Who is behind?? Knock Knock…who is???? By Shahbaz Aziz ud Din


It was really good to read the article of Afshain Afzal on Lankaweb. “Who could behind attacks in Churches in Pakistan?”
Surprisingly the rest of article was against asylum seekers, not about attacks on Churches in Pakistan. It is a weak attempt to mislead the western world and human right organizations. As they already know through Pakistani media and ISPR that who were behind Peshawar school attack, Shahbaz Bhatti Shaheed murder, Rimpa plaza, murder of Shaheed Salman Taseer, and many other cases where Christians were murdered, looted and their homes and belongings were looted and then burned, Kot Radha Kishan murder of 3 innocent Christians.
This article exposes who is behind the campaign against Christian Asylum seekers in Thailand and Srilanka.
Western world and countries know very well who were behind all terror attacks, bomb blasts in their countries. Christians from Pakistan and other Muslim countries come to Thailand through proper channels and enter legally; unfortunately some countries including Thailand are not signatory of UNHCR declaration. So the asylum certificates are not officially accepted by those governments. This comes in human rights violation.
NADRA or other authorities should take serious action against this serious blame on them that anyone especially Indians can obtain CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card. This is a very serious allegation on the NADRA and Pakistani government as our Pakistani government is doing its best to fight terrorism in Pakistan. Terrorism is a global challenge, and Pakistan army and Intelligence agencies are doing their best inside and on the border. In this article the author is attempting to put a question mark on the role of Pakistani government.
I will not defend PCP as they are not doing something wrong; appealing governments like Pakistan or any country is not a crime. It shows that he understands and respect higher authorities.
Specifically Pakistani Christian’s yes I would like to defend them, We Pakistani Christian’s are proud to be Pakistani and always we are. We served in every walk of life in our mother land. Pakistan is in our blood, no-body can take this right from us. No one, surely.
Why Christian’s leaving Pakistan? Is a question for those who promised and take oath that every citizen is equal and defended under constitution of our beloved country Pakistan, but they fail every time. Since last more than 60 years they are trying but no success.
We are Christians of Pakistan proud Pakistani’s, we are never traitors like Bengali Muslims or like Balochi Muslims, we cannot and never break Pakistan our motherland but at-least we can leave Pakistan with prayers to return in a peaceful Pakistan. Nobody understand how Pakistani Christians with heavy heart and tears in eyes when they leave Pakistan.
We have the same right to damage public and private properties when others in majority have, but we do not damage courts and bar rooms. The loss of innocent people in Yohanabad incident is a loss of Pakistani’s not should be categorized as Muslims loss or Christian loss.
Tekrik-e-Taliban TTP is an Islamic organization which believes on fight (jahad) instead of talks. Their agenda is to establish Sharia Law in Pakistan. Your close relation with haji Abdus Samad is really amazing as he denied through your article about bomb blasts in Yohanabad, now please use your sources to find who are behind this attack. I believe you have better resources than Pakistani establishment and Pak Army and Intelligence agencies. I would like to advise Pak Army and ISPR that next time they should contact you to confirm any reports about TTP (Tekrik-e-Taliban). Also will you please help us to find if TTP was behind Peshawar school attack, I am sure haji Abdus Samad will deny in your next article. By the way it is not duty of UN Secretary-General to confirm about TTP, I will appeal UN to please contact Afshain Afzal to confirm any news about TTP. Well for your kind information Islamabad is doing its best to fight terrorism, our brave soldiers are fighting and embarrassed shahadat to safe guard motherland from terrorism.
It is really shameful to compare crimes with Indian soil. Crimes against minorities are serious and both nations should be shameful rather than comparing. I agree that law and order is under control only out of control is terrorism against minorities. Also once again I would request Pakistani government to contact Afshain Afzal, might be it will be helpful to find foreign agents. When Afghani immigrants will go back things will be much better. Crime rate will be less and law and order will be in order rather than under controlled.

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