May God bless Pakistan and our enemies. Amen! By: Dr. Rashid Gill


The twin bomb blasts on Catholic and Christ churches at Youhanabad in Lahore, are no more surprise for a common person. These attacks were expected with certainty. There were only two things that were unknown: names of churches and cities. Ever since Pakistan army started an operation against terrorist, it was expected that they would retaliate against Christian churches and church goers. They would kill innocent worshippers through bomb blasts are shooting. What is their rational behind these insane and non- sense attacks? This is something very easy to understand. They simply show their anger against Christian states like Europeans and U.S.A. Their message is loud and clear. They want to spread Islam through sword and terror. Nobody can stop them.
According to information, Catholic and Christ churches that are situated about 400 yards apart from each other were attacked while church services were in progress. A suicide bomber tried to enter into church building through main gate. However, Police and security guards on duty did not let him enter into sanctuary. Upon the failure to enter into sanctuary, the suicide bomber blew him right in front of main gate causing a big blast. The same incident happened at the main gate of Christ church. As a result of bomb blasts, 16 persons died and 85 were injured. They were taken to General Hospital, Lahore. According to the information received, twenty of them are in a serious condition. The death toll is expected to rise in coming days.
At the start of military operation against terrorists in Waziristan and tribal areas, it was very much expected that terrorists would take revenge. Their targets are always predictable. They choose to attack Christian churches because Christians living in Pakistan are poor and powerless. Neither they have their own security, nor does government provide them any protection. Therefore, Christians are always an easy target for them. However, according to the statement of Home Ministry officials, they had already provided intelligence to all provinces with a warning of possible attacks on politicians, Chief Ministers, high officials and worship places. They were asked to beef up security and have more police stationed on worship places.
As usual provincial government of Punjab did not pay any attention to the warning of Interior Ministry. Because of this criminal negligence, the tragic incident happened. It was quite possible to avert these suicide bomb attacks by increasing police force to protect worship places and by observing due diligence. Unfortunately, nothing was done to stop suicide bombers. It is evident that suicide bombers are better equipped and trained than Police force to carry out their mission. Now it is an open question for everybody. Whose responsibility it is to provide protection to the lives and properties of citizens? Folks! This is not a rocket science. Everybody understands it is the basic duty of Federal Government of Pakistan to make sure that the life and the property of every citizen is safe. In addition to it, Justice is provided to every citizen of the country without any discrimination.
However, the Federal as well as Provincial government showed very poor performance while handling the situation .It is ridiculous to know that at the time of attack on Churches, Police were found watching movies on television. This is the height of their preparedness. IG Police Mr. Mushtaq Sekhera praised Police for their preparedness and diligence saying that because of police presence terrorist could not enter into sanctuaries. However, the reality is that Police stationed on churches were ill prepared for this incident. It was a Christian security guard who scuffled and stopped them from entering into sanctuary. As a result of fighting, he lost his life but saved lives of hundreds of church goers. Sadly, neither Police nor high officials in government acknowledged his brave sacrifice. Instead IG Police gave a credit to Police wrongly.
Besides, while angry mob was beating two persons whom they took as terrorists, Police failed miserably to save the lives of victims. Any prudent citizen can imagine the kind of Police we have. Neither have they had up to date training, nor latest weapons to combat with terrorists. Evidently, it is the fundamental duty of government to protect the lives and properties of citizens. If the government cannot provide safety and security to her citizens, she has no moral right to govern. The government of Pakistan needs to pay full attention to her Police Forces and must equip them with modern weaponry, resources and special training to fight against terrorism. The government collects taxes from citizens and the government must spend good amount of money for robust Police force. In today’s world soldiers with outdated rifles and batons’ cannot face terrorists who have modern weapons and have been trained better than our Police.
All minorities especially Christians are vulnerable in Pakistan. Whenever, US or Pakistan army take action against terrorist, Christian churches are attacked. Strangely, the government is always caught ill prepared. When the governments knows about repercussion of their action, then why the government does not take extra measures to deal with expected attacks on worship places of all minorities specially Christian Churches? It is a strange but a harsh fact that whenever, Muslim League (N) is in power, there is more attacks on Christian Churches. The tragic incidents of Shanti Nagar, Gojra, Joseph Colony, burning of a young Christian couple in recent days are cases which took place during the government of Muslim League (N).Ironically; it shows that the government is not keen in providing protection to minorities. Actions speak louder than words. The Federal as well as Provincial government totally failed in performing their constitutional duties to protect Christian from terrorism. This is the kind of Good governance we have! Minorities are left at the mercy of terrorists. May God bless Pakistan and our enemies. Amen!

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