Before returning from meaningless Moscow Talks II, Syria should initiate dialogue with Russia for bold & out-of-box solution; By Hem Raj Jain


Like failed January 2015 Moscow Talks I, the four days Moscow Talks II to be concluded on April, 9 in Moscow between Syrian government & selected rebels (Russia as facilitator) is destined to failure, is known to everyone for the simple reason that Syria problem will be solved not at the table but on the ground with predominant military power which will be able to defeat and silence the rebels / terrorists of all the hues not only in Syria but with potential of defeating and silencing rebel / terrorists from other countries especially of NAME region who have cross country links and influence political developments in Syria too.. Therefore government of Syria delegation should come back from Moscow only after ensuring that Syria gets adequate military, paramilitary and civilian contingents (under Russian leadership) for bringing permanent peace and stability in Syria.
It is nothing unusual that not merely Syria but entire Muslim NAME region is in political turmoil (where hundreds of thousand have been killed millions have been displaced & bleeding and hundreds of millions are weeping profusely in unprecedented human catastrophe especially for women, children, old people and minorities). But what is unusual is that neither militarily powerful USA nor Russia (and their allies) are interested in solving the problem by bringing NAME region under their military control.
The irresponsible behavior of governments of Muslim NAME region is less said the better who have entered in alliance with USA etc in Syria and Iraq against ISIS and Saudi Arabia with support of USA & Allies in Yemen against Houthi rebels - without any result (because there are no boots on ground in both the alliances) worth the name as far as succor to bleeding and weeping people of NAME are concerned. Earlier due to its need of oil USA was interested in NAME but after becoming energy independent USA is no more interested in NAME and it has left a power vacuum in NAME which has led to civil war in many countries in NAME (remaining countries will also follow the suit sooner than later). Therefore NAME countries will have to reorient their political structure for achieving permanent peace in their countries.
President Asad by this time must have realized that presently UN is only for name sake and it has lost relevance in solving global gory problems. It is evident from the fact that against ISIS and Houthis in said coalitions the countries are involved in individual capacity and not through UN as contributor to its Peacekeeping Force etc. Therefore Syria should also think of bypassing UN and without being afraid of permanent and other members of UN, Asad should go ahead with practical plan to bring peace in Syria and which is not difficult at all. For this Syria should first know that who can help Syria and what type of help Syria needs. Asad should understand that there are ~ 1,000 million Muslims East of Iran and they all (Shias and Sunnis) want peace in Syria. Asad should not take any help from Muslim countries of Iran and West of Iran (NAME countries) because they all are involved in thick fratricidal wars in NAME, hence their involvement will be more a problem than solution for Syria. Asad should take help mainly from two countries Russia (all weather friend of Syria) and India as given below:-
(1)- Russia for high power military help and India for military, paramilitary and civil help for election related work. As in coalition against ISIS, USA roped-in other countries for military help Asad should leave it to Russia for roping-in other countries especially Muslim countries East of Iran (including SAARC, Indonesia, Malaysia) for low power military and para-military assistance.
(2)- Assuming that government of India (GOI) [which believes only in so-called rescuing (ironically with fanfare) the Indians (without bothering what adverse impact it will have on these beleaguered Indians, their families and even to economy of India) from war zones in Yemen, Iraq etc] will not show any interest in this Syria-mission hence neither Indian military and paramilitary forces will go in Syria and GOI will not not send civilians too for election related work for this Syria mission. In such case of apathy by GOI, legally GOI can’t stop Indians from going to Syria for this Syria-mission (even under Russian supervision and control when they are at Syria) for non combat human rights protection work where Indians will not not be expected to do military or para-military duties.
[Asad must be knowing that Indians (Hindus, Muslims etc) are expert in and fond-of participating in such missions for altruistic motives. Hence Asad should not be surprised if gets at-least two million volunteers from India for this Syria-mission and which should be enough for the civilian requirement of this mission]
(3)- In case Syria is prepared to grant citizenship to some of these Indians (who then will not be governed by Indian laws) then ~ 1 million young and able-bodied Indians (out of said ~ 2 million Indians) can be recruited in military and paramilitary services of Syria (If Syria needs more Indians for civil work it can always get in any number at any time from India). If rebels can train people in 2-3 months for fighting more resourceful regular military of Syria and other countries there is no reason why Syria (with the help of Russia) can’t train these Indians in 2-3 months to fight the less resourceful rebels and this should be enough to bring peace in Syria which has been disturbed by rebels / terrorists.
(4)- India is a functioning secular democratic country of ~ 1.25 Billion people hence Indians for civil help will be most suitable to assist Syrian Election Commission (under Russian Supervision) in making electoral lists and in carrying out peaceful elections and election related work. These elections should be under new Syrian Constitution which should be democratic,secular, republic, federal and socialist (with joint-capitalism with place for both - private capital and State capital, which will be mainly for removing unemployment). In addition to these there should be four distinctive feature of Islam in Syrian Constitution:-
(i)- Zakat (mandatory philanthropy) where participatory Philanthropic NGOs (with capital on charity and revenue from fees) will take care of Health Care and Educational Institutions
(ii)- Aversion to Riba (Usury) where money owners of bank & financial institutions should be made shareholders [as in Public Limited Companies so that they take care of their profit (interest) or loss] of these lending institutions, interest should be enough only to take care of inflation and working expenses of these lending institutions and investment in shares of industrial units should be encouraged especially through Mutual Funds.
(iii)- Under the pressure of Usurers the Public debt should not be allowed to go beyond consolidated fund of the governments (which is ~ 10 to 15 % of GDP)
(iv)- In order to protect the sanctity of money, there should be proper asset back-up (under physical and constructive possession of money issuing authority) for the currency of Syria.
(5)- In order to kick-start this ‘Syria-mission’ Asad should first concentrate on India and should ask Syrian Embassy / Consulate to immediately organize a seminar at Delhi and give advertisement in Indian print & electronic media for the purpose of socio - religious leaders and its organizations, Human Rights NGOs, Journalists, political commentators, politicians, academicians, Russian Delhi Embassy personnel (and persons recommended by Russian Delhi Embassy) etc to participate in this seminar so that a road map may be drawn for this Syria-mission.
[In case GOI shows interest in this Syria-mission then best and things will become easier for Asad regarding military, paramilitary and civilian contingents from India and from other SAARC countries under the leadership of GOI]
It is hoped that Asad, in the interest of providing succor to the people of Syria, will ask Syrian government delegation in Moscow II talks to stay for some more days and return from Moscow only after persuading and getting promise from Russia that it will engage and cooperate in said effective out-of-box solution. This will develop a political model (by involving Russia and India) which can be emulated by other troubled countries too of NAME etc.

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