A true story of a neglected and backward Tehsil Pasrur District Sialkot, Pakistan. By Joseph Patres


The town of Pasrur is very known as backward area. The sad part is every Govt. treated this town as a neglected child. When comparing the development works in the other small towns of the Punjab Province, Pakistan, the Tehsil Pasrur is very far behind.
History of Pasrur in Politics:
The town of Pasrur has been well known for the birth place of Mr. Seeta Parkash Singha (aka S. P. Singha), a Christian Speaker of the Greater Punjab Assembly and with his single vote the resolution to divide the Greater Punjab of India and to create separate country, called Pakistan was passed (Links: http://pakistanchristianparty.org/, http://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/ viewarticles.php?editorialid=1091). After the inception of Pakistan, there had been many dignitaries elevated belong to the soil of this town, but regret to mention none had ever tried to uplift the fate of this town.
There is no proper sanitation system ever built in this town. The poor condition of water supply and standing dirty water of the drains a major cause of seepage is a permanent irritant to the inhabitants. Due to accumulated standing dirty water of the drains around, the residents of this town have been suffering from epidemic diseases (Link: http://nation.com.pk/national/13-Jun-2012/hepatitis-patients-0-4m-in-sialkot). Every Govt. in the past and current has neglected despite tall claims of changing the fate of this town at the time of election.
Over 200,000 residents of Pasrur have urged upon the Governor of Punjab in the past to announce a long awaited uplift package for Pasrur. Furthermore, multiple petitions on the similar subject matter had been submitted by the Welfare Societies of the Town before the every party in the Govt. The officials concerned have yet to overcome the menace as they have not taken any practical step to rectify the situation so far.
Current Situation of a colony:
The residents of Mohallah Inayat Pura, Pasrur, District Sialkot, Pakistan, currently living in an unhygienic environment. The Mohallah Inayat Pura is one of the steep area of the town; it consists of 50/50 population of Christians and Muslims families and both communities had been living with harmony and peacefully for centuries.
The families fetch water with hardship from various areas of the town. They have not enough resources or financially established to bear the entire drilling cost of hundreds of feet below the ground to fetch clean water.
We have requested friends, community members, organizations and Church bodies in North America and Middle East to come forward and help the community with clean drinking water through deep drilling in the area.
We also request His Excellency Mamnoon Hussain, President of Pakistan, His Excellency Rafiq Rajwana, The Governor of Punjab, Hon. Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister and Hon. Mohammed Shahbaz Sharif, The Chief Minister of Punjab Province to pay attention over ill fate of Tehsil Pasrur, Distt. Sialkot.
Proper sanitation system is basic need of community and a sign of healthy environment. To avoid spreading epidemic diseases in the area, a proper sewage system is needed in Tehsil Pasrur.
We further request the Canadian, USA and United Nations as well as other development agencies of the world to sanction funds to build a proper sanitation system in the town of Pasrur.
(Mr. Sajid Bhatti, Iftikhar Bhatti and Shamas Pervez are also contributors of this article based in North America)

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