Muslims keep their women in burqa but don't mind them raped in thousands in Kashmir. By Hem Raj Jain


Sub:- Seems, alpha – male of Kashmiris were all killed in Jihad of 90s & onwards for Kashmir solution
Nowadays government is showing one advertisement in media [for the purpose of encouraging people to make toilets (‘shauchlaya’) especially in villages all over India] where a bollywood heroin Vidya Balan taunts a villager (who was reprimanding his daughter-in-law who was drinking water after lifting her veil) by saying that - ‘on one hand you mind veil of your women lifted before people but on other hand don’t mind them going for latrine in open (thus exposing their private parts to public view)’.
But Muslims in India (Kashmir) have gone one step further. Like practice in Muslims across the world they keep their women in burqa but don’t mind them raped in thousands in Kashmir.
When two week back I saw a post at ‘Kashnet’ (a Yahoo group for discussion on Kashmir problem) by a member quoting a report available at that 7,000 Kashmir women were raped etc by security forces of India I was outraged and wrote a letter to media, NGOs, MLAs, MPs, academicians, separatists etc in J&K where I suggested two solutions :-
(1)- A writ petition should be filed in J&K High Court (giving data about crimes & excesses committed by security forces on civilians in J&K) to ask Government of India (GOI) that :-
(i)- In view of the fact that theocratic Pakistan one sixth of India tried militarily many times to take Muslim Kashmir, why instead of retrieving (Muslim majority) POK - the security forces of secular India are showing their 'bravery' by training their guns on citizens of India (mostly Muslims) and (ii)- When will GOI retrieve POK (militarily or otherwise) so that the deployment of military and para -military forces in civilian areas of J&K (including AFSPA) can be removed.
(2)- Because all major political parties (PDP, NC, BJP, Congress, JKNPP etc) in J&K have failed to get justice against security forces of India to these women (victims of rape etc) and others therefore a new political party (Zakat Party, may be with different name) should be launched in J&K. [The word Zakat is used because it is a Islamic practice based on compulsory contributing & participation (religiously). In modern age of democracy most of the benefits from charity institutions (based on Zakat in the past) can be got from State through Zakat Party].
[In our country political parties give more importance to elected members like Local-body members (Sarpanch, corporators etc), MLA, MP and Ministers but nobody makes political party strong on ground that is the reason injustice, crimes and high handedness has increased in society and even by functionaries of Indian State (Center and States). The solution to this problem is what I suggested through 'Zakat Party’ which even if not in power in State or at center or without any Local-body member or MLA or MP or Minister - but will have adequate power on ground to get justice to the people]
I don’t say that only my said two solutions should be followed by Kashmiris but when Kashmiris are not coming out with any other solution then it is a safe inference that Kashmiris are not interested in solution to this problem.
It seems alpha – male (especially who protects his pack / people) of Kashmiris were all killed in Jihad of 90s & onwards for Kashmir solution [as per media reports and statements of Kashmiri separatists from ~ 75 thousand to ~ one hundred thousand Muslims (many from Pakistan, Afghanistan etc too who were free from cold war of late eighties in Afghanistan) lost their lives for Kashmir solution and it seems all the alpha-male Kashmiris were among those killed].
Since then one generation has already passed hence now some alpha-male-Kashmiris (who were child then, hence not killed) must be in their prime youth. Therefore there are chances that they may come forward to protect their people (especially women by following two solutions suggested by me or otherwise) by getting justice to them in old cases and by ensuring that no such crimes (rape etc) take place in future.

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