Vulnerable Plight of Christians in Pakistan: By David Irfan


The recent tragic event of suicidal bomb blasts in two churches at Youhanabad Lahore has shaken and rocked the world. A wave of terror and fear has run in the Christian Community. The history of brutalities and atrocities upon the Christian Community is not a new thing in Pakistan, rather in the subcontinent, as its traces could be found from the time of dismemberment of subcontinent in 1947. Unfortunately it has become order of day that the Christians are being butchered mercilessly in Indo-Pak. Despite the uproar, raising voice Pro-Christians by the west, particularly by the European Union, the falling of calamities on the Christian folk has not come to an end. Whenever any such untoward incident takes place in Pakistan, no corrective measures are taken rather mere the pronouncement of sympathetic statements are considered suffice just to pacify the Christians sentiments, which is mockery to social equality.
The vulnerability of the Christian Community could be gauged from the oppression being caused by the Muslim extremists and on the other hand codification and wrong implementation of Blasphemy Law provided under section 295-C Pakistan Penal Code. To my humble opinion none should be condemned unheard. In most of the cases the wretched Christians are involved in such like cases by the majority Muslim folk because of deep rooted animosities existing interse the communities, under the color of this alarming and hazardous law of 295-C PPC. In other words the fanatic and staunch Muslims take their personal revenge / grudge under the garb of this Blasphemy Law. The glaring examples of misusage of Blasphemy Law provided under section 295-C of Pakistan Penal Code could easily be assessed from the following few similar tragic events:-
1. In all Saints Church situated at Peshawar almost one hundred lives of innocent Christians were taken by the suicidal attackers.
2. In the Bahawalpur incident, 16 Christians were put to death by the Muslim extremists during their worship in Church.
3. In village Shantinagar, District Khanewal the entire monumental ancient Christian village was wiped out from earth by burning.
4. In Gojra District Faisalabad seven Christians of one and the same family were put to death after locking them in a room while burning them alive.
5. In the tragic and alarming event of Joseph Colony Lahore, the entire Christian populated colony was omitted from the earth while burning the same. Although no death toll was reported yet the Christians, dwellings with house hold goods were burnt. The care of burning the Joseph Colony was also the cause of Blasphemy Law.
6. In Kot Radha Kishan Lahore a young Christian couple, including a pregnant woman were burnt alive by Muslim extremists while putting the couple in burning brick-Klin.
My this article would remain incomplete if I do not make mention about the recent most tragic event the plight and miseries of regarding voiceless Pakistani Christians of Youhanabad Lahore, where from the date of occurrence till date 30 innocent Christians who were engaged in offering their prayers / worship in two different Churches, where both the Churches were rocked by simultaneous suicidal attacks resulting into the loss of at least 30 innocent Christians and about one hundred sustained serious injuries.
No Pakistani Ruler specifically could be blamed for the torture and agony suffered by Pakistani Christian Community, yet I have few proposals, suggestions and remedial steps for the eradication of this menace.
a) The betterment of economic condition.
b) Social justice / equality.
c) Christian representation in the National / Provincial legislatures. Proportionate to their strength.
d) Maintenance of the good law and order situation.
e) Establishing a free arms society.
f) The government should ensure the safety of its citizen disregard to any religion, race, colour etc.
g) Provision of skilled and technical training to the police and other personnel of concerned departments responsible for the maintenance of law and order situation as to combat and tackle any untoward situation.
h) The principle of natural justice, fair play and equity to be implemented without discrimination. The state should strictly ensure the safety of its citizens, honour and property of each and every citizen of the state. Congenial and conducive atmosphere should be provided as to create interfaith harmony among the varies segments of the society.
i) The blasphemy law needs its review and particularly its phase of implementation. In brief the incharge of District Police Head should chalk out FIR in case of any arisen situation as to ensure the transparency, moreover sufficient number of reliable and trust worthy witnesses are required before lodging of a criminal case as to prevent and deter the victimization under the colour of section 295-C PPC.

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