Bishops


By: Rev.Khalid Mansoor Soomro

The whole Christian Community is condemning the lethargic attitude of the Bishops of the Church of Pakistan, the Church of England and the Church of Pakistan Mission Partners Forum who instead of becoming instruments of justice for the victimized students and administrator of Brenton Carey Girls Hostel (Mrs. Ghazala Shafiq) are trying their best to protect the ‘Property Mafia’ who were brutally tortured and stripped.
The saddest part is the attitude of the women all around the world who instead of following the teachings of the Lord are trying to stand behind the leadership of the Church.
The silence of the Bishops of the Church of Pakistan, CPMPF and the Anglican Communion and mainly of that of the Archbishop of Canterbury is not only disturbing but also shameful for the entire Church. While the Bishops Alexander John Malik, Pervaiz Samuel, Samuel Azraiah and Mono Romal Shah have their own vested interests, the pathetic attitude of Bishop Azad Marshall is more disturbing. Bishop Azad Marshall has a ministry of particular nature by way of which he stands with the oppressed and helps them out. Yet in this case he is more concerned with the guidance of the Church of England rather than using his own conscience. He may also be taking Bishop Alexander John Malik and the leadership of the Church of England as his masters and therefore he is siding with the policies of the present leadership.
That is why the Bishops Council instead of asking Sadiq Daniel to seek forgiveness has blessed him with the specially prepared false report of the Inquiry Committee appointed by the disputed Moderator of the so-called Synod Bishop Alexander John Malik.
It is interesting to note that this report was prepared in just two hours and has not been rectified by the Synod or its Executive Committee; however crude and constitutional those may be. The Bishops of the Church of Pakistan and its officers are expected to follow the constitution and the procedures.
The registration of FIR by the Police after thorough inquiry and delay of 76 days is within itself important. During this time all resources and contacts were used by Bishop Malik and his team. The former Christian Federal Minister for Minority Affairs who is on the pay role of Bishop Malik was specially assigned the duty to influence the high-ups of the Federal and the Sindh Governments. However the truth has prevailed and a day is going to come when Sadiq Daniel and his associates of rouges with no morals will be behind the bars.
The next on our agenda will be to try the Church Property Sellers under criminal charges to bring accountability, justice and good governance with in the Church.
Yet it is sad to note the Church of England, Partners and Bishops like Azad and Mono who boast of higher moral values for such an attitude.
We feel they owe an apology to Ghazala Shafiq and the Church of Pakistan

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