To All Blood bought people of Lord Jesus Christ in the world. By Pastor FS Bhatti


It is well known to all that India was divided on the basis of “TWO NATION THEORY” i.e. Hindus and Muslim were two nations which cannot live together. Then India was divided into two parts. Even it is also well known documentary that Pakistani Christian only favored in voting and supporting to bring Pakistan into existence. But Pakistan was granted to Muslim and for Muslim. It is vivid proof that All Christian’s institutes are nationalized.
Now you can understand the situation of Pakistani Christians who are living in Islamic state of Pakistan. You can imagine that how Pakistani Christians are living in the Islamic state of Pakistan for last 67 years to promote and develop Pakistan but personally facing discrimination terribly in every field of life. Pakistani Christians community is only who have no nationality of their own, in other sense; Pakistani Christians are stateless people who are living in the unequal yoke.
It is shocking tragedy that is torturing thing to all Pakistani Christian mentally, physiologically, economically, morally and ethically. Any other country is neither ready to help Pakistani Christian in achieving their rights even separate Homeland nor they are ready to accommodate them in their countries as human. They only entertain providing jobs and grant dual nationalities to other nations but not Pakistani Christian.
I want to give current heart breaking examples of suffering Pakistani Christian who are in Bangkok jail without Visa, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. These Pakistani Christians had been seeking Asylum in other countries to save their lives and protection of their generation and secure future. But it is great grief to share with you. That Pakistani Christians who are seeking Asylum in other countries had not human rights. Even UN is strongest organization in the entire world, but they are not giving privilege of Asylum, food, medicine and accommodation. They are not allowed to do job and educate their children even they have no medical facility.
Pakistani Christian Asylum seeker had been deported from Thailand to go back Pakistan. It is great misery to tell about that sensitive Pakistani Christian who had sold out their properties, houses and belonging after loosing heart to see bitter persecution. They had lost their confidence in Pakistan after seeing long history of 67 years of discrimination, burning of Churches, Christian Colonies even Alive burning. When they did not find favor of UNO and Thailand Government, They had lost money in paying rent and food and medicine. They had been deported when they are empty. Now when they had come back and walking like dead, they told in Interviews, “they had gone from one hell to another hell. Now they had come back into their first hell” They are asking for promises of God to rise them up from dead in might name of Jesus Christ.
Pakistani Christian seemed to break yoke of slavery; Pakistani Christians sold out their houses, belonging after long struggle and persecution in achieving their national right as Pakistani Christian. They might think that Christian countries or countries who love humanity, they may give protection to live on the standard of humanity with complete confidence to get their national rights. Pakistani Christian tried so much to settle in a good atmosphere in Pakistan. Now Those Pakistani Christian told interview that Muslim employees of Christian countries and other countries create hindrance in the translation so that Pakistani Christian may not go out from yoke of slavery.
Pakistani Christians are going through process of hell as punishment. Can somebody prove that Pakistani Christian have our own country? It is curse that Pakistani Christian are the only cursed community that is explained by Bishops, Doctors, Analysis of long struggle after losing their recognized organizations, Schools, Colleges and universities even their properties. Pakistani religious leaders realized to Pakistani Christian that don’t forget or don’t deny that Pakistan was and is granted to Muslim and for Muslim by laws.
Doctors said in their interview that Pakistani Christian supported Pakistan to bring into existence. But Government approved 5% Quota for jobs for minorities. It had been divided among all minorities of Pakistan. Pakistani Christians are mostly deprived from rights as minorities because of poverty lines.
Everybody knows that Pakistani Christians are politically, socially, economically crushed in every field of life. Political and religious leaders have forgotten the promises of Quid – E – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Pakistan said that we find discrimination in every field of life. Some Pakistani Christian who had been settled in Christian countries, they pray for Pakistani Christian and Pakistan to be civilized and developed country in this world. They said that Christian community in Pakistan, we knew the reasons of hatred and they are not allowed to go out for working in their countries as Pakistani Muslim are allowed to all countries.
Blood bought people of Lord Jesus Christ Messiah, Trust “ Shelter Organization” request to help us in achieving Jobs and arranging for higher education of children as Muslim are permitted and receiving their rights. They have nationalized our Schools, colleges, Hospitals and Christian had been crushed socially, politically and economically. Because Politically Christian leaders are selected by Political parties, It is demand of all Pakistani Christian communities from Higher Authorities to think about Pakistani Christian who are Asylum seeker and resident of Pakistan.

It has proved “TWO NATION THEORY” that is produced before British Boundary Commission is wrong. Majority of Muslim is more than population of Pakistani Muslim are living in India and ruling together with Hindus and Sikh. By the behavior of Pakistani Muslim leaders with Pakistani Christian proves that Pakistani Christian leader did wrong decision to support and vote for Pakistan.
This Two Nation Theory has proved to be true throughout world by the Holy Book Bible. British and other countries have allowed multiple Muslim to settle in their countries and granting separate Homeland.
Our request is to keep us in taking our freedom nationally and internationally to get justice. UNO should also help us in having our own Homeland where we progress without fear. At the end, it is request to all countries that if some Pakistani Christian is able to save his life, they may not be handed out to brutal system, Government and agencies for persecution or to be killed as It had been happened.
The lives of Pakistani Christian are also precious like Ahmedis, Shia and Muslim. We hope that our request will be sympathetically and positively considered genuine. Christian must be granted protection. Pakistani Christian will not be handed over to brutal system of Police, extremists groups and law agencies.
It is humble request to blood bought of Lord Jesus Christ Messiah to help us for helping Pakistani Christian Asylum seeker in Thailand and other countries without food, medical aid and shelter. Trust “Shelter
Organization” need your prayers and practical support and funds to help suffering Pakistani Christian in Bangkok, Thailand. May God Bless you richly!

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