ISIS finally enters SAARC - Region in for gory political huge upheaval, if not checked: By Hem Raj Jain


Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani reportedly said that ISIS carried out suicide-bomb-blast in Afghanistan’s eastern city of Jalalabad in which at least 37 people were killed and more than 100 were injured on Saturday. This marks a significant step in expansion of ISIS into SAARC region and which is bound to drag entire SAARC region into gory political huge upheaval, if not checked as explained below:-
(1)- Due to apathy of powerful West (USA & Allies) and incompetence of rulers in Muslim-World, during last over four years the way hundreds of thousands of Muslims were killed, millions were displaced and hundreds of millions of Muslims were bleeding and weeping profusely (mainly Sunnis) from NAME to AF-PAK region it was natural that some Sunni-Jihadi organisation like ISIS would come forward to provide justice and succor to Muslim-World as explained at
(2)- But ISIS unnecessarily indulged in war crimes and gross human rights violations also by killing civilians (including women, children, old people minorities etc. with the result West & Allies started airstrikes against ISIS in Syria & Iraq but it has brought no result worth the name because USA & Allies did not put boots on ground). Therefore New Al-Qaeda was considered to be a better option than blood-thirsty ISIS when last month Yemen erupted as explained at
(3)- Though Sunni Saudi Arabia & Allies (supported by West) are carrying out airstrikes against Shia Houthis in Yemen but here also there is no result worth the name because Saudi Arabia has not put boots on ground . This has brought bad name not only for Saudis but more for Al-Qaeda which was supposed to be powerful in Yemen but has failed to stop the advance of Shia Houthis. This has naturally increased the clout and credibility of ISIS in Sunni-Muslim-World and Saturday suicide-bomb-blast in Jalalabad Afghanistan should be seen in this back-drop.
(4)- This entry of ISIS in SAARC is not only a bad news for Pakistan as explained at said letter ‘New Al-Qaeda should bring peace & order in Sunni-Muslim -World to buttress global peace’ - but it will also affect Taliban (of AF-PAK),Hafiz saeed, Lakhvi etc (in Pakistan), Masarat, Gilani, Yasin Malik, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq etc (Kashmiri separatists in India) who will be replaced by blood-thirsty hardliners. For the simple reason that said Jihadis of Indo-Af-Pak region (as per huge-blood-shedding standards of ISIS) are ultra-moderate Gandhians and which is not an effective / popular approach for / in the present profusely bleeding & weeping Sunni-Muslim-World.
(5)- What impact this huge blood-shedding and killing by ISIS will have on entire SAARC region (especially in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan having ~ 700 million Muslims and with varying degree of safe sanctuaries for terrorist organizations among Muslims of these countries), in terms of huge political upheavals - is any body’s guess. This will further exacerbate and get complicated due to Chinese factor. Through Sino-Pak corridor (and various industrial projects of great strategic importance and huge military assistance to Pak) China is trying to convert Pakistan into a province of China. Therefore China - [which will have easy access to Middle East, Africa, Europe (through Sino-Pak corridor from Xinjiang to Gwadar seaport) without depending on lengthy and potentially hostile Pacific and India - Sri Lanka sea route) and which will benefit Chinese economy and defense tremendously] - will not let Pakistan slip out of Chinese firm grip so easily.
(6)- This grave scenario facing SAARC can be averted only [in present unfortunate realty where Indian State being martially deficient, Government of India (GOI) may not do anything (as required and explained below in two published letters) to get justice in 26/11] if family members of killed in 26/11 (including family of killed Mumbai Policemen in 26/11) and other victims of 26/11 or any NGO in Maharashtra takes interest in getting justice in 26/11 matter - so that he / she / they can move Mumbai High Court to constrain GOI to pressurize government of Pakistan to immediately carry out proper investigation and file supplementary charge-sheet in Pak Court (trying Lakhvi etc related to 26/11 terrorist attack) so that justice may be done in 26/11 as explained at and
In a nutshell whether communal forces (of Hindus and Muslims who were responsible for partition of India in 1947) in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh (and Afghanistan) like it or not but (before unified SAARC in second stage) the unified Indo-Af-Pak-Bang in first stage (which will become possible through said writ petition in Mumbai High Court) is the only solution and hope for this region if it wants to be spared of gory future in the hands of blood-thirsty ISIS.

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